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The standard in a libel suit, as in any civil action, is the presence of a preponderance of the evidence, and as you have no factual basis for the accusations you've leveled against others in this box, should Noooool and BBS pursue this in court, I would expect that they would win easily, leaving you with a very interesting headline to explain to your contributors. "Christian minister loses libel suit after wrongly accusing happily married man of engaging in a homosexual affair." Toss in the part about how you referred to him as being a potential terrorist, and the reason why you attacked him, and I'm thinking that there aren't going to be a lot of coins dropping in that collection plate, come the next sunday.
BTW, I'm going to send the links above to your targets (Noooool and BBSGarage), both of whom probably have excellent legal causes for action against you at this point and pockets deep enough to for them to hire lawyers, if they so please, so if you thinking that you can elude having to take responsibility for your actions by continuing to abuse the spam zapper, you are sadly mistaken.
f at some point BBSGarage would like to file a libel suit against Trinityf, he now knows where to send the process servers. Defamation of character isn't as much fun when you're not anonymous any more, is it, Trinityf?
I saved that post, Martin. I thought you'd try to delete it.
I find it interesting that somebody claiming to run a Christian ministry thinks that he has the right to bear false witness against his neighbor as a matter, not of momentary failing, but of habit.
This name is, of couse, a lie. A link on his webspace takes us to the homepage for the Trinity Foundation ->
"TF" stands for "Trinity Foundation"
This would be Tinityf's Webspace. His name (according to his site) is Ole Anthony and he claims to be running a "watchdog ministry" out of Dallas, TX ->
@Trinityf - are you trying to threaten me, little one?
Noooool - I hope trinityf isn't getting to you. Remember, you're not the only one who can see the absurdity of his (or her) remarks.
I'm calling BS on that, Hockeytown1, and challenging you to back up that claim. I've seen recent replies from Support in the help forum. Am I supposed to believe that those posts wrote themselves?
trinityf - do you insult strangers that you walk past in the street the same way you have been talking about us in here?
nooooool, you are so easy manipulated. metaverse, you would have been smarter to just shut up. Webring remains dead.
A reality check, metaverse (obvious newbie). Webring doesn't have a support staff. Webring stopped paying its bills last October. In the meantime please visit my Detroit Red Wings webring.
Noooool - don't forget! You're also supposed to be in a homosexual love triangle with BBSGarage and Math, while Mrs. Noooool sits at home knitting, not suspecting a thing ( I guess). At least, according to Electropop and Trinityf.
No, really, do you?
trinityf - do you honestly think that it is okay to come on here and say that sort of thing?
And a thought while I am here, surely saying "noool... would be a suicide bomber" is a wild jump from reality. Did you actually stop to think before you came up with that utter piece of studity and rudeness.
"Noool is webring's good soldier and in his eyes webring can do no wrong." No actually, but I use the brains God has given me to take my complaints and problems to the place where someone can actually do something about it, not like all the whiners that get on the shoutbox and continuosly trumpet that webring is dead and that everyone who disagrees is stupid and should be ridiculed without ANY facts or common decency.
hell naw lmao
I guess we never know how much BS Support has to go through in the course of their day.
So this is what Webring hatred has devolved into? Electropop and Trinityf yelling "faggot" and then giggling?
A thought while I'm here ... Noool is webring's good soldier and in his eyes webring can do no wrong. If Noool were born in the middle east he would be a suicide bomber. In Australia he sells power tools ... Thank God.
math you remind me of the homosexual that used to post to shoutbox. Don't know why he bothered, certainly why you're bothering now that webring is dead
math. a homosexual spent a couple of years slowly acquiring christian webrings. The homosexual was sneaky, over time deleting thousands of christian sites. What the homosexual didn't get is he didn't have to be sneaky. Webring was 1990's and had thousands of forgotten sites that should be deleted. The homosexual actually improved christian webrings
btw I don't get the visitor's the webring says I get. Webring's statistics used to be reliable. Now the're garbage. Are the fake stats are part of some con-job to find some sucker to buy webring?
good to know - well done
Webspace uploader still doesn't work for me in Chrome or Firefox however I've noticed that when using the god awful IE 11 IT WORKS, I can browes my files and use the classic 1 at the a time uploader which sucks but is better than nothing! Hope this helps some people
The fact that Webring does eventually reply to problem reports shows this even more clearly. I got an email from Support about the site updating problem - they think it has something to do with a security upgrade from a few months ago, and they said they're working on it. They could have handled this better, maybe, but with all of the schadenfreude I'm seeing in this box, I guess I'm not completely surprised that they'd take a break. It's not even my home that got mortgaged to buy Webring, and right about now, I feel like throttling a few of you, myself - and I am not referring to Noooool or Bbsgarage when I say that.
The fact that we are here talking shows that WebRing is alive at least to some extent. I do not think WebRing would have anything to do with removing code from your website. It may be worth asking your webmaster or whoever hosts your website instead...
Hi, is Webring still alive? My banner disappeared from my website so I am trying to re-install my Navcode but it will not stay.
he he he
webring tricked me for a while but their contempt for memmbers makes me happy they went belly up.
I don't believe webring statistics for my ring. The stats have been manipulated.
I was still able to post a followup with my id in it, so no damage done. It's just mildly amusing.
Classic! I just posted to the help forum while I was logged in, but the system still lists me as "forumguest"! See:;sumthread
If anything, we should judge them a little more harshly when they are clearly in the wrong, because of our faith in their capabilities. Elders are supposed to be leaders, not overgrown children. I never cease to be amazed at the failure of the so-called American cultural mainstream to understand that. How can tossing people aside and refusing to listen to them when they are at the peak of their ability be seen as being anything but a recipe for disaster?
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