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Hello and welcome aboard...
hello guys I'm relly new I just got on today ?
Pity, though - "math" was a good, descriptive user id, given what I intend to write abou. Shame I have to walk away from that ID, just because the staff is so lazy.
Anybody else notice that they've set the system to block any shouts with the word "hi-jacked" in them, unless one mungs the word a little? That's class, isn't it? Why deal with a legitimate user concern, when keeping people from talking about it openly is so much less work? I'm predicting neither a long nor a glorious future for Webring.
I guess I could set up a new webring accounnt, checking over at R360 this time to make sure that nobody is squatting on the associated R360 address, but I'm not sure if I even want to bother. Everything about this company screams "we don't care." Even if I replace this account with a more secure one, how much time will pass before I run into the next problem they don't feel like bothering to fix?
This really is the least security conscious company I've ever seen. Obviously, I can't use the webspace on my account, if the company is going to stubbornly insist on leaving it this insecure.
At this point, if "sycing" (sp?) between R360 and Webring is working at all, and it works as advertised, all that this dcmatheny person (the one holding the R360 address that is supposed to come with my Webring account) would have to do to hi - jack my webring account would be to change the password on that R360 address, and then wait for the password change to propogate to
Regarding the earlier problem: Webring never did get back to me, and as for my problem report in the help forum, I see they've hid den the help forum.
Oh! 613109! Has it been so long? Why I could have sworn we were talking just yesterday! By the way, who are you?
Welcome 613109, sorry but I don't recognise your name...
hey guys Im new.. from do you know me???
Not a problem - any time
Easy when you know where to look. Thanks for your help.
Easy when you know where to look. Thanks for your help.
Did not work in a beta firefox browser but does work in internet explorer
Then you can select the offending file and delete it from there - good luck
If you find your way to your Ring Memberships page (the earth icon at the top of most pages) you should see a grey tab near the top of the page for "Webspace CMS". If you go there, you should se a "Switch to" dropdown box, change it to Webspace and then look for a folder icon which will take you to your webspace files.
A file from the webspace. The guy who normally looks after the site is on holidays.
Do you mean a site from a webring or a file from your webspace?
How do I remove a file from my webring?
Loving the fact that you don't know how to spell "what", Nari.
my gosh does everyone around here wear panties or whut?
I spend more time dealing with stupid c**p like this, than I get to spend doing the things I came online to do. I set something up, and then some jerk finds some way to knock it down. I set it up again in a new location, and get to run into a new jerk doing something else bizarre, and again, I'm put back to square one. It's getting old.
So more time goes to waste, as another company gets destroyed by managerial arrogance. Sometimes, I wish I had never heard of the Internet.
Score a point for the comic book crowd? They were the closest to the truth, I'm guessing. The cluelessness of the Support person suggests that actual IT people aren't answering these reports at all. Here I was thinking that the real staff was playing hookie, when apparently the real staff was replaced by a collection of clueless call center types. No wonder nothing is getting fixed.
Moral of the story: whether the contact form is an old one or a new one, there is no point to writing to Support, because all that these clowns are going to do, at best, is read off of a script which they probably don't understand.
So, the migration to a new account continues, wasting my time and the ring manager's time, because the staff doesn't want anything to do with common sense. Fun. No wonder this company is losing business.
My favorite part? He told me to pursue the matter in the R360 forum. As in, the cloud in which no Webring employee has been seen since 2009. As if Webring were anything more than a ten person company. As if walking across a small office to talk to a co-worker would pose such a crushing burden. As if this were anything but a feeble excuse to clear off his desk.
He then refused to understand why somebody else having control over one of the contact email addresses to my account posed a security risk for my account. I am not making this up. I saved the email.
That's just scary.
First, asked about how to remove a contact email address (the email addresses we use to get a lost password restored), he told me how to remove a contact - as in, a connection with another user. Totally different subject, and the guy didn't seem to get that. Different human being vs. a different email address that at some point belonged to me - how does somebody not understand that the two aren't the same thing?
The anonymous staffer (they're always anonymous) showed no sign of understanding the problem or of caring about the fact that he did not understand the problem.
I heard back from Support. They weren't even slightly helpful.
Testing ...
So far, more dead silence from Webring (what a surprise), so the tedious task of replacing memberships under this account with memberships under a new webring account not associated with an R360 account which is about to become extremely hackable continues - and the calls to abandon Webring altogether are beginning to sound a lot less crazy than they did a few weeks ago.
Now, as for Webring not bothering to respond to user concerns - that is a complaint.
BTW, when I asked if anybody else was still here, that wasn't a complaint. I was just wondering if I was talking to myself.
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