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Ilha de Mozambique

History and Archaeology

Arqueonautas Worldwide - English
World Heritage Center, UNESCO - English
Historic Center - English
Images of Ilha - Getawaytoday - English


Ilha de Moçambique - Portuguese
Macua da Ilha de Moçambique - Portuguese

Irene Filipa Pó - Portuguese

Mozambique Links


Mozoo - Mozambique Online - A portal to Mozambique with search and directory facilities. In English and Portuguese.
Mozambique Home Page - Mozambique "Official" Home Page
- Portuguese, English - Mozambique - Brief news, information and articles about Mozambique. - English
Mocambique On-Line - Annotated directory of web sites about Mozambique. - Portuguese


Tourism Information - English
Tourism Information - Portuguese

Country Information

Page of the Mozambique Gouvernment - Portuguese, English
Universidade Eduardo Mondlane - Portuguese
Culture of Mozambique - Portuguese
General Information - Portuguese
Encarta On Line - English
Mafalala - History about Mozambique
Mozambique Adviser Lda - English, Portuguese


Africa News Online - Mozambique - English
Oneworld news: Mozambique - English
Mozambique News Agency - Portuguese, English
IRIS Ministry News from Mozambique - Portuguese, English


Lonely Planet - Mozambique - English
Africa Guide - Mozambique - English
Newafrica - A travel guide to Mozambique
- English - Mozambique Guide
- English

Maps & Statistics

Rui Melo - General information, maps, history, and statistics for Mozambique - English - Mozambique Overview Map - English

Business & Economy

CPI - Mozambique's investment company - English/Portuguese
Mozabique Business Portal - English/Portuguese


AAA Africa



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