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For Thereians!

Designs by Genessa

Welcome to Genessa's "THERE DESIGNS SHOP" page. Excuse, if you will, the remodeling; this site needs a bit of work. Well, okay, a LOT of work! It's a long sad story with which we shall not bore you; instead, let's look at Genessa's own There designs,which you can purchase in There auctions (if you don't find them, Theremail Genessa!)

If you are not a Thereian and/or don't know what one is, check out There for yourself! It's a whole world of fun!

A word about our advertisers (some of which you'll find on the righthand side of this page and others of which you'll find on the bottom, after my designs): our website host did NOT foist them upon us. We chose each and every one ourselves, except at the very bottom, after the webgins, and chose the individual ads to use, as well, all by hand, as it were. If any of them offend you in any way, PLEASE let us know. (That goes for broken links, too, please.) If we disagree about what is offensive, that is one thing, but if they're ripping people off, or if you make a good point, we will drop that sponsor and if they're doing something wrong we'll report them as well. Meanwhile, none of these links leads to anything bad -- no viruses, no spyware, no porn. We check each one ourselves.

(If you enjoy RL shopping inworld, you are welcome to shop with our sponsors there too; you can find more in Gens Red and Blue Spade Cafe or by searching the There library for Genessa, and you will find her creative writing there as well!)

And now... the designs (all by Genessa so she will speak for herself)!


Gens Feline Beach Umbrella
A pearl gray beach or lawn umbrella decorated with an adorable marmie cat and supported by a sturdy redwood pole. Model and optometry by the fabulous Kate_Banshee. The kitty is my late, beloved Skybar.


Blue Marble and Satin by Gen
Blue marble buggy with blue and silver striped satin appointments, dreamy and elegant at once. Picture cannot do it justice, so TRY IT.

My first buggy design, and Richard's favorite (you'd think he'd prefer the one with our images on the hood, wouldn't you? But he always likes blue.)

The Bride by Gen
The bride and groom, perhaps already honeymooning, hitch a ride on the front of your glorious, flower-, star- and wedding-cake-bedecked buggy. ROMANTIC!

No, we're not married yet. We'll let you know. BTW we were asked who in the world (or inworld) would want to buy a buggy with our pictures on it? Well, apparently some would, as some have! But the real answer is that no matter how much we tweak, we do all resemble one another to an extent. We're all the same height (all men taller than all women, but we won't go there); although we have a choice of skin tones, caramel is the overwhelming majority. Our pictures on the hood could be a good number of people... even you!

Gen's Prisoner of Loveb>
Be a prisoner of love in this handsome escape vehicle! BREAK OUT to true love in hearts and stripes.

I never used to like stripes. Must be something I grew into, because I'm rather fond of them now!


Garden in the Sky by Gen
Beautiful, fragrant flowers waft you high into the thereosphere, glittering perfumed mesh grid at your feet, silky satin seats and colorful plexiglass hull for a safe, swift, sweet ride.

Make that "hoverboat" singular, for now. It's a lot of work painting one of these!


For club shirts, etc., for which I have both men's and women's versions, see separate category, UNISEX, below.


I haven't made any men's specs yet but may in the future.

Genessa's Golden Glow Specs
Golden groovy hippy granny glasses reflect your personality. Shiny lenses, antiqued golden wire frames.

The lenses are actually made from a photo I took of a chandelier in a Chinese buffet! That's what gives them that glow.

Genessa's Baby Blue Specs
Groovy hippy granny glasses with powder blue subtly textured lenses and antiqued silver wire frames.

This was by request although they turned out to be paler than the requester would've liked, I think; I believe these will match more outfits, though.

Genessa's Dusky Rose-Hip Specs
Hippy granny glasses with antiqued silver frames and softly swirled lenses of subtle rose pink.

I'd already made some nice bright pink ones but thought a subtler shade would also be useful.

Mint Hippy Glasses by Genessa
Pale Green specs to make your friends envious of your style and taste! Elegant silver wite frames.

It's not easy being green! Pink you can always find. A good green can be your best friend.

Tyr Tiger Glasses by Genessa
Forest green specs with black stripes to bring out the Tyrian feline in you. Dress them up or down!

Got tired of nothing but black! (And tiger stripes are always fun!)

You'll see this tee shirt again below!

Blush Hippy Glasses by Genessa
These pretty pink specs will match all that stuff the old glasses didn't, and they're GROOVY too!

Aforementioned brighter pink, always handy, as we DO wear so much pink, DON'T we?


Clouds w/ Eyelet by Gen (V)
Beautiful, sexy bandeau of clouds with delicate eyelet, enhanced by bold tribal-inspired beaded pendant. Casual w/jeans, formal w/flares, revealing but graceful.

My first (and so far only) vanilla stylemaker top, rather skimpy but sometimes that's exactly what we want! You can never have too much blue and white in your wardrobe.

Gen's Aqua Rose
Gorgeous aqua and deep rose, low-cut blouse adorned with a pink rose back and front, and a rose-inspired necklace. Caramel blossoms only.

This came out a bit reddish but we do get sunburnt sometimes don't we? Wear it all summer long, and in winter if you would like to remember your vacation. Matching hot pants available (no sunburn on those!)

Tee My Valentine!
Don't just wear your heart on your sleeve; wear it all over!

Simple, and with all these new white extenders this can be a longer top, too.

Strawberry Parfait Strapless
Red and white swirls of perfection with short cravat or tie, fabulous with Strawberry Parfait capris or your own red, white or black pants. For caramel.

A bright shade of red you may not see as often as you like in here. Matching capris available.

Babyface Tee, Plum
Adorable baby graces this cute, plummy tee!

Okay I confess, it's not my kid; all my kids are feline and canine. It's me! I'm all over the matching capris, too


All of these bottoms have tops to match and are pictured above with their matching tops.

Gen's Aqua Rose Hot Pants
A lovely rose on the tum and two on the tush! What could be sweeter? Wear with pink, turquoise, or best yet, Gen's Aqua Rose top.

Matches Gen's Aqua Rose (the sunburnt one) but also a handy couple of colors to match other items in your wardrobe.

Strawberry Parfait Capris
Red and white swirls of perfection match Strawberry Parfait Strapless (for caramel only at this time) or any red or white top you have.

Make that red and/or white top.

Babyface Capris, Plum
Adorable babyface graces these cute, plummy capris, useful too as pajamas, especially with Babyface Tee.

Wear my babyface on your butt!


Golden pumps w./Heels by Gen
Real heels! Golden pumps with lacey trim. Dazzle everyone! These are caramel; see also vanilla.

Black highlights on the gold.

Golden pumps w./Heels(V)
Real heels! Golden pumps with lacey trim. Dazzle everyone! These are vanilla; see also caramel.

Don't ask me what happened with the skin tone; they keep changing them anyway! This looks good on any light skin with raves, but for other bottoms, these currently match ginger best. I can't unlabel them vanilla without resubmitting them. They're stuck! But if you wear raves, you will want these if you are anything lighter than caramel.

Blue Suede Shoes by Gen
Pumps! Blue suede, with classy silver studs. Go dancing!

My first try at shoes and I think the color (caramel) is off. They change it so often... it may br right again, so try them on! (Again, with raves, it's close enough even if it's still off.)


Misty Spades Club Tee, Female
Burgundy Velvet with Gold Spade! ELEGANT!

Created, obviously, for Misty Spades Club, created and then run by LadyMisty, who commissioned both male and female versions. The club is now run by Misty_Misato, who as far as I know has not replaced them, so they're still the club shirts.

Misty Spades Club Tee, Male
Burgundy Velvet with Gold Spade! ELEGANT!

The male version.

StormySeas Fan Tee, Female
Express your admiration for DJ StormySeas with this declaration of dedication!

My first commission. I don't think the club exists anymore (unless it's unlisted) but the object of its admiration shows up on my buds list sometimes so I know she's still in the game; you can still be a fan (well, you could even if she were gone, come to think of it).

StormySeas Fan Tee, Male
Show Your Admiration and Affection for DJ StormySeas! Wear this brilliant tee!

The male version.

KERRY 2004 Female
Show your true American colors with this democratic Kerry tee! Let America Be America Again!

Outdated? I think not! Though I wish I had made one for Obama (someone else did, and did such a fine job, I could not improve upon it). (Btw, if you're as busty as I am, Kerry looks a bit bearded. Otherwise he's fine.)

KERRY 2004 Male
Show your true American colors with this democratic Kerry tee! Let America Be America Again!

The male version.


Dragonriders Hut
Shop-shaped hut made for Dragonriders but for the delight of anyone who needs a wonderful black and purple structure with dragons all over it!

Excuse the rather confusing description. WHAT WAS I THINKING? LOL! This is a versatile shop that can be used in a house as a room (I do so in Gen's Red Spade Cafe; it handily holds a spades table and invisible seating I placed above it) or in a paz for any purpose. It has no top, and can be stacked (though not in a house).

Wow! A Letter From Santa.

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