Clouds and boats on the Ilha de Mozambique

Mozambique, and in particular Ilha de Mozambique is situated in the tropics, which means humid tropical climate with a dry season in winter and hot and rainy season in the summer.

The best time to visit Ilha de Mozambique is the months of June to August, when the rainfall and temperatures are at their lowest. Later in the dry season, in late August and September, the temperatures start to climb. The rainy season starts usually in November, last until April and peeks in January. The thundestorms can be severe and the one particulary violent one has ravaged the island in 1994 and has destroyed many buildings. The average daily temperatur is around 25°C with the highest temperature above 35°C in the rainy season and lowest at 15°C in the dry season.


Current Weather Report

Satelite image of Southern Africa forecast for Ilha (in Fahrenheit)



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