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cant figure it out

Obviously that was the point I was trying to make
Obviously they did not, toftsfamilytree. They're the people hosting this site. If the company was out of business, we wouldn't be able to log in.
Did Webring die in 2013? They are still charging an annual fee !
Its nice to see that even though WebRing died in 2013 my website is still up and running.
Noooool really is that stupid. You know that cafesatan so stop baiting him
Happy Walpuris sabbath
Nooool, are you really this stupid or are you just playing? How does suggesting that a barely used chatbox be removed in order to avoid leaving the impression that Webring has abandoned qualify as criticism of Webring?
the less visitors scared away by the attacks in this shoutbox, in the long run means more visitors t our websites
because in the long run, we could criticise them into the internet business graveyard OR participate and support them to the ultimate befnefit of our websites
I figure that whilst I could target my criticism at webring, I would rather support them and try to raise the standard and quality of what people see here
I would really love to live in a world of one percent fact and ninety-nine percent imagination too
Read: Criticism of Noooool's habitual abuse of the spam zapper button and criticism of your scatterbrained commentary does not qualify as criticism of Webring. When you pretend otherwise, you're being manipulative.
Get over yourself, Noriko. Webring is a for-profit business and not a charity, and as such, it is a perfectly legitimate target for criticism by its users. Criticism which wasn't being seen in this case, by the way. Trying to portray criticism of Noooool's habitual abuse of the spam zapper button and criticism of your scatterbrained commentary does not qualify as criticism of Webring. When you pretend otherwise, you're being manipulative.
Anyway, enough from me just now - time for some long overdue sleep - goodnight and thanks
But, I figure that if I can still stand up and go to work each day, then I am way better off than many many others.
I unfortunately have to admit that this has not been a real good year so far. Some major sicknesses in my family, my wife still recovering from some major surgery and just to help it along, my brother died from Pancreatic cancer a few weeks back.
Hi Noriko, good to "see" you again...
And maybe in your opinion it looks bad for Webring, but obviously not in theirs, since this it's still here. I've been with Webring since just about its inception. Seen it go through all the changes. Its ups and downs. It's practically a free service and if you get something for free, it's really rude to complain about it. Yeah it's not perfect, but it's still here, unlike a lot of other formerly free services. I just think that people should be nicer and more considerate towards Webring and each other.
Math; do you have actual proof that Noooool actually deleted posts? It is possible that a silent observer might have done it.
Hi Noooool and a happy new year to you too!
The guy has a point and censorship won't change that fact. Leaving this chatbox in place does make Webring look abandoned. This is March and one can still see posts from November. That doesn't look good, and it deters newcomers from making more active use of Webring. They're going to look, think "this place is dead" and wonder why they should bother with it at all. Then they'll get trolled and then censored by some nobody like you, and they'll think they know the answer to their own question. Keeping this box going is bad for webring, even if it seems to be the key to your 15 minutes of fame.
BTW, Cafesatan reposted the comment that you wrongly zapped and here it is almost a month later, so as usual, you are full of it.
Nooool, you've been abusing the spamzapping privilege as long as anybody can remember. You're a perfect example of why individual users should not be given the power to moderate posts.
Been using WebRing since 2005 and has sent me lots of visitors.
not a lot it seems!
whats up everyone
cafesatan - read the notice in bold above this box and you should be able to work out why someone zapped you - if they hadn't, I was going to.
Hello Mr Tofts and Noriko - Happy New Year to you both - yeh yeh, I know it is a bit late but I haven't said it to you yet!
And you're accusing me of trolling? ROFL
Cafesaten, why are you so rude? Why do you come on here, using such bad language, attacking people you don't even know?
Still abusing the spam zapper, Noooool?
"What are you talking about???!!!" Are you on drugs, noriko or are you just trolling (again)? It's Feb.2 and there are posts from October that are still visible.
I have had half a dozen or so new members to my rings this year, so it is still going here. I have seen that the staff have been going through changing abandoned members to the "fictitious" ranks lately, so they are still working...
No, I get hits all the time and it seems like people are maintaining their rings. Tho I am losing members and I can't figure out why?
has Webring been abandoned?
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