May 17, 2000-Flashy Promises and Fine Print

I received another credit card offer in the mail the other day. It was full of flashy promises

that, on the surface, sounded great. It offered 2.9% APR, no annual fee, and all sorts of

other goodies. Sounds great, doesn't it? Here's the catch: the fine print. In order to receive

the 2.9% APR, you have to transfer a balance from another card. If you don't, you get a

19.8% variable rate. Also, the low APR only lasts until the first billing cycle. After that,

you're stuck with that 19.8% rate. This card offer reminds me of the world. It offers flashy

promises with fine print. "Everybody's doing it." "You won't get pregnant." "All you need

is use a condom." Here's the fine print: "What do you mean I'm pregnant?" "What's my

family gonna think? Flashy promises: "Hey, one beer won't hurt." "You can still drive."

Fine print: "I heard he didn't even see the car coming." "What a waste." "He was so

young." All of these are flashy promises with fine print. Want to hear a better offer?

God offers eternal life in heaven through his son, Jesus. I know what you're thinking.

"What do I have to do? Where's the fine print in this deal?" That's the best part.

This deal has no fine print. Here's the full package. First, you must admit that you are

a sinner. The bible says "for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."

-Romans 3:23 Second, believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins. "But God demonstrates

his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us."-Romans 5:8

Third, be baptized. "Peter replied, 'Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name

of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the

Holy Spirit."-Acts 2: 38 If you want to take advantage of this offer, or if you have

questions to ask about salvation, e-mail me and I will try to help you any way I can.

God bless you.

April 4, 2000-Building a house

I just got back from helping Casas por Christo build a house in Mexico. If you've never tried it, it's

fun. First, we mixed and poured the foundation. This was the most important step. Next, we put up

the wall and roof frames. Then, we nailed on the blackboard and plywood that formed the bulk of the

walls and roof. Next, we put on chicken wire to form a base on the walls. Finally, we slapped on stucco

to finish and seal the outside. Jesus is helping us to build a home in heaven. First, we lay the foundation.

This happens when we accept Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior. Next, God helps us to put up

walls of strength. However, our walls usually have cracks in them. God seals those cracks by helping

us endure through trials. Also, God provides a roof of protection. Once our house is completed, God will

call us home to receive the keys. The best part is, like the homes built by Casas, our home is free.

If you have never known Jesus as your foundation, Lord, and Savior, please visit my page on salvation .

God bless you.

Feb 2, 2000-Who is this man?

Mark 4:35-41 contains the story of Jesus calming the storm. After Jesus calms the storm, the disciples

ask each other, "Who is this?" I thought about this question last night at bible study. Who is Jesus?

Here is what I found. Jesus is all things to all people. To some, he's a bank account, a genie whose

sole purpose is to grant wishes and desires. To others, he's a myth, a fairy tale told to children to make

them feel better about the world. He's been called a madman and a devil worshiper. Who is Jesus?

Who do you say he is? To me, he's been a savior, a friend, a brother, a healer and a shepherd.

These don't even begin to describe my lord. Need a friend? There's no one closer than Jesus. Need

to know that someone is in control in this world? Talk to the King of Kings. Been wandering

for a while and don't know how to get back? Listen for the voice of the Good Shepherd. Got a lot

of turmoil in your life? Come visit the Prince of Peace. Need someone gentle who knows what

it's like to be put down and ridiculed? Behold the Lamb of God. Don't think anyone can forgive

you for THAT, AGAIN? He loved me enough to die for my sins and forgive me. He loves you, too.

He's just a prayer away. If you've never known the kind of peace that can come from a personal

relationship with God, please visit my page on salvation .

God bless you.

Jan 13, 2000-Like a tree

I was thinking about a verse in Psalm 1 today that says "He is like a tree planted by streams of water."

If you think about it, Christians are like a tree. As a tree draws its life from water, Christians draw life

from living water-the bible. A tree also receives strength from standing in the presence of the sun. When

we pray, we stand in the presence of God's son. From this communion, we receive strength. A tree will

take in carbon dioxide gas as part of it's nourishment. We, as Christians, take in the Holy Spirit to refresh

our spirit. Once a tree has received the food and water supply it needs, it will give off oxygen that helps

other organisms to live. As Christians, we should be giving off love, hope, and joy so that others can see

Christ living in us. I urge you today to become like a tree, to have strong roots, to take in the spiritual

nourishment you need, and to give nourishment to others.

God bless you.

Jan. 3, 2000-the art of sand drinking

I know what your thinking. Why would anyone drink sand? Well, I've been drinking it for a

long time. Let me explain. The gospels contain the story of the woman at the well. As Jesus

speaks with her, he offers the woman "living water." I thought about this concept for the last

few weeks. Water gives life. In most cases, it is constantly on the move. Think about a man in a

desert. To him, a supply of pure water is better than gold. It gives the man life, and it sustains

his life. Without water, the man will die. We, as humans, are in a spiritual desert without Christ

as our lord. Even though Christ offers his water freely, we prefer to drink the sand. Even as a

Christian, I find myself going back to the sand many times. The sand is familiar. We have

grown accustomed to the taste over the years. The taste of pure water is strange to those who

have been drinking sand for so long. It is the living water offered by Christ, however, that we

need to survive. The beauty of this water is that it will never run out. Any source of water on the

earth will eventually dry out, if it is not replenished. Christ's supply of living water will never

dry out. It will never even start to run low. If you've been drinking a lot of sand lately, let me

urge you to try Christ's water. It is so much better than what we have. If you've never known

Christ as your savior, please visit my page on salvation. Just click on this link

God Bless you

Dec. 21, 1999- formalistic impersonality

Max Weber once produced a theory in political science called "formalistic impersonality." The

basis of this theory is a belief that businesses should treat everyone formally with no special

treatment or familiarity. This theory, unfortunately, has carried over into the Christian lifestyle

For some Christians, God is still behind the veil in the temple. He is only to be approached with

special care at special times. For these Christians, an intimate fellowship with their creator is

not to be realized. He can only be found in church, or in a special ceremony. It seems that we

have forgotten about the torn veil. When Christ died, the curtain guarding the entrance to the

Most Holy Place was torn in two. Literally, it was ripped in half. God didn't peek out from

behind the curtain and say "Come in, if you want to." He ripped the veil in half. He tore it back

as if he were shouting "Come in!! The door is open; the price has been paid!! I want you to

know me as intimately as I know you." God doesn't want to just be our Lord and master. He

wants to be our daddy. He wants to talk with us every day. He wants us to tell him what's going

on in our lives. He wants us to crawl into his lap when we are sad or hurt so he can love the

pain away. If you've fallen into the trap of being strictly formal with God, you aren't alone.

I'm dealing with this problem in my life. Go to him today. Talk with him. Walk into his living

room, take a seat next to him, and tell him about your life. It doesn't have to be anything big;

God wants to hear about the little things too. Just talk to him like you would with a friend. By

the way, he is your friend. And he will never be too busy to talk.

God bless you.

Dec. 13, 1999-Lessons from a pop tart

I was eating breakfast with my niece the other morning when she saw my pop tart and asked

for it. I told her she couldn't have it yet because it was too hot. That got me thinking. We, as

Christians, see something we want and ask God for it. "Lord, if you'll just give me that new

car." "Lord, if I could just find that one man/woman, I'd be happy." "Lord, if you'd just give me

. . . " But, God often says "No, you can't have that yet." We don't quite understand why He

says no; we just accept it. One thing I've learned from my life is God knows a lot more about

what I need that I do. He knows what I need and when I need it. He knows if what I'm asking

for is too "hot" for me to handle right now. If it is, He tells me to wait. He may give me what I

want later, or He may take away my desire for it. Our problem, as humans, is we don't like to

wait. If we choose not to wait for God's timing, we get into trouble. Ever hear of teen

pregnancy, AIDS, drug abuse, or robbery? They came because someone wanted something and

chose not to wait. Anytime we choose not to wait, we get burned. Today, if you have

something on your mind that you want, ask God to give it to you. If He asks you to wait for it,

please take His advice. He may have something better in the works that you don't even know

about yet.

God bless you.

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