Much of our work centres on the use of calendars. Dates and day numbers are a primary source of understanding, decoding and interpreting many of the esoteric writings, principles and images which we have studied. Often it is the encoding of a number to its date format which provides that vital next clue, even in the most unexpected areas of study.

Working in this manner, helped us to recognise that there was a pattern running through all of our studies. The simplest, and most elegant, representation of this pattern produced the system of calendric correspondences which has become known, among the group, as The Calendar Of Communication.

Due to the increasing number of complaints regarding the cross indexing of a single date to all possible lines in the Calendar of Communications, a format has been created for our on-line users which lists all three lines together.

To use the triplet calendar, locate the date of interest where it appears in the top left position of a triple set.

The three lines of the set contain this date in its various positions spread throughout the calendar.

Examples: 23rd and 24th July.

        23 Jul. 204:569   1 Jan.   1:366   12 Jun. 163:528
        11 Feb.  42:407  23 Jul. 204:569    1 Jan.   1:366
         2 Sep. 245:610  11 Feb.  42:407   23 Jul. 204:569

        24 Jul.  205:570    2 Jan.   2:367   13 Jun. 164:529
        12 Feb.   43:408   24 Jul. 205:570    2 Jan.   2:367
         3 Sep.  246:611   12 Feb.  43:408   24 Jul. 205:570

The Triple Calendar may be accessed here.

Please email us to request a printable copy.

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