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GENESSA's Lady G is owned by ELEVEN cats -- and so is the Shetland Sheepdog puppy, Sarah, who now owns Lady G and Lionheart!. GENESSA's Lionheart's lion-sized heart has always been owned by dogs but he admits he adores Lady G's cats as well. We humans may build the biggest structures on earth but we don't inhabit it alone.

Both Lady G and Lionheart have written nonfiction (in Lionheart's case) and fiction (from Lady G) about Lionheart's childhood dogs Big King and War King, on Lionheart's personal site, LIONHEART, which you can find HERE.

Lady G has written an essay about collies which you might find interesting (or weird) and you can find it HERE.

Lady G presents an article she wrote about animals rights in Japan and elsewhere: TREATING ANIMALS LIKE ANIMALS

Lady G also has a lighthearted cat story called FREE and a true tale of her own experience with a poltergeist who targeted her cats: SPOOKED: A POLTERGEIST IN MODERN JAPAN

Read about Lady G's grandmother's dog, RITZIE .

Lady G also presents a casual (and detailed, albeit still incomplete) portrait and history of some of the animals, mostly cats, in her life, but since AOL ate the site and it is being reconstructed, this is not yet available. We're working on it!

Here are some pictures of current cats, to tide you over:

Layla and her Papa, Tevye

Layla and her Mama, Penelope, known as Penny

Sarah Blue Rose Stealabreeze (yes, we know she isn't a cat)

Tevye sitting on his littersister, Golde, when they were both young


GENESSA -- Pets has won three lovely awards:


The Sites with Heart Award


Please donate £3 to WSPA

MORE NONPROFITS (not necessarily about pets or wildlife but of interest to GENESSA and, hopefully, to you too)

For information on pet insurance please visit GENESSA -- Pet Insurance!.

GENESSA has a lot of wonderful products for and relating to pets, including but not limited to magazines for pet and wildlife lovers:

Use Promotion Code DOGLOVER and save 10% on your next order.

Sign up for's Newsletter to receive notices about specials. Save 5% off your order.

Click Here to Make Your Pet A Star! (Make a free web page for your pet! Maybe you'll win a $100 Petco gift card too!))

NOTE: Clicking BUY does not obligate you to buy a product, and furthermore, while leading you to the product pictured, is also a good way just to get to the site and either browse or search for something you already have in mind. So don't be afraid to click BUY! Also note GENESSA's sponsors are international; if the first one you see doesn't serve your country, the next one might!

Cat Tower, Sisal, ø 36 x 70 cm

Cat Tower, Sisal, ø 36 x 70 cm

Cat Tower mit Sisal Der Cat Tower ist der Platz sparende Spielplatz, der in jede Wohnung passt. Er ist für Katzen jeden Alters geeignet und hat als kleine Attraktion ein Spielzeug am Band im Innern befestigt. Der Cat Tower ist 70 cm hoch und hat einen Durchmesser von 37 cm.

Cat-House, eckig, 37 cm, blau-beige

Cat-House, eckig, 37 cm, blau-beige

Cat-House-Schlafhaus, eckig, blau-beige, ca. 37 cm Um sich richtig wohl zu fühlen, braucht eine Katze einen Ort an den sie sich ungestört zurückziehen kann. Wenn man bedenkt, dass eine Katze zudem mehr als die Hälfte ihres Lebens schläft bzw. im Halbschlaf verbringt, bietet sich dieses Cat-House förmlich an.Waschbar bis 30 °C.

Dog on Tour Futterbehälter mit 2 Näpfen

Dog on Tour Futterbehälter mit 2 Näpfen

Dieser Futterbehälter eignet sich ideal für die Fahrt in den Urlaub oder für lange Fahrstrecken. Der Behälter beinhaltet zwei Näpfe mit einem Fassungsvermögen von jeweils 650 ml und einen Futterbehälter mit einem Fassungsvermögen von 1,75 l. Aus diesem tragbaren Futterbehälter kann man sehr leicht zwei Näpfe machen, wobei einer für Wasser und der andere für Futter verwendet werden kann. Mit dem großen Hauptbehälter wird dann das Futter problemlos in den Futternapf geschüttet.Der Artikel wird ohne Inhalt ausgeliefert.

Aqua Medic Fish trap, Fischfalle

Aqua Medic Fish trap, Fischfalle

Falle zum gezielten Herausfangen von Fischen aus dem Aquarium.Insbesondere bei Aquarien, die mit vielen Versteckplätzen eingerichtet sind, wie Riffbecken oder Malawiseeaquarien, können Fische kaum mit Netzen herausgefangen werden ohne die gesamte Dekoration zu zerstören. Die Fischfalle wird mit einem Köder bestückt. Sobald der gewünschte Fisch in die Falle geht, wird der Schließmechanismus - per Hand - ausgelöst. Die Falle ist so konstruiert, daß sie mit Fisch aus dem Aquarium genommen werden kann und dabei nur zur Hälfte leerläuft – ein besonders schonendes Verfahren.Abmessungen: 15 x 7 x 7 cm (L x B x H)

Or buy from ZooBuy: - Alles für Ihr Tier
Snuggle Safe Heat Pad Cover Bruno the Cat

Snuggle Safe Heat Pad Cover Bruno the Cat

The SnuggleSafe Comfort Cover is specially designed to fit the SnuggleSafe Heat Pad. Using this custom fit cover will always ensure you have a barrier between your pet and a SnuggleSafe heatpad.

Many Surprises Cat Condo 19 x 15.5 x 24

Many Surprises Cat Condo 19 x 15.5 x 24

Your cat will have plenty of places to play and relax within this cat condo. Features a secure hideout hollow base and tunnel, a lookout perch, a sisal scratching post and fur mouse toy. Measures 15" L x 15" W x 24 1/2" H

Simple Solution Natural Cat Stain/Odor Remove 32oz

Simple Solution Natural Cat Stain/Odor Remove 32oz

An eco-sensitive stain and odor remover that combines renewable corn-based ethanol, plant-based cleansers and natural bio-cultures to remove tough stains and odors from cats.The customized nozzle allows for targeted saturation into carpet fibers and padding, ensuring that the solution gets to the problem area beneath the surface so pets will not return to the area.Size - 32 oz

DuraCrate Folding Dog Crate Black

DuraCrate Folding Dog Crate Black

DuraCrate is the brand you can trust! Our crates are very durable and built to last. These crates include a divider panel which will allow the crate to grow with your pet. Saving you the expense of investing in a larger crate as your Pet grows up.The super strong steel cage has an epoxy finish. Designed with narrow bar spacing for additional durability. Includes the newest design in security latches. The 4 Larger Sizes include an extra door on the side for easy access to your Pet. Comes with a durable plastic pan, that is removable for easy clean up. No tools required for set up. Replacement Pans and Floor Grates are also available. Black.This crate is perfect for crate training your Pups. It will allow a safe haven for your pet to rest. Excellent for containment when you are unable to be there. DuraCrates fold flat when not in use, for easy portability.Available in a variety of sizes. The 2 smaller sizes have only one door in the front.

Chase-N-Chew Dog Toy 8 Inch Dog

Chase-N-Chew Dog Toy 8 Inch Dog

Your Dog will love this fun flying Chase-n-Chew Toy with squeaker. Designed for easy grip for both you and your pet. This toy can be thrown in the distance allowing your dog to chase it down and enjoy! 8" DogAlso available in other animals.

Bowsers Donut Dog Bed Pink

Bowsers Donut Dog Bed Pink

Unique two-piece design - dogs love the security of the outer ring, while the removable bottom cushion can be used as a travel mat or crate mat. Unzip outer cover to machine wash/dry. 100% cotton Micro-Velvet. Inner is "High-Memory" polyester fiber.Sizes: Small-(outside dimensions) 27"L x 22"W x 7"H (inside dimensions) 19"L x 11"W x 5"H Medium-(outer dimensions) 35"L x 27"W x 8"H (inside dimensions) 26"L x 17"W x 6"H Large-(outer dimensions) 42"L x 32"W x 9"H (inside dimensions) 31"L x 19"W x 7"H This item ships directly from the manufacturer, pleaseallow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.This item cannot be upgraded to air service.

Or walk yourself (well, your mouse anyway!) over to for dog and cat luxuries and necessities (and try for fishy items, for aviana, for ferretalia, and for all things equine):

Opt To Adopt (red) Large Mug

Opt To Adopt (red) Large Mug

Support your local animal shelter and stress the importance of adopting homeless pets with this great design! It comes on many fun products!

Yuppy Puppy Treat Machine

Yuppy Puppy Treat Machine

Your dog can personally use the Treat Machine, Lightweight plastic stand, real metal gumball machine. 10 year warranty on mechanism. Treats not included. see #65519

Treats for the Yuppy Puppy Treat Machine - 3 LB BAG.

Treats for the Yuppy Puppy Treat Machine - 3 LB BAG.

Assorted crunchy morsels dogs love, for use in the treat machine. For the actual Yuppy Puppy machine please see item #655110

Doc Ackerman's Herbal Hip Builder Formula for Dogs and Cats

Doc Ackerman's Herbal Hip Builder Formula for Dogs and Cats

An herbal remedy to help pets with hip or elbow dysplasia and other similar problems.

Pet Pens - Black E-Coat Series

Pet Pens - Black E-Coat Series

This pet exercise pen is not just for dogs - cats, rabbits, turtles and other small animals can also enjoy a safe day outside! The Black E-Coat series features a durable acrylic coating for long lasting protection. The mesh frame of the pet play pen is made from strong, 9 and 11 gauge wire. The door to the pet pen has a secure double latch, so you can go about your business, assured that your pet is safe. The portable dog pen includes ground anchors and corner stabilizers for added support. The portable pet pen folds flat in minutes so you can store it compactly, or take it on vacation. It's also easy to set up, with no tools required. This outdoor/indoor dog playpen is available in five heights, from 24" to 48" high (see drop down menu for choices). This item ships directly from the manufacturer. Product usually arrives in 14-21 business days, depending on destination, including order processing and shipping. APO/FPO shipping unavailable

Chuckit! Jr. Ball Launcher (18 inches)

Chuckit! Jr. Ball Launcher (18 inches)

Pint sized chuckit! Packs a punch! This compact version of the award-winning Chuckit! ball launcher, the Chuckit! Jr. is great for backyard use. Even greater, it?s new compact size stuffs easily into a backpack for a quick trip to the park. Made of lightweight, durable plastic, the Chuckit! Jr. ball launcher measures 18 inches in length. Best of all, it is designed for hands-free pickup. Size:18 inches long Comes in assorted colors.

Lazy Pet Kitty Window Perch (12.5

Lazy Pet Kitty Window Perch (12.5" L X 24" W X 9.5" H; Assorted; Window Perches)

Give your kitten the perfect perch for surveying her surroundings.Our Kitty Window Perch installs on your window sill in minutes without tools.Features a sturdy platform, convoluted foam padding, and machine washable cover.Includes free teaser toy that attaches to window with suction cup.Offered in assorted colors. Unfortunately, colors cannot be specified for this perch when ordering online. Please allow us to select one for you.

Crinkles Couch Potato Pup Gift Box

Crinkles Couch Potato Pup Gift Box

This gift set includes a few things to help Crinkles get through her daily routine: Eat, sleep, watch a movie, chew treats, snuggle with a toy...

Zaragoza Cat Tree - platinum grey

This cat tree offers your cat all kinds of opportunities to climb, lie around, sleep, and play. A big den gives plenty of room for retreat, but whoever gets the highest platform is boss of the house. Measurements: Base 60,5 x 45,5 x 3,5 cm 8 Posts, covered with natural sisal Ø 9,5 cm: 1 x 35 cm 1 x 39 cm 3 x 49 cm 3 x 59 cm; 1 Sleep-nest, with reinforced frame Ø 40 cm; 3 Platforms (rounded), fully covered in plush fabric 1 pc.37 x 41 cm, 2 pc.46 x 37,5 cm each; 1 Den with mat 52 x 36 x 27 cm; 1 Ladder 26,5 x 64 cm; 1 Tunnel Ø 21,5 x 24,5 cm

Sisal Cat Scratching Board - 60 x 11cm

Sisal Cat Scratching Board - 60 x 11cm

This scratching board can be positioned easily at any appropriate height. Dimensions: 60cm x 11cm - sisal pad 55cm x 11cm 70cm x 17cm - sisal pad 62cm x 15.5cm Cats need to sharpen their claws regularly - the trick is to keep them from using your furniture for the job! Providing a suitably hard-wearing material is vital; the tough natural fibres of sisal are ideal, helping your cat to shed dead layers of nail and preventing ingrown claws.

M.A.X. Sofa Cat Scratching Pad in 8 Color Choices

M.A.X. Sofa Cat Scratching Pad in 8 Color Choices

Usually leaves our warehouse in 3 - 5 business days. Our brand-new corrugated honeycomb sculptures provide a great number of benefits for your cat. The unique shapes promote varied scratching and sleeping positions. A perfect alternative to de-clawing and an environmentally friendly natural scratching surface will keep your cat's claws honed and healthy. In the wild your cat is drawn to tree bark and our scratchers feel just like it. Unlike carpeted scratching posts which may confuse your cat, our scratching pads' unique corrugated honeycomb design helps teach your cat not to scratch your valuable furnishings. Our pure certified organic catnip is provided to entice your cat to the pad. Cats will roll and rub on the pad exhibiting merry behavior. There's no other scratching pad like it, we guarantee it. Cats Love It! The new M.A.X. Sofa Measures

Dr. Harvey's Health and Shine for Dogs 90 ct.

Dr. Harvey's Health and Shine for Dogs 90 ct.

This combination of oils is the perfect balance of the Omega 3-6-9's and contains the essential fatty acids needed for maximum health, and a shiny coat.



& 34This is not just a raincoat! It is perfect for sunny weather too. Faux leather with a plush lining. Color: Black, Red and White.

Extra Wide Half-Step Ramp, 40

Extra Wide Half-Step Ramp, 40" x 21.5" x 7"

Helping pets reach new heights. Don't risk injury to yourself or your pet! Features: *Adjustable from 39" to 70". Use fully extended or SUV/trucks, or grooming tables, etc. Shorter lengths are great for beds and couches. *Easy to use with slide in and out features, instead of folding and unfolding. *Rated to hold over 250 lbs. *18" wide with rubber feet or sturdy placement. *Made of easy to clean fiberglass reinforced polypropylene. *Durable, non-slip carpet for comfortable and sure footing.

Small Animal Drinking Bottle

Small Animal Drinking Bottle

Small animal plastic water bottle with hanger. Available in 8.5 oz. with purple cap or 17 oz. size with cap.

Wabbitat Rabit Habitat

Wabbitat Rabit Habitat

Perfect Rabbit Habitat ! Sets up in seconds and does not require any tools or connecting pieces. Front and top door access with a unique slide-latch allows for one handed operation. Cage is made of a durable, slide out ABS plastic pan with a 1/2 inch grid mesh floor. Bright zinc plated with Acri-Lock acrylic coating.


10.5" Pressed Rawhide Dog Bones

10.5" Pressed Rawhide Dog Bones Pressed Rawhide Contains No Coloring-Won't Stain Your Carpets! Our pressed rawhide is tightly pressed to avoid splintering, and gives your dog a long lasting satisfying chewing experience. Simply the best for your pet!


4-5" Multiflavor Bones

4-5" Multiflavor Bones All smart dogs know variety is the spice of life! These great variety packs include our signature brand Happy Bone 100% American Rawhide with all six of our delicious flavors dogs love including: Natural, Beefy Beef, Cheesy Cheese, Chickety Chicken, Herby Herbs, & Very Veggie.

Collar & Leash: Doberman Pinscher

Collar & Leash: Doberman Pinscher

Your dog will love the feel and comfort of this Doberman collar and leash set. Our collars are contoured to fit the gentle curve of the neck and are fully adjustable to fit the dog breed shown. Each dog collar and leash comes with a quick release fastener, making them easy to take on and off. Made from durable woven nylon and machine washable. The Doberman Pinscher collar fits 13 - 21 inches. Doberman Pinscher leash measures approximately 4 feet.

Collar & Leash: Poodle

Collar & Leash: Poodle

Your dog will love the feel and comfort of this Poodle collar and leash set. Our collars are contoured to fit the gentle curve of the neck and are fully adjustable to fit the dog breed shown. Each dog collar and leash comes with a quick release fastener, making them easy to take on and off. Made from durable woven nylon and machine washable. The Poodle collar fits 13 - 21 inches. Poodle leash measures approximately 4 feet.

Breakaway Cat Collar

Breakaway Cat Collar

Breakaway Cat Collar

Tank Crashers - Dolphins - 6 in. x 4 in.

Tank Crashers - Dolphins - 6 in. x 4 in.

Take your aquarium decorating to the next dimension! Using the power of magnets, this highly detailed dolphin aquarium ornament appears to emerge right through the glass of your aquarium. Great for kids' aquariums. Featuring the artwork of renowned marine artist Christian Lassen.

Pre-Cut Background for 10 gal. Tank - In the Sun

Pre-Cut Background for 10 gal. Tank - In the Sun

In The Sun captures the imagination of anyone walking by your aquarium. Amazingly detailed design features numerous marine landscapes and dozens of full-colored aquatic beauties and coral. Turn your aquarium into a work of art with this amazing product.

Sea Swirl Aquarium Wavemaker - 1/2 in.

Sea Swirl Aquarium Wavemaker - 1/2 in.

Create a natural current in your fresh or saltwater aquarium with the Sea Swirl. Attach tubing from a powerhead, canister filter, or other small-to-medium sized pump and the Sea Swirl will direct the output back and forth. The result is a swaying motion in your aquarium, like a current in the ocean, or the flow of a river. Prevents stagnation that can be harmful to reef invertebrates, plus it keeps debris from collecting and causing nitrate problems. Attaches easily to the frame of your aquarium.

Ortho Thermo-Bed Pet Bed 27" (Medium; 17

Ortho Thermo-Bed Pet Bed 27" (Medium; 17" L X 27" W)

Our Ortho Thermo-Bed Pet Beds have been designed with an upscale look to match any home d‚cor. Features a plush, super-soft orthopedic foam that is thick and supportive enough for even the largest of breeds. UL listed for safety. The heater keeps the surface temperature of the bed approximately 12 to 15 degrees above ambient air temperature and warms to a comfortable 102 degrees when the pet lies upon it. Faux fleece cover is machine washable. Recommended for indoor use only. Unfortunately, colors cannot be specified when ordering online. Please allow us to select one for you.

Precision Pet SnooZZy Original Crate Bed 3000 (30

Precision Pet SnooZZy Original Crate Bed 3000 (30" L X 22" W; For Crates 30" L X 20" W)

Bumper and bed in one softens pet crates, carriers, and homes. Cool in summer, warm in winterMachine washableRolls up for travelingLuxury acrylic fleecePolyester fillingFits most brands of dog crates, carriers and homes

Cat Perch with Bed and Cradle

Cat Perch with Bed and Cradle

"Cat Perch with Bed and Cradle, 36in Tall - 31in x 31in Base, High Quality Materials, Excellent Craftsmanship - Lasts the Life of your Cat, Upper bed provides a great vantage point for curious cats, Lower cradle makes a purrfect lounging spot"

Multipet Look Who's Talking Dog Toy DOG

Multipet Look Who's Talking Dog Toy DOG

The dog toys that speak for themselves! One squeeze and pets and people are transported to the great outdoors, the deep blue sea or the rustling forest! When the toy is squeezed realistic sounds are released; Cows moo, Pigs oink, Frogs croak, the Ducks quack and more! Tons of different animals to choose from! Sound boxes are safely hidden inside the animal. Designed for medium chewers. Sizes: Approximately 6"-9".

AKC Plush Dog Toy Small Chipmunk

AKC Plush Dog Toy Small Chipmunk

Officially licensed by the American Kennel Club. These fun toys are designed for safe, durable, pet play. They are made from a strong plush fabric, double stitched with embroide details and no small parts to swallow. This toy will stand up to moderate chewing. These realistic plush toys have squeakers interactive play!

Allergy Relief Cat Wipes

Allergy Relief Cat Wipes

Reduces allergens that cause some people to be allergic. Allergy Relief Cat Wipes - 8 Wipes per pkg. Allergy Relief Cat Wipes are Tearless and pH balanced. Allergy Relief Cat Wipes helps reduce dander. Allergy Relief Cat Wipes - NON Toxic.

Car Seat in Duke

Car Seat in Duke

"Patent-pending LATCH* (snap hook to seat anchor) system ensures secure, safe installation. Removable ""High Loft"" cushion provides lounging comfort while firm foam base provides support and safety. Luxurious, durable microvelvet fabrics repel pet hair, dirt and moisture. Fits both front and back seats. Can be used in conjunction with restraint systems."

Squeaky Teddy Bear for Dogs by Dr. Noys

Cat Mate Electromagnetic Cat Door

Premium Hutch - (36"L x 24"W x 36"H) by Super Pet

Rock Corner Bowl by Pet Tech

Activair Titanic Ornament by JW Pet
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