Belief in reincarnation is the mainstay of the Hindu philosophy. Until relatively recently, it also played a role in the Christian Tradition and appears to be increasingly popular in New Age circles

The basis of such a belief seems tenuous - a second chance: to eliminate karmic debt in a cyclical journey towards the godhead. Millions under-pin their lives by this belief and yet there appears to be little justification other than one of social control (in a caste system context, certainly).

Various serious researchers have unearthed many anecdotal cases, some of which appear to be quite convincing. For the most part, however, we are left wondering why reincarnation generally involves characters with whom we associate a certain amount of romance (Mary Queen of Scots, Julius Caesar and Cleopatra among the favourites). The real puzzle being the sheer numbers of, eg., reincarnated Caesars in the world and the complete absence of 19th century plumbers!

By its nature, there can be no tangible proof that reincarnation might be possible.

What follows is the transcript of a document which will speak for itself. The accidental discovery of the relationships involved make it a unique document at this stage. No conclusions are made, as none are really possible.

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