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Neither Lady G nor Lionheart eats untoward amounts of candy, but we do have our favorites and perhaps, from time to time, we indulge a little more than we should. Some of our favorites are based as much on sentiment as on flavor (or texture); we discover new things now and again as well.

Lionheart favors big clusters of peanuts covered in milk chocolate, halva, and any candy Lady G makes from scratch. He has been known to keep the occasional lollipop in the change well of his battered car. Lady G is partial to dark chocolate, anything produced by the New England Candy Company (for example, NECCO Wafers and Skybars -- and anyone familiar with Genessa's PETS page knows that she named her first two Japanese cats Wafer and Skybar, as the Japanese word for "cat" is "neko"), halva, Joyva jells or indeed any dark-chocolate-covered jell (particularly raspberry or orange), and fruit slices (you know: the 100 percent sugar candies, thinly sliced, shaped and colored to look like oranges, lemons and limes, complete with rinds -- and she is still trying to figure out what fruit the red slices represent!) Some of the foregoing are nostalgic: candies of her childhood!

When Lady G was not even old enough to cross the street by herself, she was a frequent visitor, sometimes with her mother and sometimes with other children, to the corner store -- what you might have called a convenience store then, though nothing like what we call one now. This small shop, run by Mr. Phillips, also featured Sam the butcher, shelves of dry goods, a dairy case, a fine splashy pickle barrel (full of half-sours), a shelf full of gum, candy bars and other packaged candies (such as Good & Plenty, Cracker Jacks, Chunky, Boston Baked Beans, Burnt Peanuts, NECCO Wafers, Smarties, Lady G's beloved Jordan Almonds (later a favorite at movie theatres!) and candy cigarettes), and a succulent and enticing candy counter. Well, it was just a glass counter through which you could see displayed all the varieties of penny candy Mr. Phillips sold. He was known, too, on occasion, to give away some of this lovely stuff, and young Lady G was sometimes the beneficiary of this generosity. It occurs to her now that this generosity may have depended on her mother's making a purchase.

Mr. Phillips' candy counter contained more types of candy than Lady G could name even then but she will do her best to list some of them here: licorice laces and twists, spearmint leaves, button candy (all stuck to white paper that came off in your mouth when you tried to remove the candies from it with your teeth; Circus Peanuts (big soft orange marshmallow "peanuts" that tasted a bit like bananas); candy necklaces on string; gum drops; gummy bears; wax lips (which Lady G didn't like), wax syrup bottles (which she did), jawbreakers, malt balls (a favorite of her father's) and sourballs. There may have been loose Tootsie Rolls. Lady G used to bring Circus Peanuts to kindergarten with her, and, while waiting for class to begin -- actually while waiting for the morning prayers, for public schools still had them; Lady G found them frightening for three reasons: 1. the walls slid away between her classroom and the next so that two classes at once could pray; 2. the prayer said, of God, "He maketh me to lie down in green pastures," which made Lady G believe God would force her to sleep; having had surgery under general anesthesia which, being insufficient, allowed her to awaken mid-slice, Lady G was not keen on the idea; and 3. the Lord's Prayer is a Christian prayer and set them out them inside her desk (not the kind with the rising lid, but the kind with an open front and a shelf beneath the surface), and in that secret space she would press those marshmallow peanuts between her fingers, squeezing them together into one big, orange-black (her hands were about as clean as any other small child's: not very) ball of sugar, which she would them shamelessly and unsanitarily consume.

Lady G's Bubby Jenny (her mother's mother) died of a heart attack at the age of 56 when Lady G was only three, but she had two surviving sisters, Ida and Rosie, Ida tall and Rosie hunched over into shortness, both with iron-gray hair and doting smiles. They lived in oddly arranged (or so it seemed to Lady G) rooms at the top of a steep stairway; the lineup of rooms reminded her of a series of railway cars. In the living room, at the near end of the line, on a low table, sat an ornate covered glass dish always filled with nonpareils (flat discs of chocolate, about the size of quarters, covered with tiny, crunchy white sprinkles). It didn't occur to Lady G until decades later that perhaps Aunts Ida and Rosie did not keep a constant supply of these for themselves but only filled that dish when children came to visit.

Lady G had a younger sister who could not pronounce the word "sister." The local drive-through bank handed out lollies to any kids who might be in the car with a customer; when my sister got her lolly she would always ask for "one for my stister."

Candies figure into Jewish holidays, so Lady G remembers "Chanukah gelt" -- gold- and silver-foil-wrapped chocolate coins -- at Chanukah, and those sugary fruit slices at Passover. Sometimes, in the summer, when the family made its annual pilgrimage to Atlantic City, she was treated to more secular delicacies: cotton candy, or perhaps a candied apple, a Planter's Peanut Bar (of course we had to go shake hands with a tall, gloved, monacled and top-hatted Mister Peanut) and without fail -- what would Atlantic City be without this? -- a chocolate-covered frozen banana. Inevitably they would bring home at least one box of salt water taffy.

Although Lady G's father preferred malt balls (which Lady G cheekily called "moth balls"), he acquired the habit of carrying hard candies around with him. This was hardly a guilty pleasure; he had hypoglycemia and carried the candies in case of emergencies, to counteract any threat of insulin shock. When he visited Lady G during her decade-long sojourn in Japan, she discovered another candy she hadn't known he liked: KitKat bars. He was so delighted to discover a KitKat with Japanese on the label that he phoned Lady G's mother back home in the States to tell her what he'd found. When Lady G's mother died in early 1997, almost two years after Lady G's father had passed away, Lady G found a rather misshapen Japanese KitKat bar in the refrigerator. Her father had never eaten it, and her mother had saved it.

Lionheart sometimes carries candy around with him unintentionally. He has been known to stuff a few chocolates into his pockets and then forget they're there... until they've melted.

GENESSA is pleased to present here a plethora of sponsors who offer all kinds of confectionary goodies, as well as tools and equipment for making your own and receptacles for storing and displaying sweets. Since we have a page full of CHOCOLATE, we will, for the most part (not entirely!) skip chocolate on this page and refer you that-a-way. Here, then, for the satisfaction of your sweetest tooth, is some candy for you:

We have enough cotton candy to warrant a separate page, so have a look, if you will, at our COTTON CANDY page.

Find here a page of CANDY BARS (and customized candy bar wrappers).

No candylover can deny the appeal of PEZ (the fabulous dispensers as well as the candy).

And don't forget to indulge in some luscious JELLY BEANS!

Coming soon: A page full of candy dishes, candy jars, pi?s, candy cubes, candy pails, candy bags and other candy receptacles, be they for Hallowe'en or not!

(Got a suggestion for a category of candy you think deserves its own page? EMAIL us about it!

Candy Corn ?? 16 oz

Candy Corn ?? 16 oz

Candy Corn from Jelly Belly. Creamy vanilla flavor. Classic candy! Comes in 16 oz clear, re-sealable bulk tub with lid.

Classic Candy Gift Box

Classic Candy Gift Box

Jelly Belly Classic Candy Gift Box. Assorted candy like chocolates, licorice, jelly beans and more. Great present for birthdays and holidays!

Sugar Plums - 9 oz Bag

Sugar Plums - 9 oz Bag

Sugar Plums from Jelly Belly. Plum flavored jells with light sugar sanding. Great Christmas candy!

Cotton Candy Rock Candy Strings - 5lb

Cotton Candy Rock Candy Strings - 5lb

Light blue cotton candy flavored rock candy on a string. Light blue colored sugar crystals are great for a baby announcement or birthday party. Get some blue pure rock candy sugar for your event or personal consumption today! Length varies from 2-inches to 6-inches each string. 5lb bulk cotton candy rock candy strings. Dryden & Palmer.

Anise Squares Candy - 5lb

Anise Squares Candy - 5lb

Delicious anise squares candies are wrapped in red translucent individual wrappers. This yummy hard candy tastes like licorice! About 70 pieces per pound. 5lb bulk individually wrapped anise squares hard candy. /lb

Butterscotch Candy Sticks - 80ct

Butterscotch Candy Sticks - 80ct

Dreamy butterscotch flavor and classic stick candy merge for a delicious hard candy treat for the ages! Yellow and brown colors have a natural feel and are great for autumn holidays like Thanksgiving. If you're looking for a delicious bulk candy item for your next event, try butterscotch hard candy sticks today! Each box has 80 individually wrapped 5-inch Old Fashioned Hard Candy Sticks. From Gilliam. NOTICE: Due to the extreme fragile nature of this product and delivery circumstances outside our control, we will not guarantee that stick candy will arrive unbroken. The shipping process can often cause some or many sticks to break. We package them as carefully as possible to prevent breaking, but we will not be held responsible for any broken sticks regardless of how many are broken. Please be aware of this policy before placing an order.

Banana Heads Candy - 30lb

Banana Heads Candy - 30lb

Delicious little yellow hard candy bananas! 30lb bulk unwrapped banana candies. Oak Leaf.

Balloons & Candy-6 Latex

Balloons & Candy-6 Latex

Make any special occasion extra sweet with the festive gift of six mixed latex balloons hand-delivered with a bag of candy. Six freshly filled latex balloons in a variety of colors will be delivered to the recipient for an unforgettable surprise. Delicious and fun, the bag of candy also acts as a balloon weight. Teddy bears, chocolates, roses, and more can be added during the check-out process for an even grander gift. Balloon designs and candy selections will vary upon location.

Sweet Nostalgia

Sweet Nostalgia

Remember the good old days of penny candy and the thrill of visiting the local mom & pop candy store to purchase Pixy Stix? All those memories will come flooding back with gift of Sweet Nostalgia. Inside a retro Dots lunchbox we include hard-to-find favorite candies from the 50's, 60's, and 70's, including a Pez dispenser, Nik-L-Nip, a Clark Bar, Candy Buttons, Mary Jane Candy, Cracker Jacks, and much more. Please view the Contents tab for a complete list of included candies. A fun gift for any occasion. Measures 14'' x 10'' x 6''.

Candy Camera - WebGift

Candy Camera - WebGift

This bouquet is sure to lift the spirits and satisfy the sweet tooth! Includes smiley face suckers and more in smiley face container.

Skittles and Grins - WebGift

Skittles and Grins - WebGift

The smiley face sucker says it all!!! We don't know of any one bouquet that has received so much attention. . The base is comprised of 8 packs of Skittles and the bouquet is packed with Now and Laters, Blow Pops, Tootsie Roll Pops, MandM's--need we say more?

Gourmet Candy Basket

Gourmet Candy Basket

A festive wicker basket chock full of gourmet goodies! Features European chocolates, specialty candies, and a some other delicious surprises. Makes a great family, birthday or get-well gift! Got a special request? Mention it on the order form!

Pickle Flavor Mints

Pickle Flavor Mints

Pickles have been popular for hundreds of years. Try some of these delicious dill flavored mints and you might get popular too. Each 2-1/4" (5.7 cm) round tin contains about one hundred mints.

1950's Nostalgic Candy Mix

1950's Nostalgic Candy Mix

This swell medley of sweets is guaranteed to bring you back to an unforgettable decade where Moms stayed home, girls wore poodle skirts and the boys revved the engines of their Chevys and T-Birds. The milkman delivered the milk in glass bottles right to your door, and all your favorite music was played on 78's and 45's. Saturday morning cartoons were incentive enough not to sleep in, even in black and white. You might've done the Bunny Hop, worn saddle shoes or spilled Kool-Aid on your dungarees. But it was all done in the 50's and you wouldn't change it if you could!

Candy Logs

Candy Logs

Remember when you we're a kid gnawing on Lincoln Logs like a little beaver? Well no more, not with Candy Logs, NOW building a log cabin has never been so tasty and splinter free. Each container comes with a plastic roof and 14 fruity flavored, candy logs. Sorry no instructions your on your own.Each candy house measures about 3 inches high when fully constructed. Candy Logs are the ultimate play with your food!

Fish Bait Gummi Worms

Fish Bait Gummi Worms

The Fish Bait container has 6 ounces of delicious Gummi Worms. Perfect for that fisherman in your life. Or maybe it's the perfect bait for the gummi lover in your life? Angle it any way you like it.

Ultimate Candy Kit

Ultimate Candy Kit

The Ultimate Candy Kit allows you to make hundreds of suckers in a wide variety of shapes colors and flavors! Kit includes 6 hard candy sheet molds 6 1-dram bottles of LorAnn Flavoring Oil 200 sucker sticks 200 sucker bags with twist ties and 3- 1oz bottles of liquid food coloring.

Wilton Candy Dipping Set

Wilton Candy Dipping Set

Tools measure 8-7/8''Stainless Steel with Wood HandlesWith this 2-piece candy dipping set it is easy to dip centers fruits nuts and citrus peel to make your favorite dipped candies. Contains: 1 spoon and 1 two-pronged fork.

Wilton Candy Melts-Peanut Butter

Wilton Candy Melts-Peanut Butter

Contiains 14 oz. per bagColor: See below for colorsCertified KosherVersatile creamy and easy-to-melt wafers are ideal for all of your candy making molding dipping or coating.

Candy Making Kit-Halloween

Candy Making Kit-Halloween

Kit includes: 3 Halloween Molds for making candy lollipops and large lollipops 4 ounces of candy melts in each color Orange Green White and Light Cocoa20- 6'' Plastic White Lollipop Sticks 4 Decorating Bags 1 Decorating Brush 20 Party Bags with TiesThe Mega Halloween Candy Kit has everything you need to create over 50 creepy treats! Choose from ghosts bats pumpkins & monster shapes. Scare up some Halloween excitement with Wilton 2010 Halloween Foodcrafting supplies. This ghoulish collection of pans baking cups candy molds cookie cutters & other party supplies is sure to stop your party goers dead in their tracks.

Candy Making Molds-Teddy Bear Lollipop

Candy Making Molds-Teddy Bear Lollipop

Ideal for hard candy & chocolatesTempered for high heat5 Teddy Bear-shaped lollipop cavities

Candy-Filled Skateboard

Candy-Filled Skateboard

Candy-Filled Skateboard

Candy Necklaces (12)

Candy Necklaces (12)

Includes (12) candy necklaces.

2 Lbs. Pinata Filler

2 Lbs. Pinata Filler

Includes approximately 2 pounds of candy and toys. Caution: not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

Mini Red, Green, & White Lollipops (16)

Mini Red, Green, & White Lollipops (16)

Includes 16 mini lollipops.

Sweet Nostalgia Gift Basket

Candy Basket

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