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Yay. My old homepage location vanished, I just tried to recreate my site on Webring Webspace - and I'm guessing that everybody knows what happened next. By the way - this account has been around for a while, so if anybody was thinking that this has only been affecting new accounts, not so. Given Webring's stunning performance when the time came to fix the member hubpages (remember those?), I think we know what to expect with Webring Webspace, I'm afraid - long neglect, after which they'll hope that we'll forget that the service ever existed.
I sent yet another email to Support about a week ago, after they seemed to have returned from their surfing trip or wherever they've been. So far, no response. I've been waiting for a response to my initial probloem report since May, at this point. Early May.
Greetings, oluwanbe1881. Whatever you do, don't get a premium membership. You probably won't get the features promised, and when you write to Support about this, they won't bother to respond. Contrary to what you'll probably hear, they are still around, they just don't feel like bothering to help most of their own users.
new here
Maybe I hold a birthday party for it after Webring has ignored it for a full year.
I guess Webring insists on having at least one completely unacceptable problem plague each account? I still can't edit anything on my Webspace without getting the error messages I've already mentioned. My problem report will be four months old in three days. ->;sumthread
The forums are, indeed, neglected, but directly mailing to support using that form sometimes produces results, I guess. Have you tried editing your site in the last few days, Netlangs?
This is a good link to use, found by going to "contact us" ->
Netlangs - Nothing I did. Webring fixed the problem for me.
typos - editing has
Hey Math how did you do it? My webspace is still dead for aditing and ha been for several months!
Europa4210 - the Lotus Europa is a sports Car. I did a Google search ang got several pages of hits, but nothing in WebRing.
Europa4210 - Noooool is telling you the truth. Honestly, I don't even know what "Lotus Europa 743539R" means, and I doubt anybody else who will be reading this will, either.
tedbergeron - The same thing happened to me. You have to apply through PayPal or your credit card for a refund.
frecio do a Google search for jimmy dawkins pub in chicago
anyone know what it was called jimmy dawkins pub in chicago?
one question?
You would do best to go through the lotus Rings and ask them. In here is a bit too random to help much
Looking for Lotus Europa 743539R
There's a sucker born every minute
I paid twice ($% each time) I appplied for premium membership bu I am still a Free User!
you add it to your website wherever you would like as long as it is visible.
Does anyone know where I add the navigation code to this website?
Dowries anyone know where I add the navigation code? I just created this account.
Or Mr. Martin. However you wish to be addressed.
We wouldn't want you to think that we were being unfriendly in here, Kevin.
Name taken from this publicly accessible registration page. ->
They're setting their system to interfere with users who are trying to discuss a legitimate concern? That's disappointing - and unethical.
Interesting. Until I munged that last shout, the system wouldn't let it through.
Concerns about the se cur ity of this account greatly undercut any motivation I'm going to feel to work on my Webring webspace. Who wants to build up a site, only to have it hi- jack ed?
Testing this box ... my last shout vanished for no apparent reason.
If by "offline", they meant by telephone - I never gave them a phone number. If they meant by talking with me in person, given that Oregon is thousands of miles away from me, that clearly wouldn't be possible, which might explain why I would have no recollection of such a meeting. While I don't doubt that somebody at Webring probably has good, strong lungs, I can't really picture any of the staff members being able to shout loudly enough to be heard in Illinois.
Support said that they had replied "offline." I pointed out that no email from them on this issue had ever arrived in my box, and they haven't replied to that, which really isn't very reassuring. What else could "offline" mean, I wonder? Did they respond to, even after I told them that said address was not mine, and the fact that password restoration emails were going there instead of to my own address on Gmail was the problem that I was reporting?
The security concern I reported in the Help forum, however, remains unaddressed.
At least for now, the editor for my Webring webspace seems to be working. Not bad work for a staff that doesn't exist any more. I was able to create a subdirectory, and an attempt to upload a .jpg worked fine. I haven't tried any other file types, yet, but I'm guessing that they wouldn't be a problem. We'll see, I guess. How is the editor working for everybody else?
And have a nice day.
The standard in a libel suit, as in any civil action, is the presence of a preponderance of the evidence, and as you have no factual basis for the accusations you've leveled against others in this box, should Noooool and BBS pursue this in court, I would expect that they would win easily, leaving you with a very interesting headline to explain to your contributors. "Christian minister loses libel suit after wrongly accusing happily married man of engaging in a homosexual affair." Toss in the part about how you referred to him as being a potential terrorist, and the reason why you attacked him, and I'm thinking that there aren't going to be a lot of coins dropping in that collection plate, come the next sunday.
BTW, I'm going to send the links above to your targets (Noooool and BBSGarage), both of whom probably have excellent legal causes for action against you at this point and pockets deep enough to for them to hire lawyers, if they so please, so if you thinking that you can elude having to take responsibility for your actions by continuing to abuse the spam zapper, you are sadly mistaken.
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