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Real Name: Aino Minako ("little beauty child of love")
Birthday: 22 October
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Bloodtype: B
Height: 5'0"
Favorite Color: yellow, red
Hobbies: chasing after idols, shopping
Favorite Food: curry
Least Favorite Food: shiitake mushrooms
Favorite Subject: Physical Education
Worst Subject: Math, English
Has trouble with: Mama and the police
Strong Point: playing
Dream: To be an idol singer
Favorite Gemstone: Topaz
Planet: Venus (duh)
Day of the Week: Friday
Element: Gold

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Name Interpretation- Aino Minako

Ai= love
No= either "field" or "plain"; in this case it's a noun modifier
Mi= beauty
Na= either "little" or "what"; most likely "little"
Ko= child

The kanji used for Sailorvenus means "Metal Star".

The kanji in "Minako" can also be read as "binasu", the Japanese pronounciation of "Venus".

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Libra-Personality Connections

Librans are known for their focus on others and how they relate to people. They see everything to be done better as a group. They are very much team players, less focused on self than the above star signs. The scales represent a Libra because of their balance in situations. Libras dislike conflict and like things to be balanced. Libras are ruled by Venus, which they take on the traits of being cultured, refined, and have a love for beautiful things.

Does this apply to Minako?
I feel that this definition of Librans applies to Minako rather well. Minako is the leader of the senshi (Inner Senshi for clarification), so she must know some techniques for keeping them all together. When she first appears in the manga (Act 8), Minako is very mature and calm (unlike her anime counterpart). She can easily take over the role of leadership from Sailormoon, and does so with grace.

Minako also has a love for beautiful things- well, men. *cough* This is easily seen in her romantic relationships, since she almost always two-times her current boyfriends. What else can account for the multiple boytoys?

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Bloodtype Traits

People with B bloodtype are outgoing, optimistic, and adventurous.

Does this apply to Minako?
Yes, of course. Minako is very outgoing, almost to the point of perky. She also has a habit of looking to the best side of things (i.e. optimism). And, being the leader of the senshi, Minako is almost always the first to head "out into the wilderness", so to speak.

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Color Meaning

Yellow: joy, happiness, intellect, energy
Red: truth, strength, courage, passion
Gold: riches, beauty, fame, victory, good fortune

Do these apply to Minako?
While yellow and red are "only" her favorite colors, and gold is her "element", I feel that a person's prefered color(s) determines a lot about their character.

Yellow and red are Minako's favorite colors. I think that they apply to her well. She is generally happy and energetic. While she may not be the top brain in school, her ability to think up a plan quickly more than makes up for it. As Sailor V, Minako was essentially a crime fighter, one who defended the weak and enforced justice and truth. She had courage to be the only one (the only senshi) doing so, and at such a young age (13) it is admirable.

Back to her element. Gold, as stated above, applies more toward the Venus aspect of Minako, her senshi life. Minako the schoolgirl and Minako super-girl are (opinion here) different people. Minako the schoolgirl likes to have fun, maybe even forget about her senshi duties for a while. But her senshi side knows that she can't totally forget them, that she DOES have a duty to protect the people of Earth, maybe even the Universe...Anyway, gold. Minako (the schoolgirl) wants to be an idol. This would involve fame, riches, fab fashion sense, and incredibly good fortune if she could pull it off. As Sailor V, she had already gained these things.

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Planet Interpretation

Coming Soon

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Birthstone Meaning

Minako was born in October, so her birthstone is opal and pink tourmaline. In ancient Rome, opals were a symbol of love and hope. In the Middle Ages, an opal helped its wearer maintain a strong heart, among other things. Pink tourmaline doesn't have such a big history as opals do, but it is sometimes known as the "peace stone", and is believed to dispel fear and make its wearer calm.

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