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re:tfelicia392 hi there
Re: tfelicia392--Hello there!
hello everyone
Re:reyelene Happy Belated New Year
Happy belated New Year everyone! I apologize for the late post.
re: swanseaguitar--sorry about your site and to top it off..its next to impossible to reach mangement around here...good luck
26th December at 11.20am - my swanseaguitar web site pages are reported as NOT ACCESSIBLE - all error 403
Re: thenaripages--Happy Thanksgiving to you too!
Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving
whoops..i thought i was typing in the search engine not the shoutbox hahaha
social theory
Hi everyone! If any of you are Great Mouse Detective and/or Disney fans, I'm going to sponsor a Christmas contest on my site. It'll start on November 17th and end January 1st.
Re: gregbrr--Thank you for your prompt response. Shortly after I posted my last comment, I clicked Refresh on my file folders and ... voila, my stuff came back. This I found out by accident. But I will keep the Internet Explorer tip in mind. Thank you again!
Re:reyelene- it's probably because your using Safari. You shouldn't have any problem if you use Internet Explorer.
Ok, I attempted to delete a file from my folder that I didn't need, I made sure that it was the only item that was check-marked, a message appeared saying that the file "didn't exist," then when I click to go to another one of my folders, my WHOLE website gets deleted AGAIN. This has happened to me MORE than three times, and I'm getting tired of having to re-upload EVERYTHING that I saved. WHAT am I supposed to do so that this does NOT ever happen again?!
Re: gregbrr I never received it
Re: thenaripages-did you get your membership upgraded to 2.0 yet? I didn't.
Re:reyelene your welcome
Re: thenaripages--Thank you for signing my guestbook. And to the rest of you on the shout box, I allow all reviews on my guestbook; constructive criticism I prefer.
Re: thenaripages--I know ... and it's sad. It's like the apocalypse of the Internet world. Ever saw that Japanese Anime called "Gall Force" from the 1980s? That's what moments like these on webring feel like.
it seems webring is home to a lot of abandoned websites, outdated websites etc
wouldn't it be cool to see a resurgence of personal websites again..otherwise it seems our time to dominate the internet has came and gone
site loads smooth and quick no worries
Re: reyelene its a pretty quick download
Re: gregbrr--Thank you for showing me the link, BTW. I really appreciate it.
Re: gregbrr--I checked out the link. I stopped short the moment it asks to download Windows on a Mac. Before I consider that route, I'm going to see what happens when I try uploading more than one image through my hubby's PC. He's a PC person, I can work with both Macs and PCs.
Re: thenaripages--How fast does the site load up on your end? I kept my page design minimalistic-wise so that the download time for the end user would be faster.
Re; thenaripages--Ah, I see where pictures are missing. I re-uploaded them, so they should show up now. The one below is the guestbook, if you want to sign it.
on the first page it seems 2 images are not showing up or are missing
Re:reyelene your site is coming along nicely
Re; thenaripages--Absolutely! The link is: princess_reyelene.webring.com/index.html
Re:reyelene since youve been working so hard on your site...id like to check it out...whats the web address?
Re: princess-reyelene- www.imore.com/how-view-websites-your-mac-require-internet-explorer-or-pc
Re: gregbrr--Unfortunately, I don't have IE version 11, I have Safari instead. And I know there was a way to upload more than one image, but that option appeared only when I created a new page.
Someone mention using FTP awhile ago. Webring doesn't support it.
I've never used it at webring but have used it at other hosting sites
Re: reyelene you can try using ftp file transfer protocol...smartftp is an example
otherwise I'm just out of 300 points
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