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Ilha de Mozambique

Ilha de Moçambique Relatório - Report 1982 - 85
Secretarria de Estado da Cultura
Moçambique Phonix A/S, Arhus ISBN 87-98-12726-8

You will find brochhures about the Island at the Ilha's Tourist Office next to the Maritime Museum.


Travel Guides (incl. also information on Ilha)

Lonely Planet Mozambique
Mary Fitzpatrick. Paperback (November 2000)

Guide to Mozambique, 2nd Edition
Philip Briggs. Paperback (September 1997)

African Adventurer's Guide to Mozambique
Willie & Sandra Olivier (1997)

Mozambique : A Visual Souvenir
Glynne Newlands. Hardcover (April 2000)

Travel Guide Mozambique
Mike Slater. Paperback (November 1997)


Mozambique, Land of Good People
National Geographic, August 1964

A History of Mozambique
Malyn Newitt (February 1995)

Fifty Days on Board a Slave-Vessel : In the Mozambique Channel April and May 1843
Pascoe Grenfell Hill (December 1996)

The Life History of Raul Honwana: An Inside View of Mozambique from Colonialism to Independence, 1905-1975
Raul Bernardo Manuel Honwana. (August 1988)

Mozambique : The Tortuous Road to Democracy
Joo M. Cabrita, Joao M. Cabrita.(July 2000)

Art and Culture

Mozambique Photographies
Revue Noire (January 1995)

Art makondâe : tradition et modernitâe

Ricardo Rangel, photographe du Mozambique
Ricardo Rangel. (January 1998)

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