This is a short list of some current areas of study within the group. Active research is ongoing in all of these fields and updates will be made regularly. New material is marked *NEW*. Links to pages which have been updated or contain new material are marked *.

If you would like to be informed of updates when they happen, please e-mail us, asking to join our mailing list.

Each section begins with a short introduction followed by some data associated with that area of study.

Currently available:

World Events     Reincarnation     Solar System     Guides     Lineage     Karma

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ESOTERIC NUMBERS- a short course to getting started

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Coming soon:

Ancient Cultures          Astrology                 Biology & Genetics        *Calendars*        Crop Circles   
                     Dreams                    Ley Lines                        Music                Myths & Legends    
Religion                       Sacred Geometry     Sacred Sites                    Spiritualism        Tarot    
                        & much, much more....

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