Arimathea is the study of numbers. The science has become so degraded that many of the concepts and ideas pertaining to it have been lost. It is our belief that Arimathea is the father of modern Numerology. As a remnant of the original science, Numerology reduces personal data to a mere handful of numbers. This places severe limitations on the applicability of the method by reducing the scope of interpretation. Whether the practitioners of  the 'art' realise this, is open to conjecture.

What we have learned is that there are a myriad of numbers which relate to each of us as individuals. Beyond the personal, there is a 'web' of numerical relationships which connects us to those around us: family, friends and social groups. Further still, there appear to be numerical links which go beyond those 'close' to us: the act of meeting new people, eg., implies an 'as yet' undefined social and spiritual potential which may be recognised through number.

Number transcends the personal, touching on every aspect of creation. From the moment of birth to the moment of death, it would appear that number influences every aspect of our lives: how we act and react; how, and with whom, we build our relationships; where, and how long we choose to reside; even when and what we 'choose' to dream.

This section of the website will demonstrate that Arimathea is not just for the 'Esoteric Numbers Group', but that it is something which applies to everyone and, ultimately, everything.

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