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Never again be confused by a stray initial or Japanese word running rampant through websites featuring Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon! Well, the ones that are on this site at least.

BSSM- short for Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, both the manga and anime.
BSSM R, S, SuperS, SS- BSSM and the seasons that follows it: R(eturns), S(uper), SuperS(uper), and S(ailor)S(tars).
CwaSV- short for Codename wa Sailor V, the manga that stars Aino Minako as Sailor V.
PSv- short for Princess Sailorvenus, the latest form of Sailorvenus in PGSM
PGSM- short for Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, the TV show based on BSSM that airs in Japan
SM- short for Sailor Moon, the dubbed version of BSSM.

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon- Japanese title for "Sailor Moon". It translates to "Pretty (or "beautiful") Warrior (or Soldier) Sailormoon."
dub- refers the the DIC/Cloverway, etc. translation of BSSM. Names, places, and sometimes plot points are changed in lieu of either airing it on TV or just simple translating of the Japanese original. Example: "Aino Minako" was changed to "Mina" in the DIC dub. "Dubbed" is the past tense of "dub".
fuku- the outfit the senshi wear. You know, the one Minako weras when she's Sailorvenus!
henshin- the Japanese word that refers to the senshi's transformation phrases.
manga- Japanese comics.
Romanji/romanization- Japanese kanji (those little symbols that everyone gets a tattoo of) is confusing (to say the least), so to "romanize" kanji is to change the kanji into words instead of pictures. This makes it easier to understand/read. "Romanji" is the word for romanized kanji.
Senshi- Japanese for "warrior" or "soldier" (I personally like warrior better). The dub equivilent is "scout".

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Japanese Influence
Attacks: the senshi's attacks, somewhat suprisingly, are in English instead of Romanji, even in the anime. This also applies to the henshins.
Names: every name, when refering to BSSM and not SM, is written last name first and then first name. So if my name was Bob Dylan, it'd be Dylan Bob in Japan (and on this site).

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