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As everyone knows (or should know anyway), the manga _Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon_ is different from the anime, and sometimes there are big differences. Here are some that revolve around Minako.

In manga; not in anime

Sailorvenus finds a stone sword in the ground on the moon and takes charge of it.

Sailorvenus kills Beryl with the sword (Metallia then becomes the main baddie, instead of a fusion between Beryl and Metallia like in the anime.).

In anime; not in manga

Minako's peronality changes in the second season (BSSMR), from a competent leader to a whiny brat.

Minako's mized-up proverbs are only in the anime, sadly enough. They really are funny though, so here they are.
* Safety assures a good horse. (Ep.38)
What she meant: As long as they come back safely.
* Ask and all shall be answered. (Ep.39)
What she meant: Ask and all shall be given.
* Every heater comes to he who waits. (Ep.50)
What she meant: Everything comes to he who waits.
* Sleepiness in Spring- you even plow the red soil. (Ep.52)
What she meant: Sleepiness in Spring- you don't even notice the daybreak.
* Tomorrow you'll catch tomorrow's cold. (Ep.78)
What she meant: Tomorrow will blow tomorrow's wind.
* You'll have to compress some things to make it work in the end. (Ep.79) What she meant: You have to compromise some thigns to make it work in the end.
* It's no use crying over spilt cod's-roe! [fish eggs] (Ep.90)
What she meant: It's no use crying over spilt milk.

More will come! Of course, you could always help and send me some stuff. :D

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