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Ooga-Chaka Ooga-Ooga Ooga-Chaka
Boom chacka Boom-boom
ah geg geg geg geg
this is aswom man
Im feeling great! thanks for asking
Do you feel better now?
contact support for that sort of thing. It does say at the top that this is not for support
I believe the navagation bar is included, and I am a premium member, so if it is not included, please add it.
Happy Easter everyone
Now thats great to hear ! ! !
I am happy anyway - God has been good to me
I had lots of people telling me I should sue the blood bank(Red Cross in Australia) but I figure that the blood products I got saved my life at the time so why would I sue for that...
I am definitely a glass half full type of person so no problem here
Very sorry to hear about that
Gooten sounds very German to me, but we welcome all types here
It is quite late at night here now and I can hardly hear myself type with the noise from the heavy rain on the roof - wahooo
But other than that, I am doing pretty good, we have had lots and lots of good drought breaking rain lately so the local farmers are getting some good feed growing before winter sets in. The whole community is cheered up so life in a small town is okay at the moment...
Hi bbs, I actually have not been all that well lately. The Hepatitis I got from a blood transfusion many years ago has finally damaged my liver enough that I have cirrhosis and have to have three monthly scans to catch any liver cancer before it takes over.
it was the plan all along, from the very first day that noooool joined it was to ruin that very logo.
noool why you trashed ''The Christianity Ring' logo is beyond me. You can retrieve from my blog and start again.
so nooool how have you been?
or is that gotten? I guess it all depends on what accent you have.
I see the children have gooten back on to the laptop again.
If webring is dead as you keep saying, then please go away and stop making personal insults at me please
tecumseh - I have not changed ANY logos on any ring unless it was missing before I got it from an auction and I found a copy on a member site that is still using html
Hockeytown, if you are correct, I apologise for trying to be positive about Webring
Nooooool, forget the previous post, I'm not that interested in your answer. Webring is dead. You should obsess about something else.
Nooooool, you took over as manager of my ring. Tell me why did you shrink the logo so it looks like crap?
'thedoctor' I think you mean permissions should be 'rw' that's what they are on my webspace
Noool have ever thought you contributed to the demise of webring. The hundreds of times you explained away webring flaws meant the flaws weren't corrected.
I realized why webspace doesn't work
the amateur running webring should have set permissions as WR instead he called the folder WR
If it has been abandoned why are you the all knowing still here?
Well it is obvious to me that you know everything about webring and have taken over all control so yes sir
bbsgarage,noooool .. get on with your lives
bbsgarage,noooool ... looks to me that Webring has been abandoned
what if i dont want to be mingled?
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