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_Pretty Guardian Sailormoon_ is the new live-action television show airing in Japan. It's based on the series _Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon_, but there are some major differences between the characters. This page is dedicated to the character Aino Minako from PGSM, but for full information on all the characters and plots, please go to Sailor Dream, and excellent PGSM fansite.


Name: Aino Minako
Hair (human): black, shoulder length
Hair (senshi): blond, waist length and pulled back with a bow
Job: Pop music idol

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Aino Minako
Minako is a famous pop music idol. Her products are seen in the first few episodes (before she actually appears); Usagi has a poster of her in her bedroom and Ami listens to her song in another episode. (The song is called "C'est la vie- The Loving Part Inside Me" ("C'est la vie" is a pun off of Sailor V) from her second album "Venus".) Minako also has a music video called "Katagoshi no Kinsei".

Sailorvenus transforms with help of her Jewelry Star Bracelet. Her transformation phrase is "Venus Power, Make Up" and her attack has no name yet, but it reminds me of the Crescetn Beam. Sailor V first appears in Act 1; she stops Tuxedo Kamen from stealing jewels. She then reveals herself in Act 12 as "Princess Sailorvenus". So actually, Sailorvenus hasn't appeared yet, only Sailor V (an alter-ego) has.

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Names and descriptions of different items and weapons Minako/sailorvenus has. Click on the name to see a picture of the item.

Crescent Moon Item- Sailor V uses it to attack, as does Princess Sailorvenus (she actually throws it!)
Jewelry Star Bracelet- replaces the transformation pens we're used to in the anime/manga.
Tiara- Princess Sailorvenus wears this. The crystal in the middle could either be the ginzuishou or a decoy one.
Wink Chain- probably will be used as a weapon, like in the manga/anime.
Venus MiniDisk- a minidisk is like a CD, and this one is of Minako's album "Venus".

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Episode Guide

Not of the whole PGSM series, but just of ones with Minako in them, and I've further narrowed it down to Minako sightings (denoted by this -> *). The sightings are in order of appearance on the episode. If you want the full guide, go to Sailor Dream, an excellent site exactly for that purpose.

Act 1:
* Sailor V appears to stop Tuxedo Kamen from stealing jewelry.
* Usagi listens to "C'est la vie" in her room and has a poster of Minako on her wall.
* A newswoman talks about the robbery that Sailor V stopped (Tuxedo Kamen's jewelry stint). Usagi and her mother then talk about Sailor V.
* Later, at Crown (a karaoke place), Usagi sings "C'est la vie".

Act 2:
* At Crown in a secret room intended only for the senshi (Luna created it), Usagi flips through a karaoke selection book to Minako's new album "Venus". She then plays "C'est la vie" on the karaoke machine.
* "C'est la vie" plays in a store that Ami visits. Ami also looks at a poster advertising "Venus". Ami mentions that she loves Aino Minako and that her voice helps her to study. Here is where we see the "Venus" MD (see Items).
* Ami listens to the "Venus" MD.
* The "Venus" MD appears a few more times throughout the episode and then dies! (eek!)

Act 3
* In the secret senshi headquarters, Usagi and Ami discuss if Sailor V could be a senshi/the princess.
* Luna chases Sailor V over some roof tops.

Act 7
* Sailor V appears briefly to stop Sailormoon from following Tuxedo Kamen.

Act 8
* Minako holds a contest. The contestants have to dress up as Minako's mascot, NakoNako ("Kupii!"). * Minako arrives at the contest in her Mercedes-Benz. She's almost kidnapped by Zoisite (he's knocking people unconscious with music and it started to play on her radio).

Act 11
* Minako was hit by a truck on her way to the airport and is now in the hospital (her boss is sitting next to her).
* Minako works on a Christmas drawing of NakoNako for her (online) diary.
* Usagi and Makoto go to visit her, and she gives them her autograph.

Act 12 (this one features Minako almost exclusively)
* Minako is still at the hospital, working on some more NakoNako images.
* Her boss has become possesed by a youma (last episode) and Minako fights him.
* Usagi helps Minako escape from her possesed boss by sticking her into a duffle bag.
* Minako gets blue paint on her jacket when she tries to ditch Usagi.
* They go to the mall to buy Minako some new clothes and then they eat.
* When Usagi gets an SOS from the other senshi, Minako is left by herself. She talks to Artemis and then transforms into Sailor V without using a transformation phrase/object.
* Sailor V shows up to help Sailormoon, using her Crescent Moon. She pulls off her mask and transforms into Princess Sailorvenus (without a transformation phrase/object). Artemis stands next to her.
* Zoisite tries to stab PSv, but Tuxedo Kamen stops him.
* Then Princess Sailorvenus attacks!
* Other screencap: Artemis and PSv at the end of the episode.

Act 15
* Minako goes back to her apartment and talks with Artemis.
* A newscaster talks about how Minako's jewelry was stolen on the television.
* Usagi and two of her friends sing "C'est la vie" at Crown.
* Usagi finds Minako's stolen earrings in a man's briefcase (she tries to get it back, the sweetie.).
* Minako walks on the sidewalk with Artemis in her coat. She's also carrying a luggage case that could hold her Sailor V outfit.

Act 17
* An announcer talks about Minako's second album, "Venus", on a giant TV screen outside.
* Back in Minako's apartment. (Notice the Artemis plushie watching TV) She and Artemis talk. Then suddenly Minako passes out!
* Minako is next at St. Juban Church, praying. She and Rei pass each other on the way out. A priest comes running up to Minako and leads her to an injured dog. Rei comes over to see what the matter is, and Minako wonders what Sailormars is doing there at the church.
* Minako, Rei, and the priest pet the injured dog. Minako tells the dog that he'll be okay. Rei and she then talk.
* Usagi sings "C'est la vie" once more at Crown.
* Minako gives Rei some food (still at the church).
* Sailormars fights a youma in the church gym. Minako wants to help but Artemis tells her not to. Instead, Minako yells, diverting the youma's attention away from Sailormars. She then transforms into Princess Sailorvenus and introduces herself as the "Senshi of Love and Beauty, Sailorvenus. In the name of Venus, I'm going to punish you!" and poses.
* PSv mentions the ginzuishou (Silver Crystal) and the camera zooms in on her tiara, specifically to the crystal in the middle.
* PSv prepares to attack the youma while Artemis watches. She makes a circle with her ring fingers, middle fingers, and thumbs, blows a kiss and stretches her arms out. Sailormars and PSv then fight the youma together. PSv throws her Crescent at the youma, but it blocks it.
* PSv tries to attack the youma again, using her previous attack (the kiss one). The youma hits back with its sword and knocks PSv down. The youma escapes and PSv becomes angry at Mars.

Act 18
* Act 18 begins with the last moments of Act 17. Sailorvenus yells at Mars for letting the youma escape. Venus then walks away.
* Minako rides in a taxi at night, with Artemis in her purse. She grows dizzy, the lights outside becoming dim as she looks at them. She then passes out.
* Minako and Rei arrive at the church at the same time (not together). Minako notices that Rei has some dog food. She then gets back in the taxi. Later, she's back at the church again, this time with four big boxes of dog food.
* Minako and Rei talk about the youma outside the church.
* Back in her hotel room, Minako works on a project, a painting of the dog from Act 17 and the church. She and Artemis talk about the youma. Minako then notices that she wrote the word "misa" (mass in English; a Catholic Church service).
* Minako is at the church again, hanging posters of the lost dog. Rei is doing the same, and when Minako notices her looking, she taps the word "misu" on the poster, letting Rei and Luna know that the youma will probably attack at the next mass.
* When the youma does attack (of course it takes over the priest, sucking energy out of the congregation), PrincessSailorvenus and the other senshi first pose (see how PSv is in the front? :),a nd then attack the youma.
* The youma chases PSv through the church. Venus tries to attack it, but the youma can both attack and block at the same time. Mars shows up, and PSv and Mars decide to work together to defeat the youma. They both make the love sign and cross arms over each other. Then PSv flips, bringing herself to the other side of the youma, opposite of Mars' position. Mars and Venus wink at each other, confusing the youma. Venus uses her Venus Love-me Chain (click the link above to see) with help from her chain belt, while Mars uses her own attack. The youma is destroyed, and venus and Mars look at each other.
* Venus and Mars fight once more. Venus walks away talking about the princess and ginzuishou.
* Minako packs her stuff, back at her hotel room. Artemis talks to her for a while, and then Minako looks sad.

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The actress who plays Minako is Komatsu Ayaka.
More information will hopefully come soon!

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Extra Stuff
"C'est la vie" Lyrics (translated by SailorJupiter244, webmistress of Sailor Dream):

In English:
~C'est la vie- The Loving Part Inside Me~
There isn't a way to move my impulses; now
Those of me have begun; my feelings seek you

So that the movie and the musical bar's harmony are boring
When life slips, it may be slightly amusing.

The warm feeling is C'EST LA VIE
To confine myself to being me
C'EST LA VIE, I want to keep loving you
Before one's eyes, the place where this moment lives
It comes out running

Why does a person only have an opportunity to live one time?
Why doesn't time stand still even one second?

In the unexpected somewhere
The gap in my shoes causes pain
Sometimes, somewhere in my chest becomes cutoff

Surely you are found; C'EST LA VIE
Is the reason to be me.
C'EST LA VIE is the reason to be you.
Nothing is visable; however I want to see something
So I run after it.

So that the movie and the musical bar's harmony are boring
When life slips, it may be slightly amusing.

The warm feeling is
C'EST LA VIE; To confine myself to being me
C'EST LA VIE; I want to keep loving you
C'EST LA VIE is the reason to be me
C'EST LA VIE is the reason to be you.

Before one's eyes, the place where this moment lives
It comes out running
It comes out running

In romanji:
~C'est la vie- Watashi no Maka no Koisuru Bubun~
Doushiyou mo nai shoudou ni tsukiugokasarete ima
Watashi no sore wa hajimatta kimi wo motomeru omoi

Yotei cyouwa no shousetsu ya eiga ga tsumaranai youni
Jinsee mo sukoshi zuretara omoshiroi no kamoshirenai

Atsui kimochi wa C'EST LA VIE
Watashi ga watashi de iru kagiri
C'EST LA VIE anata wo ai shi tsuduketai
Menomaeni aru kono shunkan ga ikiru basho

Hito wa naze 1 [ichi] do dakeshi ikiru chansu ga nai no
Toki wa naze 1 [ichi] byou sae mo tachishimaranai no darou

Omoigakenai dokoka kane
Kutsu zure wo okosu mitai ni
Tokidoki wa mune no dokoka ga setsu naku nattari suru kedo

Kitto mitsukaru C'EST LA VIE
Watashi ga watashi dearu riyuu
C'EST LA VIE anata ga anata dearu riyuu
Nanimo mie nai; dakedo nani kaga mitai kara

Yotei cyouwa no shousetsu ya eiga ga tsumaranai youni
Jinsee mo sukoshi zuretara omoshiroi no kamoshirenai

Atsui kimochi wa
C'EST LA VIE watashi ga watashi de iru kagiri
C'EST LA VIE anata wo ai shi tsuduketai
C'EST LA VIE watashi ga watashi dearu riyuu
C'EST LA VIE anata ga anata dearu riyuu

Menomaeni aru kono shunkan ga ikiru basho

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Some images from the television show (screencaps and backstage!), official items/pictures, etc. Click on the thumbnail for the full picture. Hover over the picture for a description.


Sailorvenus collectors' card Sailorvenus section of a calender- Sept./Oct. front cover of the rereleased manga- volume #5 back cover of the rereleased manga- volume #5 from the booklet about the show (I think)

Outside World:
at a promontial showing at a promontial showing

Sailor V taking her mask off Sailor V with her mask off Sailor V chatising someone Sailor V with her crescent moon item Minako in the hospital with her boss

Behind the Scenes**:
getting ready for the show a pile of shoes- Venus' and Mars

from the 2004 PGSM calendar cover from the 2004 PGSM calendar cover PrincessSailorvenus Artemis plushie! Cute! wearing a kimono

* these are the ones I didn't include in the episode descriptions.
** taken from the official PGSM site (see Credits)

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