Central to the belief systems of millions around the world, Karma has become isolated from the mainstream of Western Religious thought. At one time central to the Christian Faith, through the concepts of reincarnation, Christians are left to deal with sin in their own peculiar way (either forgiven through the intercession of a priest, or taken with you to judgement day).

In short, Karma may be considered a spiritual bank balance that one carries with them on their souls journey through various reincarnations. Good deeds count as credits, bad ones count as debits. The state of ones balance on death determines the circumstance that one finds oneself in during the next life cycle.

Of course, Karma is much more than a means of atoning for sin (in the next life), it is also a banner under which the idea of individual destiny firmly sits. In the following pages, are outlined some examples where the terms 'destiny' and 'karma' may be considered interchangeable. For without a full understanding of the processes involved, it is impossible to determine which of the two determines the outcome, or requirement for, any single incident in a persons life.

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The first example looks at possible case of Karmic connections on a world scale.

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