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Let's go Blue Jays, let's play ball
I couldn't quite believe Google classifying the ancient WebRing as a phishing site ... I hate it when Google is right.
Cheery site you guys have here.
They did show up to collect. They sent me an email to say thanks.
not too sure there is any one actually showed collecting, its more like you threw the money in a bucket outside the door. Either way your best bet would probably persue it within the legal system.
I paid to be a premium member. I can't upload to webspace. I didn't get any of the benefits that a premium member is supposed to get. Someone showed up to take my money and disappeared.
cozy as its ever been in here
Just made my final Webring blog post. Can't say its been fun.
6mths ago the webspace uploader failed & gave up and stopped working on my website.. return 6mths later to try again, oh look, still not working.. ffs.. any one know another good free web hoster lol
quite cowardice actually. childish as well.
tecumseh2 - noooool's wife is dying in a hospital bed and here you are stirring up lies about him behind his back - very courageous of you - you really should remove the bible from your avatar because you most certainly do not display any hint of God's love
BBS support from the web is wussily dieing, wtf
bbsgarage, with WebRing dead, nobody's listening. Come clean. You're behind the car splogs aren't you?
bbsgarage, that would be .. with lorries rolling by .. those English are so annoying, speaking English et all
Isn't it amazing nooool announces he's taking a break from WebRing and the Australian splogs stop. Too bad noool didn't a break years ago.
Dead man lying by the side of the road With the daylight in his eyes.
The servers maybe ticking along but looking for alternative hosts might be a good idea.
I'm happy the servers hosting my sites keep ticking along
I'm surprised to see anyone post here. Posters you do know the people supporting left webring months ago
I'm not kidding about the smartassed talking raccoon or the quote. They're in one of the official trailers for the movie. Seriously, I am not making this up. ->
Repost of censored reply to Buckbrady: In fact, I can see you posting an advertisement for a movie to it. Which, by the way, I seriously doubt will be the biggest hit of even this incredibly slow and lame summer. A smartassed talking raccoon? Really? Yeah, that will sell. I'm guessing that what the movie will best be remembered for is one line I heard in the following trailer. "When I look out there, you know what I see? Losers!", which some blogger will probably reply to with a comment about the breaking of the fourth wall. Not really fair to the fans, I suppose, but such is likely to be the reception - a cheap shot that obvious is going to be taken. Notice how badly "Man of Steel" flopped? The superhero movie was just a passing fad, because relatively few people go on reading comics past early adulthood, if even that late in life.
Name calling, Marvel_Avenger / Buckbrady? Now do tell. if this is a "dead website", as you maintain it is, why are you posting an advertisement for a movie that you want people to see in its chatbox?
sayonara chicago_illinois. I just signed in after 2 months to see if my website still exists and I get your weirdness
Webring is a poorly maintained site, but reality check - it still has thousands of users, as one can easily see by perusing the directory of rings and surfing a few. Shouts in this box are responded to, so obviously they're being read, which really leaves you without a point to make.
I'm at a loss, chicago_illinois, Who knew there was someone weirder than noool or bbsgarage?
"You're actually monitoring a dead website's shoutbox" This is you, Buckbrady, right? Again, how could you have replied to the shout without monitoring the shoutbox, yourself? As for this being "a deaad website", the facts do not support that assertion, and won't do so, no matter how many times you play the broken record game.
Or was that your way of saying that you were the person who had been censoring the shouts in this box?
well tht's creepy, chicago_illinois. You're actually monitoring a dead website's shoutbox?
Huh, what, Marvel_Avenger? Care to go into detail?
Best part - the one thing that the spam zapper should be used for (the zapping of spam) is the one thing I never see it being used for. Advertisements linger in this box until they scroll off, seemingly without fail. So far, I've only seen the spam zapper used as a tool of censorship, which is to say, it is abused when it is used at all.
chicago_illinois, huh?
Wondering how long I'll have to wait before somebody abuses the spam zapper, again, and whether this person (or these people) will ever have enough courage to identify themselves. Personally, I'm guessing that they are too gutless to do so.
And yet you keep posting to the shoutbox on it, Buckbrady.
Sure to be the biggest movie of the summer 'Guardians of the Galaxy' opens August 1, check out the WebRing
gdi support is hard to find
Someone should pray for webring that they fix it so I can upload to webspace.
We live in a world of Duality. This brings the fairness and harmony in Creation. However many feel the world is an unjust place to live. Remember that in some way or the other you have enjoyed success and good.
As I'm Jewish, the answer to that would be "no." Thank you for asking. Now please go away, silentwitness03, and please consider the possibility of living up to your name.
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