Papa Werebear Stories

By Bjorn Torson

I had to work on Christmas Eve, no way around it.  Well, at least it was for only four hours.  Hey, when you’re a computer tech on-call you have to expect it, especially with Y2K a mere week away.  At least they pay me well, $80.00 an hour plus the holiday rate is double time, so for those four hours I just worked, I’ll be getting $640.00 gross and I’m one of the lower paid techs! Well, I think as I get into the truck to drive home in the near blizzard, Bill will be waiting for me with hot chocolate and warm gingersnaps. God how I love him!

He and I met ten years ago at a mutual friend’s dinner party and we haven’t been able to get enough of each other since. He, Mr. William Elliott, was a 35-year-old, black bearded just starting to go grey Bear. He was 5’11’ and extremely well muscled with just chubby enough go give those beautiful muscles on his furry body a bit of roundness. Bill was built like a tank. I, one Carl Robertson a mere furless, beardless, brown-headed Cub then, was 26 and skinny at 175 lbs. and 6’ even. I was a no muscle computer geek, but that didn’t seem to matter to Bill. His soft grey eyes were full of merriment and saw through to the person inside of nerdy body. Those loving eyes were what attracted me first. I’d found my Papa Bear and true love all in one night.

Well, ten years makes quite a bit of difference. I haven’t gone grey yet but, thanks to Bill, I’ve beefed up and put on fat as well. Both are due to my Honey Bear. He got me into lifting weights AND he feeds me so damn well that I’ve got a bit of a beer belly that I work hard at keeping under control. OK, not too hard, Bill likes me with a little weight and if I really started to plump out, I’d get really serious about losing weight. I’ve also grown a beard a month after he and I moved in together and had it all these years. I’ve become a Bear in my own right. Bill has hardly changed as far as weight and even now with as big as I am, I’m still not as big as Bill is. His hair has changed though, he’s become a silver furred bear and his body is furrier now than it was then. He’s ‘steel grey’ as he calls it, grey with enough black to give it that effect and it turns me on more than his almost pure black hair ever did.

Bill works by repairing electronics and he loves to build electronic gadgets too. He’s got a head set microphone toy that he built changes the tone of your voice so that you can sound squeaky high or really low. He’s got all sorts of gadgets and some of them are pretty damned expensive if you went to buy them in the store. He once built a VCR for $20 bucks on a bet that’s higher quality than one selling for $200. Yeah, its case isn’t as pretty, but it works really well. He built our home security system and it comes in handy. We live in a nice house in the suburbs, but you still can’t be too careful. We were robbed about three months ago and he built the system. Everything was insured, so we didn’t lose much. Bill building the system lessened the feeling of violation a little, but I still feel a bit odd about it. Strangely, I also found that it sparked some fantasies about being held captive. When I told Bill about it, he gave me the usual rolling the eyes routine that he gives me when I talk about anything just slightly kinky. He’s such a prude sometimes. I said I’d wrestle him to the floor someday and hog-tie him. He just snickered and in a low sexy growl, “That’ll be the day. More likely you’d be the one hog tied after I wrestled YOU to the ground, Cub!” “Would you please?” I said, in my most pleading voice. He just did the eye-rolling thing so I let it drop. Bill’s a real Teddy Bear and sex with him is great, I love him more than I love life. I really do, I’d sooner die than let him die. He does tend to be on the vanilla side though. That’s fine with me, but I find myself wanting something different every once in awhile.

So here I am, driving home in the heavy snow, listening to the Christmas carols on the radio, thinking about my Honey Bear and the news comes on. There’s a report about some guy breaking into houses right here in town. He’s stealing presents dressed as Santa. He ties his victims up and blindfolds them then he ransacks their home. The feeling of violation returns as I think of my house and my Bear Hubby. It vanishes as I think about the guy trying to tie Bill up. Then it becomes a thrill as I think about being tied up and helpless. By the time I pull into the driveway I’ve got a nice long fat hard-on just thinking about bondage.

“Hi, honey! I’m home!” I shout. It’s a little joke with us probably shared by many gay couples. The whole traditional stereotypical husband and wife routine juxtaposed with our untraditional lifestyle. The house smells wonderfully of baked goods. I hang up my coat in the hall closet and go to check the mail. There’s a note in Bill’s Bear scrawling on a little antique walnut table by the door where we put the mail with some warm gingersnaps and hot chocolate. “Sit down, eat your cookies, drink you cocoa and follow the trail upstairs when you’re finished… and don’t rush it! I’m probably getting ready for you still so give me a couple of minutes! Oh and be sure you’re wearing nothing but a smile when you walk through the bedroom door. Love Billy Bear.”

He’s in a romantic mood! God I love this man. I see the trail of lit candles in saucers on the stair and suppress the urge to rush up the stairs and catch him getting ready. I’ve got a mean streak, but I keep it leashed. So I sit down in MY chair and one of his light beam activated gadgets turns on the stereo and the Victorian era style Christmas tree as I break the beam to sit down in the recliner. Soft instrumental Christmas music starts up in the CD player.

Our house is cozy and tastefully furnished by Bill. The décor is natural earth tones. I think it rather fits a couple of Bears. He made the furniture in the shop out in the back yard. Electronics is his business, cabinet/furniture making is his passion… well, one of them I think as I gobble down a fresh from scratch cookie and sip non-ready-mix hot cocoa. OK cooking is another passion of his, but that’s not the one I’m extremely interested in at the moment as I rub my anxious crotch. About the time the ‘Coventry Carol’ is half way finished, I’m done with the cookies and cocoa. I kick off my shoes, pull off my socks and briefly run my bare feet through the freshly cleaned-for-the-holidays cream colored pile carpeting. If I’d let him, Bill would go completely domestic on me; apron and all I suppose. Images of that furry old Bear in a French maids outfit with a duster in his paw and the Grizzly tattoo on his upper left arm pop into mind and I shudder. Yeah, I’m a bit kinky, but there are some things that just don’t do it for me. Now leather, that’s a whole different story, but Bill wouldn’t go for that.

I get up and strip down to my jock strap. Yeah, I’m not completely naked, but hey, I’ve been working on this funky jock strap for two months now and waiting for just the right moment. I thought New Years Eve. Well, this seems to be the right moment now and it’s just ripe enough to drive him wild. I’m leaking pre- cum and wetting the front of the jock strap nicely, he’ll love that!

I follow the trail of candles up the stairs in the dimly lit stairwell and on to the end of the upstairs hall to the bedroom door. On either side of the door are clusters of dozens of little candles on two platters. The door is wrapped in gift-wrap with a big bow on the doorknob. There’s a note attached to the bow: “You get to unwrap this present early and see what Santa brought my naughty little Bear for Christmas. Maybe it’s a switch or a lump of… well, you can let your imagination guess what kind of lumps he has left for you! Love Billy Bear.” I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at that. “OK Santa,” I said, “I’m ready for my present.” With that I opened the door.

The bedroom was dark; I turned on the light and in a brief instant saw Bill, his hands tied behind his back and feet tied as well. He was wearing a leather body suit and hood and was curled up in the fetal position on the bed. It all happened so fast, I caught a glimpse of a big guy in a Santa suit in the full- length mirror by the closet, but it was too late to turn around. He pushed me to the floor with his knee in the middle of my back before I had a chance to react. Before I knew it my hands were bound behind my back with cable ties I started to yell and he stuffed a gag in my mouth and tied it behind my head. I tried to kick and squirm, but it was no use he tied my legs and knees together as well. The hood came next.

He was breathing heavily. “Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!” His voice was amplified and modified with what I recognized as Bill’s headset device. “Can’t have you picking out ol’ Santa of a cop’s line up by his voice.” I thrashed around as much as I could and shouted obscenities that just weren’t quite as effective with a gag in my mouth. “Fuck me you asshole? Oh, Carl, you’re gonna be on Santa’s naughty list if you keep talkin’ like that.” He put his booted foot on my head and applied a bit of pressure. “Settle on down now, Carl, Santa’s got a little surprise for little Billy and little Carl this year. Now, ol’ Chris Kringle has already given little Billy Bear here his Christmas present: a nice big Yule Log up the ass and down his throat. Now Santa’s ready to give Carl a nice fat summer sausage from his special gift package.” He chuckled. “Santa and Carl Cub won’t be interrupted by Billy either, ol’ Santa spiked Billy’s egg nog so he’ll be out of it for quite a while. You don’t need to worry none, though, Santa’s not gonna hurt you boys. Hell, Saint Nick will even put in an anonymous phone call to the cops when he’s finished with his gift giving… and taking.” he chuckled again and continued, “You’ll be found all nice and tied up like a Christmas goose. Santa wouldn’t want you nice Bears to starve to death.” He chuckled again.

I heard him crack open a beer and take several gulps. I heard the rustle of clothes and the unlacing of his boots. “Santa’s kinda hot and thirsty after catchin’ such a cute couple of Bears. Yep, hot and thirsty in more ways than one. Ol’ Saint Nick’s gonna slip out of his suit and get some real refreshment; Santa’s pretty damn sick of milk and cookies!” I heard him down the can, crush it, throw it aside and open another. He downed that one too. Good, let him get drunk. He’ll get sloppy and even if I can’t take advantage of his mistakes, he’ll leave lots of forensic evidence behind. “Now,” he said “Santa’s gonna move your fine fuck-hole of a Bear lover off of the bed so little Carl can sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what he wants for Christmas.” I heard him grunt as he moved something. I realized it was Bill when I felt the thud next to me. Then, He started man handling me onto the bed. I felt his sweaty naked body next to mine. He must be pretty furry too because it tickled me as he came into contact with my torso. I felt his hard hot cock against my upper arm. “Now, here’s the deal Carl. You be a good little Cub and do what you’re told and nothing bad is gonna happen, do you understand?” He said, huffing and puffing. The sound of his breath through the voice-altering gadget was a bit like Darth Vader. I nodded. “Good,” he said, “’cause Santa wouldn’t want to hurt you cause you did something stupid like biting old Nick’s cock or tongue when he puts it in your mouth. You be a good little bottom Bear and maybe ol’ Papa Claus will leave you your computer. It’s probably not worth tryin’ to fence anyway. You think about that, ‘cause I could beat the shit out of you and just leave you two tied up if your bad. No one’s gonna come looking for you for quite a while. Billy Bear tried to feed me a line about his lover being a big brute of a Navy Seal and how you’d come home and kick my ass and shoot my brains out. I half believed him, ‘cause you can’t bee too careful… until I saw your picture. I knew you weren’t a tough guy when I saw the picture. I figgered you for a computer geek and I guessed right, didn’t I?” I lay there, tears in my eyes thinking about my poor Bill and what he must have gone through. “Well? Answer me Cub! He yelled through the mike and there was a bit of distortion. “You’re a geek aren’t you?” I nodded.

“Well, Santa has a long night planned for you and me. Billy over there’s not much fun at the moment. I think I want to move Billy into the guestroom and let him sleep it off. I kinda liked fuckin’ him while he was unconscious, but that wasn’t nearly as much fun as when he was awake and fightin’ it.” He got up and I heard him open the door and drag Bill down the hall, open the guestroom door, drag Bill in and shut the door behind. He came back in humming ‘Jingle Bells’. “OK, Ol’ Santa’s gonna remove your hood and blindfold you. So roll on you belly and make it easier for me.” There was no sense in fighting it. This big fucker was going to rape me and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it. I flipped over on my belly. “I’m gonna take the hood off, but don’t you even try to take a look around or I’ll stick a finger in your eye, got it?” I nodded. He removed the hood slowly. Breathing was much easier now. He blindfolded me and started tying my wrists with something that felt like silk. Once my wrists were secure, he cut the cable tie that was cutting into my skin. He did the same for my ankles and didn’t replace the tie there. “We can do this the easy way, or the hard way Carl.” He said in a softer tone of voice. “After Bill relaxed, he started getting a huge boner. You’re a lucky man; he’s quite a well-hung stud. He’s not as big as good ol’ Nick, but he’s pretty damn impressive. Anyway, after he got used to the idea, he started havin’ a real good time. I made him shoot all over himself and he was gruntin’ like a Grizzly as I toweled him off with my tongue, cleaned his gun barrel and scrubbed out his hole. I fucked him up the ass and he sighed with a big ol’ smile on his face when I was done. So, you can think of this as being raped or you can just think of this as a heavy bondage scene. It’s your choice. Which is it?” My mind was reeling. I was so confused. The images he painted in my mind of Bill, bound in leather and having sex, were making me hard. He offered me a choice and it was so tempting. He was in complete control of me and I was going to be fucked either way. If I resisted, he’d enjoy it anyway; he as much said so. If I complied, he’d enjoy it just as much. I didn’t want to ‘cheat’ on Bill. I loved him, but what ‘Santa’ was doing to me was turning me on whether I liked it or not. This was the rough kinky sex that was the core of my fantasies. Like it or not, this thief was giving me what I craved from Bill. Suddenly his lips were on mine and he was penetrating my mouth with is tongue. Out of reflex I opened wide, his beard melded with mine as he roughly French kissed me; chewing gently on my tongue and forcing his down my throat. He broke the kiss. “Open your mouth wide.” He growled through the headset speaker. I complied. I felt his warm, beer flavored drool start to fill my mouth and, God help me, I liked what he was doing to me. Then he went back to deep kissing and at that moment I gave in. This guy might be a thief, but he was also a great kisser and I’m a sucker for a great kisser. It is one of the things that I love about Bill. He opened up another Beer, took a big swig and put his lips to mine. He filled our mouths with the bitter brew. It was apparently from our fridge because, though I don’t particularly care for beer and don’t drink it nearly as often as Bill does, I can recognize a good brand and this tasted like the Sam Adams or Pete’s Wicked Ale that Bill likes. It couldn’t be though, because those don’t come in cans. Bill must have bought something different, maybe Asahi, because I doubt ‘Santa the Cat Burglar’ would bring is own beer to rob a house. He shared three cans of the stuff with me this way and I was feeling rather relaxed by the time he gulped down the last of it. “Haaah! That was good! See, ol’ Santa’s not such an inhuman monster after all, is he?” I held my tongue and didn’t add that thieves didn’t have to be inhuman monsters, but they are still thieves.

Before I could have another thought, Santa was chewing on my jock strap and was getting it all wet. He was nuzzling my balls and biting at the head of my cock. I was as hard as blue steel now and Santa was sniffing and snorting and rubbing his beard into my crotch. He was sucking the head through my jock strap and I was wetting it down from the other side with pre cum. I was grunting just the way he said Bill did. He pulled the strap off with his teeth and began lapping at my balls. He spread my cheeks and began pushing his tongue into my ass hole. He was tongue fucking my ass and massaging my prostate with his rough, callused paws from the outside at the same time. He was grunting and snuffling like a Grizzly himself. I was going mad, I didn’t want to have any feelings for this animal, this intruder, this violator, but I couldn’t help it, he was making me horny and satisfying me by doing things to me Bill never did. Insane thoughts flashed briefly through my head and were dismissed instantly. Still, thoughts like leaving Bill and going on the lamb with this criminal or not calling the police and inviting him back some night when Bill was away sent shivers through my body. Bill was gentle and a cuddly. He was the love of my life, the reason for my continued existence, the man I would die for and the joy in my heart… and never once did he eat my ass hole. Santa here was a thief and a beast and perhaps a homicidal maniac for all I knew, but damn he was so fucking, drive-me- out-of-my-fucking-mind good at rough foreplay. He sensed I was about ready to cum. He licked his fingers and shoved them up my ass and then dove on my cock. He gnawed and sucked and I screamed out in ecstasy as I shot load after load into his waiting mouth. I came forever it seemed. He didn’t swallow, he moved up to my mouth and shared my cum with me in a salty sloppy kiss.

“Now, Santa Bear wants some tender Cub ass.” He said after he’d put the headset back on. I felt his monster cock as he began rubbing all over my crotch. He must have been hung like a horse. He’s said he was bigger than Bill and now I believed him. “First, though, Santa’s gonna open a little present for himself. I heard him unwrapping something, I heard something like paper tearing, he spat, there was a pause and then I heard him flick a lighter and start puffing. He blew cigar smoke in my face. Bill had given up cigarettes ages ago and I didn’t smoke. It was strong, pungent and made me cough. OK, now Santa’s gonna squat down over your face and bury your mouth in my big furry balls. Santa’s been a little busy in the workshop lately and he hasn’t had a chance to shower. He’s been buggering his elves and little helpers so ol’ Saint Nick’s crotch is nice and ripe. Be a good little Cub and give Chris Kringle’s low hangers a warm tongue bath.” He chuckled, then grunted as he positioned his sack over my face. His musk was strong; Bill was always freshly showered. The scent was fanning the flames of my lust. I began licking his furry nut-sack. “Yep, Santa’s got something nice in that bag of his for you. Why don’t you feel around with your tongue and see if you can guess what they are. Ahhha, yeah! That’s right, Santa’s got a couple of footballs in his sack for you.” He puffed a couple of times and blew it down toward my face. I took his balls into my mouth, rolled them around and sucked. He groaned in pleasure. He pulled them out of my mouth. “Now, Santa’s gonna give you a candy cane to suck on, because you been such a good little Cub.” He started rubbing my lips with his bulbous head; smearing pre cum all over my lips. I opened wide and he thrust into my throat suddenly. He began humping my face. “Ho, ho, ho!” He bellowed then grunted as he began fucking my face faster. My tongue worked his shaft and head when it occasionally popped into my mouth. He was getting close to the edge of orgasm. “Santa’s gonna pull out. He doesn’t want to cum just yet.” I couldn’t believe I wanted more of him. He couldn’t possibly rape me now; I WANTED him and felt that he wanted me as much. I’d never been unfaithful in all the time Bill and I had been together, but guilt would have to wait until after this beast had fucked me and I was satisfied. I was far too worked up now to think about consequences. He reached down and untied my ankles. “Spread wide for ol’ Nick, Carl, Santa wants to give you that summer sausage he promised you earlier.” I obeyed without hesitation. “Good, Cub. Billy was just as cooperative as you are, but he said you wouldn’t be.” I thought again about Bill tied up in leather and my dick twitched. He repositioned himself over me. I felt his furry body rubbing against me as he moved. I guessed we were face to face, I could smell the cigar smoke he was puffing out as he breathed and felt his hard moist cock against my belly. His hands were planted on the bed on either side of my upper arm. He lifted one of them and spat three times into his palm; he began rubbing his spit into my ass hole. His meaty fingers worked into me. “You’re well broken in, Cub. You’re Billy Bear must fuck the shit out of you and enjoy doin' it.” He slipped his fingers into my mouth. “Clean Santa’s paw off.” I dutifully licked his fingers clean. Suddenly his cock was up my ass. He wasn’t as big as I had thought because I didn’t feel the pain of being stretched, but he WAS big. “Santa’s gonna long dick you for a while. After that, well see. Santa was thinkin’ about jumpin’ in the sleigh and visitin’ somebody else, but he might stick around for a three way with you and Billy Bear, we’ll see.” He began a slow long fuck and every time he or I would come close to shooting he’d stop a cool down. This went on for what seemed like hours. It had to be at least one hour because he went through three cigars AND another can of beer that he share with me mouth to mouth as he’d done earlier. Finally he said, “Santa wants to cum. Santa wants to fill little Carl with the Christmas spirit!” He began speeding up and with his huge right paw he began jerking me off at the same time. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him into me. He growled and was puffing hard on his cigar. The beer, smoke and lust intoxicated me. I began to moan and tremble, Santa was banging me hard and his balls were slapping my butt. He let out a howl and we both came. I felt his hot seed filling my void, his warmth deep in my core. I knew I was shooting all over him because he was rubbing my dick against his belly as I shot. “Santa wants to wear your Cub cum all over himself.” I heard him rubbing my cum all over his furry chest and belly. He lowered himself on top of me and rubbed our bellies together. We were both spent. “Merry Christmas.” He said and kissed me. He pulled out and got off of the bed. I heard him start gathering up things in the room. “Well, Santa has several stops to make before dawn. You were great Carl and so was Billy, but I’m afraid we won’t have time for that three way. I’m going to check on ol’ Billy Bear to see that he’s all right and then I’m a memory. I’m gonna have to tie your legs together so you can’t get up and move around. Besides, you might hurt or kill yourself trying to go down those stairs and ol’ Saint Nick may be a thief and guilty of buggery, but he’s not a murderer.” I heard him put his cigar out, get dressed and open the door. “Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night! Ho, ho, ho!” He kissed me again without a word. Then he shut the door and went down the hall. I heard him talking to Bill and apparently Bill was conscious because I heard him answer. I heard him go down stairs, open the front door and then he was gone. I lay there on my back, tied up, blindfolded and alone. I called out to Bill, but I got no answer. He had probably gagged or drugged him again. He probably had to, Bill had a loud deep voice when he wanted to and could be heard from outside if he shouted. The conflicting emotions for both Bill and Santa began to wear on me and I don’t know why, but I began to cry. Guilt, longing, loyalty, lust, love, violation, anger, helplessness and a whole list of other feelings warred within me. All I wanted was to be held close and comforted, but there was no one here to do that. I cried myself to sleep.

When I woke, I was no longer blindfolded and tied and Bill’s big furry arms were around me and I was nestled down in his chest fur. Had it all been a dream. No, there were the marks on my wrists. “Bill, wake up! Are you all right, love? Are you hurt?” He woke. “What?” He said groggily. “Bill, I said, are you alright?” “I’m fine, what’s the matter?” He said. “What’s the matter? Are you still drugged? We were robbed and fucked by the guy who has been going around breaking into homes. You know the guy on the news, that Santa burglar guy.” Bill got a big grin on his handsome face. “Well, then maybe ol’ Santa will come back and give us that threesome he promised you before he left. What was it he said before he kissed you ‘Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night?’” “How did you know about that?” I said. He rolled his eyes and reached over and bit my nose. “You are SO dense sometimes!” He smiled and kissed my nose this time. “Smell my breath.” He breathed in my face and I smelled cigar and beer. He grinned widely as I finally put two and two together and almost got four. “Ho, ho, ho!” he growled “Did you like your Christmas present? One whole night of leather, cigars and sex with Santa?” He smiled sweetly. “But, who was in the leather outfit on the bed.” I asked. “Nobody, that was a mannequin and the second part of your Christmas gift. It fits me perfectly and so I know it will fit you just as well. That’s your new slave wear.”

“You and I have been married for ten years and I haven’t been very attentive to your needs.” He said softly. “But, you’ve given me so much.” I said, tears in my eyes. He kissed me and hugged me to his chest, burying my face in his fur. “Yes, and now I’ll give you more. You can be Santa’s special little helper anytime you want to be.” He grinned evilly as he pulled me away from his chest and looked me I the eyes. “I’ve never told you this, but before you and I got together, I was quite the Leather Bear. I was one Bastard of a Papa Bear and all those slaves I topped loved me, but they loved the Bastard not me. I tried to get involved with a couple of them over the years, but they wanted me to be an asshole 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 a year… with February 29th off for good behavior on leap year. They didn’t want to get to know the rest of me. They said they liked me better with a whip in my hand than a cookie sheet. It was so superficial with everyone, so plastic. I don’t know how to explain it, I guess I never really loved those guys I was with. It never meant much. Yeah, I got my rocks off, but it wasn’t meaningful.”

“When I met you, you loved the man I was not the icon I could be and I was damned sure you wouldn’t get a chance to fall in love with the icon. I especially hid it from you when I found out how it turned you on. I loved you so much; I didn’t want you to fall in love with someone else; the other side of me that is, ‘Bear Vader’. But when we got robbed I started thinking about it. I decided that we’d been together this long, you loved me and probably would even if I showed you my incredibly attractive other side.” He smiled and chuckled softly. “When I saw how concerned you were for ‘Billy Bear’ and at the same time how ‘Santa’ turned you on despite your feelings, I knew I could no longer withhold from you what you craved. It would be like setting a dish of ice cream in front of a child and telling him he couldn’t have any. After ten years, you will finally get the whole package, the complete me.”

“I love you so much and I don’t say it nearly enough.” I said, wiping tears of joy from my eyes. We were both red-hot for each other again and knowing Bill’s full potential made me even hungrier for him.

We made love all morning and at about noon we opened presents and had lunch. We went out to the most expensive restaurant I could find the next night as my extra special unplanned Christmas present to Bill. Later that night, ‘Santa Bear’ made another visit to our house and we had a post Christmas bondage treat. I was definitely on Santa’s ‘Naughty’ list from now on.


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