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GENESSA's Lady G is the webmistress of GENESSA's site, and takes a great interest in products and services for webmasters/mistresses. Here are some you might find of interest! (Some few are not specifically for webmasters but are worth checking out because you won't get far as a webmaster if, for example, your computer falls apart; hence the sponsors -- and others -- who deal with registry cleanup or data backup.)

Naturally, GENESSA would like to point out the extremely good service to be had at Free Website Hosting by GENESSA. Check us out FIRST. Compare us to the webhosting services listed below, some of which costs more or less than others, including ours (yes, ours is free, and there are also available upgrades and enhancements). Regarding paid services, you may be tempted to go for the cheapest, and who can blame you? You may even be right to do so. However, you will want to investigate exactly what you get for your money before making a decision. Here are some factors to consider:

How much storage space do you get?

Is there a limit on bandwidth, and if so, what is that limit?

Are all types of files permitted, or are there some restrictions?

Can you import your domain name to this host?

Does this host register a new domain name for you, and if so, for what charge?

If you are stuck with the host's domain name, do you have a choice, and are any of the choices appealing?

Does the host have a webpage-making program, is it any good, and if you don't like it, can you simply upload files? Is the file upload system intuitive, and does it work the way you want it to work? GENESSA has seen file managers that allow you to reupload the same (revised) file again and again, and each uploaded version overwrites the old one. We have also seen file managers that do not permit the revision to be uploaded until the old file has been deleted. We much prefer the former version, but you may have reasons to prefer the latter.

Does this company offer technical support, is it free, is it offered during business hours convenient to you, and is it offered in language appropriate for your level of expertise? Will the techs fly over your head or treat you like a baby, or attempt to determine your level and then adjust their explanations to suit it?

How long as this company been in business, anyway? Are they in it for the long haul?

We're sure you can think of questions applicable to your site or intended site that wouldn't even occur to us. If the answers aren't immediately apparent, ASK!

FOR ALL FORMER AOL WEBMASTERS: You may notice this site has moved. That is because, to the horror of all its webmasters, AOL decided to discontinue its FTP service... in GENESSA's case, as, we're sure, with many others, sans warning. GENESSA's pages and graphics have all been recovered (after three weeks of absolute panic) but there's a WHOLE lotta recoding going on, so pardon this webmistress' mess, and if you have lost all your pages and/or graphics to AOL's lack of consideration, you may find out how to recover all of it, as GENESSA did, here. Unfortunately this access only allows you to download, and although the files, etc., clearly still exist, you may not link to them, orrevise them and reupload to AOL, so if you're trying to redirect to your new website's home, too bad, no can do. But at least you can recover what you lost.

NOTE: The above no longer works. AOL has wiped the slate clean. We leave the previous paragraph just to show you what you missed. (Hey, when did we get so mean?) We further note that we've moved AGAIN but far less traumatically. Since beginning to reconstruct this site we have been hosted by the domain usapages.com, a part of Free Homepages, a company based (we recently learned) in Costa Rica. Well, Free Homepages' ownership of that domain (and most likely all of its domains, since even its own home page now can't be found) expired and is up for grabs. GENESSA isn't going to grab it so if you're looking for a snappy domain name, that one is, as of April 12, 2009 (actually as of about three or four days before that), available.

ANOTHER NOTE: We've moved again! Free Home Pages, based in Costa Rica, has let all their domain names slide; the registrations expired. That includes usapages.com, which is where GENESSA was housed. However, WebRing stepped up to the plate. Read about how in How WebRing Saved My Butt and My Website. See below for more about WebRing.

If you've been looking for a good RGB (red-green-blue) chart for the purpose of finding the hex or decimal codes to use in determining your site's font or background colors, Wikipedia has a decent one with not so many colors but good explanations of how it works:

You can also find such a chart, plus HTML-writing instruction (and news), all for free (you don't even have to join or log into anything), at W3Schools which GENESSA has checked out and with which we are delighted! We may even learn something!

The one with the most colors, though, and no explanation whatsoever, is Volition's Color Chart. Volition also has a good HTML Resource Guide.


Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.


GENESSA has been a PayPal member for... eons! A decade at least. If you are not set up to take credit cards, PayPal will accept the customer's credit card for you. If you are the buyer and don't want to give out your credit card number hither and yon, PayPal will use your credit card (or bank account for that matter) as you direct, and not give away a single whisper of your financial information. PayPal is a very safe, easy-to-use and effective intermediary.

You will by now have noticed webring navbars all over this site. (Go look near the bottom of this page, GENESSA has been a Webring member since before they organized themselves and got a viable system going! Why, back in the day, one used to have to put a new code on one's page for every new webring one joined! Now.... What is a webring? It's a way to connect websites of a similar nature or interest, linking them without the bother (or clutter) of placing gazillions of linking banners all over your page. It increases traffic because people who go to one site with a certain topic are likely to click on the navbar that leads them to similar sites. What goes around comes around. Level 1.0 membership, which is all most folks need, is free; the code to put on your page is smallish, and once you've joined one webring, you never need to put more Webring code on that page (join with another page, add a different code to the second page). The navbars of all the rings you join will show up, from the one code.

NEWS FLASH April 12, 2009 (and yes this will still be relevant in a year so please don't take this note to mean we don't update; we do!): You will have noticed our declaration above that we've moved again, and that this was less traumatic than our last move. Well, WebRing now offers free webspace to its members! Free members (1.0) get a certain amount of space (this is so new, the amount hasn't been determined yet!) and paying/premium members (2.0) get more. Along with a batch find-and-replace utility Lady G found on the net to change all the internal links at once (see how nice and pretty they are?) the ease with which one can upload more than one file at a time to WebRing's space made the transfer less than a day's work, with NO LOSS OF DATA! WebRing 1.0 memberships is, as we say, free. WebRing 2.0 membership costs $36 a year, prorated DAILY (it's something like nine cents a day) and if you join in April and pay all at once you can do so for $24 instead! Such a deal! For the web hosting alone this is a bargain.

Click here for Commission Junction

GENESSA has been a member of Commission Junction since January 1999. Interesting: in Lady G's never-humble opinion, this used to be the worst affiliate site -- not many advertisers, rather silly, limited way of linking, not the best tracking system --and now it is the ABSOLUTE best! Over 1200 very reputable advertisers, excellent manner of linking, easy code-production, and a tracking system to beat the band, including your total, right there when you log in (a simple thing the other sites of this sort haven't thought of yet). COMMISSION JUNCTION ROCKS, and those are not CJ's words, but Lady G's. So click above, choose PUBLISHER from the toolbar on the top and from that choose APPLICATION, unless of course you are a potential advertiser, in which case choose ADVERTISER instead and then application.

LinkShare  Referral  Prg LinkShare Referral Program UK

LinkShare is another reputable affiliate site, almost as well organized as CJ, and with one little feature CJ would do well to emulate: the Product LinkFinder. True, CJ will find products with a keyword search and give you the WHOLE code for it, and the LinkFinder offers you the code for the clickable graphic (if any), providing the copy separately, which means if you want a nice-looking product display you might want to create your own table and your own BUY button. There are advantages to this of course, but it's more work. Still, GENESSA uses LinkShare almost as much as CJ, and highly recommends it. (Why are there two banners? The top one is for the USA and the bottom one is the the UK.)

PJN Promo

GENESSA is thrilled to have found this new affiliate organization, and impressed with how many advertisers they already have! In fact, we were noticing some of our banners no longer working, and finding to our chagrin that the sponsors in question had left not us, in particular, but the agency through which we were linked! They're turning up at Pepperjam in droves! This one looks like a keeper. The interface is fairly complete, easy to use (we still like Commission Junction's flexibility but hey, Pepperjam is new, right?) and we are hoping to do a lot of business with them.

Here is an affiliate program so new we have nothing to say about it, yay or nay, so far, because we just joined! We will note they seem to have a lot of members for being so new, and some have more creative available than others. We'll fill you in when we know more, but we're taking a chance.

GENESSA is not elegible for the Comcast Triple Play because Lady G and Lionheart are already Comcast customers; if you are new to Comcast, take advantage of this fabulous deal, and be aware, please, that we are horribly jealous.

Mozy Online Backup. 2GB Free or $4.95/mo for Unlimited Backup. It's simple, automatic and secure!

GENESSA uses the free version of Mozy Online Backup; you have to admit $4.95 a month is not prohibitive, either, for what you get!

Fast, Reliable Web Hosting - $2.00/month. Domain name registration $9.99/year

Business Cards

Business Cards

"You only get one chance to make a great first impression, so make the most of it with high-quality, full-color premium business cards. Design and customize your own business cards with your logo or photo, or choose from our wide array of templates tailored to your industry. And, if you?re searching for a sleek, professional look, you can customize your business cards by selecting a matte or glossy finish, foil-accents and more. Get an electronic business card as well, and jazz up your email signature. Like all VistaPrint products, you can create your business cards in minutes and receive them in as few as 3 days."

Photo Cards

Photo Cards

"These elegant, yet affordable photo cards are an easy way to announce new products or services, remind customers of special promotions or simply show that you care. Select from hundreds of designs or create your own ? customized with your logo or photos for that personal touch. Photo note cards are perfect for colleagues, customers, relatives and friends and you can even create unique cards to give as personalized gifts. VistaPrint photo cards include full-color printing on high-quality card stock and white envelopes ? and you even have the option to customize the envelopes to match your photo cards. Like all VistaPrint products, you can create your photo cards in minutes and receive them in as few as 3 days."



"Tired of writing your return address over and over again? You?ll save time with these self-inking, easy-to-use, customized stamps. Our high-quality ink lasts for thousands of impressions and comes in your choice of black, blue or red. The self-inking pocket stamps are perfect for addresses or general use. Convenient and easy to use, these stamps are small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. Large stamps are ideal for addresses, documents and business use. You?ll be sure to leave a lasting impression behind. Like all VistaPrint products, you can create your stamp in minutes and receive them in as few as 3 days."

Or design, online, more offline products to promote your online presence:

Free Business Cards Plus 14-Day Free Shipping $50+
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Spree used to be a bit more helpful than it now is, having had storage space and graphical links, but fear not, you still get cash back whether you buy from Spree's multitudinous merchants (make sure you've joined and logged in) or put their link on your own site and get cash back from the purchases of your visitors. It is still highly recommendable on that basis. Who can argue with cash?

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With the FFA program above, you can post for free, get your own FFA page for free, and/or get an upgraded page for a price. Q: What are the benefits of upgrading? A: You get tons of email addresses and they have all said they are willing to accept your mail without considering it spam (this agreement is part of the sign-up process, so if you want to post but don't want a zillion emails, use your least-used email address). Q: Why are most of the posts so, well, SLEAZY? A: Because that's what a lot of folks post. You can post anything you want, and if more good folks do post legitimate links, the FFA pages will become a nicer place to visit (and use). Also, sometimes you want to post something that isn't quite an auction and isn't quite a classified, and FREE is the right price! So TRY it already! Let's start an FFA revolution!

Whether or not you have a web page, would you like to be paid to complete assignments as easy as signing up for free programs or ordering free catalogues? Couldn't be easier. Just click HERE. It looks like a pyramid scheme and well may be one; if you see any funny business going on, tell GENESSA and we'll pull this paragraph from our page. So far it looks harmless enough and might even be profitable!

Why park your domain name? Click Here to find out more!!

Turn your visitors into subscribers!

Domain sales machine!

The Software Used By Professionals To Dominate Google Is Now Available To The Public. Builds Sites In Under 5 Minutes The Way Google Wants Them Built.Click Here!

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eReleases.com Press Release Services - Affordable press release distribution to opt-in journalists, targeting specific industries. Features tips on press release writing as well as media & research resources.

Accept credit cards online


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email Richard L Cohen, Partner:

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