Solar System

Bodes Law  page is based on the initial workings of the author, Mr Kenneth Alexander Fairgrieve, and appears here with his kind permission. You may visit his personal website, which includes some advanced concepts, here.

Planetary Distances quoted in Bodes Law

From 'Von Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia', D.VonNostrand Company Inc., New York, 1938.

Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud Distances quoted in Bodes Law

From 'The Dynamic Universe', Theodore P. Snow, West Publishing Co., New York, 1991.


An update to this document to include Jean Cochrane was highly unexpected. A reader of the website emailed us with her name. Not expecting to find much, you can imagine our surprise to find that the name reveals the birth date of the partner of the contemporary individual revealed through John Graham. The chances of this seem so remote that the data simply had to be included.