Missions-Philadelphia Spring '99

In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven

-Matthew 5:16

So, you want to hear about my Philadelphia trip? Well, OK. This one was in spring '99. I was with the

AUM campus ministries-which has an awesome ministry. Anyway, we left at about three in the morning

(an ungodly hour-even the sun has enough sense to not be up that early). We were going to work with a

multi-housing ministry. This was an apartment complex in which 1000+ people lived, most of whom

had never been to church. We had programs for the kids in the afternoon. Part of the time, we helped

sort clothes for the managers. They had a collection of old clothes people would donate for whoever

needed them in one of the lower rooms. We sorted them into women's, men's, infant's, boy's, and girl's piles.

Then, we sorted the piles by size. One of the managers told us it would usually take a lot longer to sort with

only one or two people doing it. And we had SNOW!!! To understand the excitement of this, you have to

realize I'm from the South. We close schools with one or two inches. The kids in Philly were leaving

on a bus while it was still coming down. Anyway, we had much fun playing in the snow. We built a snowman,

had snowball fights, the whole nine yards. On-I think it was the last day there-we put on a puppet show for

the kids and their parents. We played songs from Veggitales(the peas are da bomb!!!). One of our guys,

David Hicks, did some juggling with balls, clubs, fire, and "the three most dangerous things." The kids loved it.

By the way, David and two friends of his formed a trio called HisHand Ministries . You should check 'em out.

We also had "Bobbo the clown" give a performance. This guy was about eight or nine feet tall!

(yes, he was on stilts) I have pictures of this trip, but I CAN'T FIND THEM!!!! When and if I do,

I'll get some posted. Visit my other missions pages. See ya.

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