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GENESSA's Lady G is a well-published (but underpaid) writer. We would like to share with you these opportunities to refine your skills, sell your work, or just share with one another.

Lady G AKA Gail M Feldman has a lot of work published at Yahoo Contributor Network's Associated Content, which is a good place for new writers (not like Lady G!) to get started and also a good place for old writers (like Lady G!) to recycle old work (to which said writers retain copyright, of course) and keep a finger in the business. Of course Lady G has much new work there as well, occasionally accepting an interesting assignment. Click the banner below to sign up, yourself, and start earning from Associated Content.

Join Associated Content

Lady G's works can also be found on HELIUM and if you would like an invitation, just email Lady G (see contact info in the column to the right of this one). At Helium, too, writers retain copyright, but for anything other than those for its creative writing channel, the deal is that you cannot reprint anything for a year.

Find more of Lady G's writings here:

The Writings of Gail M Feldman

ESSAYS (links to offsite writings of Gail M Feldman), of which find a pertinent sample below:

My Favorite Ink Pen by Gail M Feldman

How to Become a Prolific Blogger by Gail M Feldman

Fiction Writing: How to Recognize Bad Advice

Where Writers Find Inspiration by Gail M Feldman

Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Poetry by Gail M Feldman

Poetry: How to Write a Haiku Poem by Gail M Feldman

Poetry: How to Write a Haiku Poem by Gail M Feldman

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Writing Your Children's Story

Fiction-Writing: Understanding the Importance of "Show, Don't Tell" by Gail M Feldman

Top Mistakes New Freelance Writers Make by Gail M Feldman

English as a Killer of Languages by Gail M Feldman

What is Creative Nonfiction?by Gail M Feldman

Random Ramblings (Lady G's blog)

The Writings of Gail M Feldman -- Facebook(click LIKE to be notified of new writings)

If you enjoy Lady G's writings enough to wish her to continue writing, and feel secure enough to donate to that cause, you may use this button to do so, and it will be much appreciated:

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Writers Store

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Writers Express: A Handbook For Young Writers, Thinkers, And Learners

Writers Express: A Handbook For Young Writers, Thinkers, And Learners

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The Writer - Subscription

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