Papa Werebear Stories


By Bjorn Torson


Edward Beardsley was trim, fit and twenty-two year old with a baby face.

Edward hated that the most.

He looked like he was still in high school and couldnít grow a beard to save is life. Heíd never had any problems with his looks; in fact, growing up he was never overweight and didnít have much trouble with acne. Ed didnít have to wear braces or glasses; he had even developed a decent build, which was rather trim but average to only slightly muscular. All in all, he was a nice looking young man if you liked boyish, beardless, men with a virtually smooth swimmerís body. He never wanted to look like a muscle freak, but he had a longing.

Ed wanted more. Ed didnít want to be ĎThe Hulkí or ĎArnoldí, but he wanted more and he wanted a beard and chest hair too. He wanted a nice full thick beard that covered his face from just below his cheeks to all the way down his neck.

The grass truly is greener on the other side of the fence. In Edís case, the other side of the fence was bulkier and furrier. Ed had seen what his dad looked like without his clothes when they had gone skinny dipping; the man was a bear. Frank Beardsley had a thick dark beard and hair from top to bottom on front and back. His dad worked for the local phone company and climbed poles and repaired wires for a living. This physically demanding work had made Edís father naturally well muscled, though he did have love handles from his passion for good beer. Still, Frank looked powerful and Ed had wanted to be like his dad since he was ten. He expected to grow up to look like his dad, but it just didnít happen. Heíd inherited lean and lanky from his momís side of the family. All of his uncles on that side would be naturals on the basketball court or in the pool. How Ed wished heíd inherited the robust, stocky build from his fatherís side and, of course, the fur the Beardsley men all inherited by the age of 18. He had cousins on his dadís side just his age or even younger that were almost as hairy as his dad was. Ed just couldnít figure it, why had it skipped him. His older brother by only two years and even his squirt of a sixteen-year-old younger brother had more on their faces and chests than he did.

Ed was obsessed with bulking up and getting more hair. Ed wasnít sure how he was going to get the hair, but he had a good idea how he was going to get some decent muscle. Ed would start with protein/carb drinks and heíd find hard physically demanding work.

To this end, Ed applied for work on a small farm run by a man in his late forties named Joe Knuteson. Joe, like Edís father, was a bearded Bear of a man, but taller and bulkier. Joe told Ed after he hired him that he had almost refused, seeing how slight built Ed was, but Edís enthusiasm had won him over. Joe had another young man working for him named Alex Reynolds. Alex had been on the farm since the age of eighteen and he and Joe were the only ones working it. Alex had even sat in on the informal interview and it was explained that personality was a big part of the hiring process. If Ed and Alex didnít get along during the trial period, Ed would be released from employment.

This didnít seem to be an issue, Alex would tease Ed about pleasing him or Ed would get fired, but it was just good natured ribbing. Alex seemed to like Ed from the start and the feeling was mutual. Olí Joe, as Alex called him, seemed very contented that the two young men became fast friends.

Alex was close to Edís age, twenty-five, and looked as rugged but not as furry as Joe, and more trim than their boss. Ed would sneak peeks at Alex without his shirt as he pitched hay or groomed and fed the horses. Alex had the classic cowboy look; he was weather tanned and his brown blond hair and beard showed up well against his browned skin. He was golden where the sun had bleached his thick full beard and hair. Alex had dark brown eyes, so dark the pupils were almost lost in the deep coffee bean brown of his irises. Alex was one Hell of a handsome young man, there was only one thing that marred his good looks; a small inch long scar under his left eye that disappeared into his beard, but in a way, it added character to his face. It humanized his almost godly good looks and made him more Ďrealí. So, perhaps it wasnít a marring of perfection after all.

Ed was envious of both Joe and Alex; it seemed every man in the world had more hair on his body and face than Ed did.

In contrast to Alex, Joe had a dark brown-black beard with silver running through it and his hair and dark body hair also had some silver strands here and there. His skin was also tanned, but not nearly as deeply as Alex. Ed found Joe less attractive, being older and heavier and Joeís thick back hair didnít do much for Ed. Still, he had to admit that Joe was attractive, just a little. If nothing else, he was furry and well hung judging by the bulge in his overalls and those were two big plusses for his boss in Edís book.

Both men were good looking and at the height of summer in his first year working on the farm Ed, Joe and Alex would all go down to the swimming hole and skinny dip after dinner. Ed did his best to keep his mind on swimming and his eyes off of the two bearish men with him. Joe and Alex horsed around in the pool and this inevitably involved Ed. It seemed at those times that they were more like a family than boss and employees.

Ed remembered starting out and how hard it was at first. Work on the farm began a couple of hours before dawn and ended a couple of hours after dusk. Ed was sore and worn out for the first two weeks but he kept at it. Two months after starting he was in the routine of waking early, caring for the animals and doing the chores required of him. Ed had settled into the easy rhythm of farm life and was getting a nice tan from the shirtless outdoor work. Six months after starting he couldnít imaging living or working anywhere else. Ed loved the work, the farm and he found that he loved both Joe and Alex.

For his part, Joe worked along side Ed just as hard if not harder and so did Alex. Alex would knock off a bit earlier than Joe or Ed as one of his duties was to cook for the three men. Alex had learned how to cook from Joe and had actually exceeded his teacherís skill, so it became part of his duties to feed the three of them, Joe and Ed got dishes afterward.

Days were full of hard work and nights found Ed deeply asleep, contentedly tired from the honest work of the day.

It was at around year after being hired that Ed discovered, waking late one night, that Joe and Alex were lovers. Though Joeís room was at the other end of the upstairs hall and the house muffled sounds well, he could just barely hear the passionate grunts from the two men from within his room with the door closed. He opened his door, just slightly and looked down the hall. He could see a dim flickering light from the space under Joeís bedroom door and he could hear the deep moans of the older man. He also heard the slightly higher pitched voice of Alex as he told the "Olí Bear" how much he loved him and, of course, the sound of Joeís bed being well used. Listening to his friends making love made Ed hard. He closed the door to just a crack, went back to bed and jacked off furiously thinking about Alex and to his surprise, Joe too. When Ed was done, he cleaned up with some tissues and fell into deep, satisfied sleep.

The next morning at breakfast, Alex and Joe acted like they always did; except now Ed could see the subtle glances, the brief touch of a smile on their faces, the warmth of the gentle squeeze that Joe used on Alexís shoulder as he was taking his dish to the sink and the gentle pat and rub on the back. These were all things that Joe didnít do with Ed and Ed had assumed was just friendly contact between two men who were very comfortable with each other. Now Ed could read the sub-text in the words and body language of his boss and workmate and what he read was a very deep love and a smoldering lust well hidden to the unsuspecting eye.

Months passed and Ed worked as hard as both of the others; perhaps harder in trying to build natural bulk, he still got no bigger. Yes, Ed was stronger and there was some more bulk, but not nearly what Alex had and certainly nothing compared to the great hulking beast Joe was. Ed had hoped that the work might also stir up his hormones, heíd read that physical activity increased the levels of testosterone in a manís body and he hoped that perhaps he would finally get his beard, but no luck there either. He tried to grow a beard and only got a very stringy goatee. He shaved it off in disgust. For their part, Joe and Alex didnít make fun of his attempts at face fur and for that he was very thankful.

The most Joe said after Ed had shaved was "Hang in there son, youíll get your beard", after breakfast was done and they were headed out to their chores. Joe gave Ed a warm smile and squeezed his shoulder gently with his great furry paw as they walked out the door.

Ed replied a bit irritably, "Easy enough for you to say, Olí Bear!" Joeís eyeís flashed briefly with something Ed couldnít quite read a half a second before he burst into a hearty laugh.

"Yeah, Iím a furry Olí Bear alright and I didnít mean to make you feel bad. I wasnít rubbiní your nose in it." Joe said, and Ed could tell he was very sincere. He looked Ed in the eye intensely and said, "Farm life will put hair on your chest and a beard on your face soon enough, youíll see!" and Joe gave Alex a quick wink. "See what itís done for Alex!"

Alex chuckled and scratched at his luxurious beard, "Come on Ed, letís get started with all that hard work thatís gonna put hair on your chest!"

The three laughed and joked about it as they went out to the barn to get what theyíd need to start their chores.

Time passed, it was a year and a half since Ed had begun working for Joe and a true love had formed between Ed and the couple. Ed had not voiced how he felt about the two and neither of the couple had let on that they were a couple, overtly. To the ignorant, Alex and Joe just seemed like good friends, not lovers. There was no touching outside of the pat on the shoulder or the other Ďmanlyí kinds of touching that were permissible in public and certainly, Ed had never seen Joe and Alex kiss. It seemed that their more intimate physical expressions of love were reserved for the bedroom which Ed now occasionally heard when heíd wake in the night and it always brought him to masturbatory bliss to imagine the couple making love.

In talking with Alex he learned that Alex had been a Ďtroubledí youth and that Joe had taken him in when he was almost eighteen and had been released from juvenile hall for violence. Alex explained why he was in juvenile hall later.

Alex had been a foster child since he was ten years old and the courts had taken him away from his mother because she was drug and alcohol dependent and couldnít or wouldnít get help. Alex had earned the scar beneath his eye when he had kicked the shit out of another young man who was a foster child in the same foster home. The other guy had stabbed Alex in the ribs with a kitchen knife and was going to put his eyes out. Alex was by no means innocent; he had started the brawl and was fully intent on breaking the other kidís arms and legs.

Joe was Alexís last hope. Heíd taken Alex in at seventeen and a half, just before he became an adult and at first life was rough between the two, but patience, consistency and love can accomplish many things and Alex really did want to turn his life around. Alex threw himself into his work and the discipline and demands Joe put upon him to accomplish his work along with the care he showed the young man shaped Alex into a good, honest young man.

After years of care Joe was more a loving father to Alex. Alexís father had skipped out on him and his mother when he was five and Joe had even tasted some of the resentment Alex had in store for his father, having taken up the father figure role, but he and Alex had worked through it.

Ed had begun to feel about Joe almost as a father as well. However, he and Alex had become more like cousins than brothers. Slowly, Alex and Ed began becoming more than just friends and workmates. On one of the days Joe had gone to town, he had told the two to take the day off in his absence.

"Everyone needs a day off," Joe said, "you two can go to town with me and catch a movie or just relax here, take a swim or something; just as long as the animalís needs are met first." The two had decided that a swim was more fun than an afternoon matinee.

Alex and Edís first kiss was after a good swim that day; after some conversation that had trailed off as both young men sensed the need between them. The two young men had grown closer than either had suspected and before they knew it, they were making love on the creek bank in the tall grass. Ed had never been penetrated before in his life, he had never even put fingers up inside of himself, but Alex was slow, gentle and very skilled. Skill heíd learned from Joe, Ed was absolutely sure.

Soon the two were sleeping together as lovers. It was understood that Alex would still sleep with Joe. Alex, after all, was very much in love with Joe but Joe was wise and knew when a match was good. Joe had a big heart and was not a jealous man. They resolved to share Alex and the relationship worked. Neither of the men touched each other or Ed intimately out side of the house. Joe explained that intimate touching; a kiss, a fondle, etc. was better left behind closed doors in rural areas and that it was sort of a rule he and Alex had agreed upon.

More time passed, it was Edís third anniversary and though the two young men were paid for their work, it was much more like a partnership in more ways than just business. It was as if all three put forth their best effort to make the farm thrive because they loved it as much as they loved each other. Joe had still not slept with Ed and it didnít look like Ed was very much interested in sleeping with Joe; though they had touched, kissed, cuddled together and even jacked each other off. Ed had grown to love and admire Joe, but Ed just didnít seem to know how to approach the older man. Ed still had hang-ups about Joeís extreme hairiness and extra weight. Joe certainly wasnít going to force himself on Ed; that would be wrong. Ed realized that if he and Joe should ever make love, it would be because he would initiate it, but that looked highly unlikely.

Ed had bemoaned his lack of hair and muscle almost since the day he arrived and Joe would sometimes get a funny look on his face, as if he meant to say something to Ed. But the moment would pass and Joe would change the subject or find something for Ed to do.

Finally, one night at the dinner table, Ed began to pity himself for being so hairless again and verbally expressed his envy of his partners. Something passed between Alex and Joe and Ed caught the tail end of something mouthed between the two.

"What? What was that about?" Ed asked.

Alex gave Joe a look as if to say, "Go on, tell him", and then just said, "Itís OK, he wonít freak."

"Freak, freak about what?" Ed asked with a nervous intensity.

"Well, thereís something I think can help you, Ed; something that will put hair on your face and body and will give you the bulk youíve been dreaming of." Joe said. "I did it for Alex years ago and if youíre willing, I will to do it for you."

"However, it means that when you get to be my age, youíre gonna look like me. I know how you feel about hairy backs. Alex has mentioned it and I think thatís why weíve never fucked, Ďcause it puts you off, but if youíre willing to be a fur-ball in your later years, you can look like Alex now; besides, you might just grow to like being a furry old fart." Joe said and gave Alex a very sexy leer.

"Yeah, Ed, it will happen to me eventually and honestly, I look forward to it. Iím already getting a couple of stray hairs on my shoulders and lower back. It really turns me on to think Iím gonna look like my daddy here." Alex said and leaned over in his chair to kiss Joe on the cheek.

Ed shook his head slightly, he just couldnít see gorgeous, Adonis like Alex looking like the furry Bear his partner was.

"OK, Iím confused." Ed said, "What is it that can put some bulk on me and grow chest hair? Hormones... Some sort of Rogaine and some vitamin enriched bulk building drink? Iíve tried the drinks, you remember? They didnít do me much good."

"No," Joe said, "Itís magic!"

Ed was stunned. His mouth hung slightly open in disbelief. He was sure he either had heard wrong or heíd heard right and Joe was joking.

"Iím serious, son! Look into my eyes and tell me Iím lyiní to you." Joe said.

Ed did look and Joe was dead serious. That was worse, it meant Joe and perhaps Alex too were fuckiní nuts.

"Look, thereís a ritual. Itís oldÖ very old. It goes back a couple of thousand years and was brought over by my ancestors from Norway. Now, I donít have the original items they brought from the old world, but it seems the items required are just as usable if they come from here as the ones that came from the old country." Joe said.

"What kind of ritual?" Ed said warily, envisioning a pentagram, black candles and the sacrifice of a goat.

"Well, itís oldÖ and a little incestuousÖ at least it was when my father and I performed the Ritual." Joe said. "But since you arenít really my son and neither is Alex here, I guess for us itís just kinky sex. To give you what you want, weíll need three things. Bear grease, a bear pelt and the semen of a big hairy guy like me he said."

"And the light of a full moon I suppose?" Ed said dryly.

"Do you want to get what you want or not?" Joe said a bit crossly.

"Yeah," Ed said.

"OK. Itís really simple. We spread out a tarp or something so we donít get Bear grease all over the place. I coat you, my cock and your asshole in the stuff, I wrap you in the Bear skin and I fuck you. Once I shoot my load, you start changing. Itís as simple as that." Joe said.

"By changing you mean Iíll finally get some bulk, a beard and chest hairÖ just by doing that?" Ed asked.

"Well, yes. There are some words in Old Norse that Iíve been taught by rote to say. There arenít that many and theyíre said just until I shoot my load. Hell, sometimes I say them just after I shoot inside of Alex. Look, I know this sounds like some college frat house prank, but itís real. Youíre Ďbecomingí a Bear by doing this so you take on the attributes of the Bear as a man. You gain the Bearís gifts of muscle and fur."

"My grandpa said he saw the full ritual done on his brother Olaf when he was seventeen. My great uncle Olaf changed that night into a Werebear and the Bear skin became great uncle Olafís own skin. I only know the partial ritual because grandpa wouldnít pass the whole ritual to my pa. There are some extra words in the Werebear rite and some more things done to the man thatís being changed. Grandpa said Olaf had to eat Bear meat raw, so Iím guessing they freshly killed a

Bear. The Bear grease was smeared on, just like the ritual I do, Great Grandpa Haki shot his load in Olaf and then rolled him over, opened up his nut-sack and put the Bearís balls in with Olafís; right inside there with his own."

"Great Uncle Olaf is a really big hairy man with balls the size of henís eggs. He got a bigger cock out of the deal too. Heís a hundred and five years old and still looks like heís forty. He hasnít been to see me in almost fifteen years, but he looks the same today as he did when I was just a kid."

"But you donít have to worry about beiní a Werebear, I donít know the ritual even if you wanted me to change you and we donít have all the things weíd need anyway; least of all the extra words."

"SoÖ Iíll changeÖ Iíll have a hairy back by the age ofÖ like what, forty-five?" Ed asked.

"No son, try thirty-five." Joe said. "It gives you at least 10 years to adjust to the idea with a full beard, a nicely muscled body and some hair on your chest while you wait for the furry back to match the front. You can always have one of us shave your back if you really donít like it, though I donít see as itís such a terrible thing." Joe said.

Ed looked at Joe, then at Alex. They werenít joking.

"Ah, what the Hell, if it doesnít work, at least weíll get some good sex out of it. Can we do it tonight?" Ed said.

"Thatís my boy!" Joe said, "Yeah, we can do it now if youíd like. Letís all go up to my bedroom."

Ed had never been up to Joeís room before. There were the usual furnishings all ruggedly built for a large manís use and the bed was huge and looked over-stuffed and very sturdy.

"We need something to throw over the bed so we donít get Bear grease all over my bed." Joe said.

"How about I get the quilt from my bed?" Alex asked.

"Yeah, but weíll get Bear grease and come all over it." Joe said.

"I donít mind. Itís not like I donít love the smell. You know all you have to do is dab a little Bear grease on your chest, Joe, and Iím all over you like ugly on a warthog!" Alex said.

Joe chuckled, "Yeah, I know."

With that, Alex went downstairs to his room and brought back the quilt. It was spread out on the bed.

"OK, itís time we all got naked." Joe said and he watched, admiring the two young men as they stripped.

Joe waited and when the two had disrobed, he held out a booted foot. Alex immediately began to remove Joes work boots and Joe motioned to Ed to help in the task. Together, the two stripped the huge, furry man of his boots, socks, overalls, briefs and shirt.

Joe stood, his fat nine inch cock fully erect in expectation of the nightís activities. Joe would enjoy this night and he was sure Ed and Alex would too, but tonightís focus would be on Ed, tonight Ed would become as masculine as he had always wished to be.

"Alex, get the things we need out of the cedar chest and Ed, come here son." Joe said.

Ed took a couple of steps toward Joe; he too was erect due to the strange and ceremonial air that had come over Joe and Alex. It was weirdly erotic.

Joe wrapped his big hairy arms around Ed, drawing him into his embrace. Ed wrapped his arms around Joe, running this hands through Joeís back fur.

"What the fuck?" Ed thought, "I might as well get used to it."

Their cocks; side by side pressed into each others loins and Joeís salt and pepper beard caressed Edís naked cheek.

"I want you to feel my love for you Ed, I want you to know no harm will come to you and you will wake tomorrow as you are today, except that you will have gained a few more masculine traits." Joe said softly into Edís ear and kissed him on the cheek.

Joe held the young man at arms length then and looked into his eyes. "This is a rite of passage in my family and not all of the men in my family partook of it. It was only granted to those who wished it. So I ask you now; do you want to continue and gain what youíve sought since puberty began for you?"

Ed shivered a little, not from cold, but from anticipation. Heíd been told that as he grew older heíd look more and more like Joe; more like the father heíd wanted to be like since he was a boy. The hair that started on Edís face and chest would grow to a fairly thick pelt all over his body by his mid-thirties. Though Ed wasnít too thrilled about it at the moment, he was sure he wouldnít mind when he reached Joeís age nor did he think it was a price too high to pay for a thick, lush beard and chest hair now. Ed had made up his mind as soon as he realized that Joe and Alex were not kidding about the transformation. Ed would go through with it even if there was just the slightest chance that this was all for real.

Ed nodded, it was a simple reply, but all that Joe needed. He kissed Ed then, full on the lips, and as he finished said, "Welcome to my family, from this day forward you are my son and lover and Alex thus becomes your brother and lover."

Joe turned to Alex and held out his hands and said, "The Bearskin, please"

Alex handed Joe a bundle of something wrapped in a very fragrant Bearskin. The smell to Ed was that of an animal, but not like wet dog. It was Bear scent, a rich heady musk that appealed to Ed. He was reminded of how both Alex and Joe smelled by it; particularly after theyíd been working hard and sweating profusely. Ed realized that he too, ever after, would have that slight musk that smelled like Bear. Something about the transformation must transfer some of the Bear to the man so changed. He realized the scent appealed to him because he associated it with his lovers and his love for them. How often had he awoken in Alexís arms, his nose nuzzled against that golden beard, breathing in Alexís scent? It was little wonder that the smell of the Bearskin caused a stirring in his loins.

Reverently, Joe untied the bundle bound in green silk ribbon and spread the hide fur side down on the bed. The hide was supple, as though it was fresh and yet it was not bloody. Some magic must have preserved the hide in such a state. In the middle of the bundle was a large Mason jar that was more than ĺ full of oily grease that looked like goose grease. It was oil with yellowish white fat granules in it that had settled out to the bottom. Joe took the jar and gently shook it, homogenizing the fat until it was cloudy yellow-white; Ed wondered what the Bear grease would smell like.

Joe opened the jar and put his nose to it. The smell must have appealed to him, because he smiled as if in great pleasure and his cock twitched slightly.

Joe put the jar to Edís nose and said, "Take in the scent of the ĎOld Man of the Forestí; he has given up his life so that you would become his spiritual son."

Ed took a deep breath through his nose. The scent was not what he had expected from a jar of fat. Ed had expected the smell of old Crisco or something like bacon grease. Instead, the Bear fat smelled fresh, not old or rancid in the least. It was slightly sweet in smell and Ed thought it smelled a bit like sage too. Ed smiled and didnít know why, but Joe knew. It was the Bearís gift to his son, the gift of contentment. Joe withdrew the jar and passed it for a few moments under Alexís nose and the same smile grew on his bearded face.

"Come here, son," Joe to Ed said after heíd taken the jar from under Alexís nose. "Letís not keep the ĎOld Maní waiting, shall we?"

Ed stepped up to Joe.

"See, son, when one of us takes the gift the Bear offers, the Bear actually gets something out of it too. For one night, the Bear lives again." Joe said as he emptied some of the grease into the palm of his hand, handed the jar off to Alex, and rubbed it on both of his hands. Joe then began rubbing the grease into Edís short-cropped hair, massaging it in.

Joe noticed Ed was looking down at his cock and chuckled, "Son, donít be shy. If you wanna play with it, you go right ahead."

"UmmmmÖ OK." Ed said and he took hold of Joeís cock as Joe massaged the grease into his hair. Joe was grunting happily.

Joe stopped for a moment, took Edís hand and slathered a good helping of the grease onto Edís hand and said "Thatíll make it just a bit more pleasurable while youíre tugginí away." Ed went back to stroking Joeís now very stiff and oozing cock. Joe bent forward and kissed the young man again. "Thatís more like it!" He said and motioned for Alex.

Joe held out his hand and Alex poured another portion into Joeís hand and it was similarly rubbed into Edís hair. This was repeated three more times until Edís hair clung to his head with Bear grease.

Five minutes after Ed started stroking Joe off; Joe made him stop. "I gottaí cool down, son. Donít want to shoot my load now; I wanna wait until youíre wrapped up in that Bearskin.

With excruciating care, Joe slathered the Bear grease everywhere there was space on Ed; including just inside his nostrils, in his ear holes and on his eyelids. The only place Joe did not put any grease was on Edís feet.

"Stand there for a minute while I adjust the fur on the bed." Joe did just that so that the hind legs of the skin were just hanging off the bed.

"Come on now, Iíll guide you." Joe said and he guided Ed over to the bed so that his back was facing the fur. He sat Ed down on the fur and positioned the young man on it so his body was in the middle of the fur. He put Edís arms where the Bearskinís forelegs were and Edís legs where the skinís back legs were. After he had him positioned, he anointed Edís feet with the Bear grease and, at last, Ed was completely covered in Bear grease. Ed noticed that the Bearskin was warm, moist and supple and realized that the magic had kept the skin fresh as the day it had been removed from the Bear.

"There now, almost ready to begin." Joe said. Joe took another handful of grease, and smeared it all over his own cock and balls. Joe then began working a healthy amount of the grease into Edís ass, stretching the tight hole as he did so. Joe put the lid on the Mason jar and Ed noticed that almost the entire contents of the jar had been used. He set the jar on the dresser and turned back to Ed.

Alex took a seat in a comfortable chair and watched as he stroked his hard cock slowly.

"Now, the words!" Joe said excitedly.

Joe began to chant something in Old Norse, something even Joe didnít understand but rather said by rote. Joeís voice was deep and as he continued into the chant, his voice deepened further and took on a growling animalistic tone. Joe wrapped the parts of the skin that were not in contact with Ed around the young man. Joe made the two sides of the skin that met in the middle of Edís belly touch. This was the cut down the middle of the Bear that had opened him up originally. Joe wrapped the arms and legs similarly and finally put the head over Edís head, covering the face with that of the Bearís face; all the while, Joe continued to chant, but now the words no longer sounded like words, they sounded more like a Bear trying to speak words. Ed looked out through the eyeholes of the Bear mask at Joe. Joe looked different. Ed could see that Joe looked moreÖ primal. Joe didnít seem less intelligent or less Joe, he was just more Ďbestialí in his manner and Ed could swear Joe had grown a thicker coating of fur on his body.

Joe was still growling out the chant when Ed felt Joeís fingers pry open his ass cheeks. The next moment, as Ed lay there erect and waiting, Joe forced his entire thick length into Ed with a bestial savagery that frightened Ed just a little.

Joe was fucking Ed roughly he was still chanting the same magical incantation, grunting it out as he thrust into Ed. Ed raised his arms to grip the big hairy manís thick muscular arms and realized that Joe must have tied the fur on in some way because it came up with his arms and did not fall away.

Ed was getting close to climax and so was Joe. Any moment now the two could enter the realm of exquisite pleasure that orgasm brings. Joeís furry belly rubbed against Edís cock and Joeís rhythm was becoming chaotic. Joe sped up; growling, no longer were they words at all, they were the sounds of a Bear chanting something in its own Ďlanguageí. Ed, sensing the big manís coming orgasm, reached down to his own cock and stroked it.

In the instant Joe came, Ed came also and also in that instant Ed realized his cock had grown to be much larger than it had been. He looked down at the spurting head of his enormous cock as it bathed his face in his own cream-white seed. He realized to his pleasure and horror that his cock had not only grown, but had changed. He held in his now clawed hand-paw, his own huge Bear tool. He looked up into Joeís face and realized something else; Joe wasnít a man anymore, he was a Grizzly Bear and Ed had become one too.

Ed started to panic, this wasnít supposed to happen; it wasnít supposed to be the full ritual that would change him into a Werebear, Ed didnít want to be a Werebear. Joe was still fucking his ass, still pumping seed into him and Edís fear was growing.

Suddenly calm came over Ed and his thoughts were gently set aside in another part of his mind. His thoughts became more basic and he knew that the Bear spirit that had grown and worn the skin that was now Edís own skin had returned and entered Ed. In thoughts that had few Ďwordsí, but were full of emotion and sensory information, the Bear communicated with Ed telling him that it would be fine. Ed did calm down and then Ďallowedí the Bear to be alive again, using the modified body the magic had created from Edís human form and the Bearís skin and fat and the sexual energy generated by Ed and Joe.

Ed was not Ed now; Ed was an observer in his own changed body and the Bear was making love to the changed form of Joe. Alex joined the two, now briefly satisfied, Bears; Alex, not being part of the spell was still human and the Bears turned their attention to his oozing cock and his tight asshole.

Together, the three made love until dawn. Just before dawn the three, tired from their exertions they lay in a heap on the bed. The sun was peeking over the mountain and the first rays touched the semiconscious trio.

As this happened, Joe and Ed both felt a tingling throughout their huge ursine forms. Joeís body shrank and reformed, becoming human in shape. His fur receded, leaving the dense human fur he normally had. Joeís beard had grown longer and was bushier, but otherwise he was the same as he had been yesterday.

Ed gave one last satisfied growl. He stretched his huge grizzly body and then licked both Joe and Alex on the mouth. The Bear was saying goodbye. Ed suddenly felt his skin go loose and fall from his body. The Bearskin came away from Ed leaving him completely human, but changed.

Alex began removing the fur and Ed rolled off it. It was still as pliable as a fresh skin and as he turned, he looked over at the lidded Mason jar on the dresser. The jar was as full as it had been before the beginning of the ritual! Somehow the jar had been re-filled.

Joe, now human again took a hand mirror out of the nightstand drawer.

"Have a look at yourself, son!" Joe said and held up the mirror for Ed to use.

Ed looked at his face. It was no longer Ďboyishí looking, he looked more like his father now, but younger of course and there was thick stubble all over his cheeks and chin and it wandered down his neck to join the dark chest hair that now covered his chest. The neck hair grew half way around his neck to just under his ears, but Ed knew that one day, it would cover his neck front and back and join back and shoulder hair that was yet to grow. Edís chest hair was joined by a wide treasure trail, his arms and legs also had a good coating of new fur.

But that was not the end of the gifts the Bear had bestowed; Ed was taller and had more bulk and his cock was fatter by an inch of girth and longer by a good inch and a half. Ed knew this because he was now very erect, looking at his new body.

Joe chuckled; then said, "Alex had that same look when he changed and no doubt I did too."

Ed reached up and felt the stubble.

"This is so wonderful!" Ed said and heard the deeper voice that was almost an exact match of his fatherís voice. It shocked him and turned him on at the same time.

Alex reverently wrapped the Mason jar up in the Bearskin and tied the bundle up with the silk ribbon. He placed it back in the cedar chest to await the next young man who would use it.

Ed got up and looked at himself in the closet door mirror; he had to see the entire package. As he looked his new body over, he absently stroked his cock.

Finally he said, "Change is good!"

Joe chuckled again, "Yeah, sometimes it is."

"JoeÖ I donít know how to say this delicately, so Iím just going to say it." Ed began, "Before last night, all the hair on your back and your extra weight turned me offÖ a little. I canít help how I felt, but I want you to know that things are different with me this morning and for the rest of my life, I guess. I love you JoeÖ I loved you before but I couldnít get past the physical things. Now I see that those things are very minor and whatís really important is the person underneath the skin. I had a long time to think about that while you and the Bear I became made love."

Joe smiled, "Would it surprise you to know that when I was eighteen and my father performed that ritual with me that I didnít like big fat hairy backed old men either?"

"YouÖ You didnít?" Ed asked.

"No I didnít. I was young and attracted to young men. Young men are not usually hairy all over and those that are, are ostracized or shave their body to be Ďnormalí. Some never come to accept what they are and shave all their lives. Itís sad that they have such a poor self-image, but it is the way things usually are. You have to wear someone elseís skin, not literally of course, before you can understand and appreciate the way they are. I think the last gift the Bearskin grants is the ability to put yourself in the other personís placeÖ or at least the potential to do so. If you can accept my fur, perhaps you can learn to accept other things you may find distasteful in others. Think about that in the months to come Ed, youíve been given a wonderful set of gifts." Joe said.

With that, Joe moved from the bed to Ed and embraced him. Alex moved over to join the hug and there was more kissing, more fondling and that led to a final round of three-way sex before the trio fell asleep.

The day passed and by afternoon the three were playing catch up with their chores. Ed was enjoying the strength of his new body. Heíd come back after chores to sit on the porch with Alex. Joe was in the kitchen Ďgrabbing a sandwichí Alex had said. He handed Ed a beer.

The pair on the porch saw a motorcycle come down the long driveway to the house. By the time it reached the house both young men could see that it was an extremely customized Harley. It was customized to fit the very large framed man that rode it. The handlebars had a Bearís skull mounded on it.

The man got off the Hawg, took his helmet and sunglasses off and strode up to the porch. He was a great Bear of a man with a huge, long, braided, forked red beard, thick hair that was very long and braided into a pony tail that reached his butt. The hair on his head was copper red hair in contrast to the deeper red of his beard. The goatee area of his beard was of the copper color of his head hair and had gold mixed into it. He had big bushy darker red eyebrows. His piercing blue eyes were merry and he had a huge cigar in his mouth on which he was puffing. He wore a black leather vest.  It looked like it had seen at least 15 to twenty years of use.  There was a large embroidered logo that read ĎThe Grizzlies M.C.í  The logo was the image of a snarling grizzly Bearís face and it covered most of the back of the vest. A patch on the front of the giantís vest said ĎPresidentí in the same lettering as on the back. He wore faded, grease-stained blue jeans and huge black square-toed boots. He had silver rings, more than one, on each of his hairy meaty fingers and his right wrist had a thick silver bracelet with skulls decorating it from one end of the band to the other. Around his neck hung a necklace of twenty grizzly bear claws that graced his black Harley Davidson T-shirt with a snarling grizzly face on the front. His furry, burly arms had many tattoos; some looked like Norse runes, some were depictions of Bears from various cultures to include Norse, Celtic and Northwest Native American among many others.

The man looked like and could easily have been an avatar of Thor Himself. In a few ground eating strides, much fewer than it took Alex or Ed, the giant stood towered over them.

"Good afternoon, my handsome gentlemen." The great Bear rumbled deeply.

Alex answered the giant, "Good afternoon. Would you care for a beer after your dusty journey?"

"Indeed! Thank you!" The giant growled out happily around his cigar.

Alex handed the man a beer from the cooler and an opener. The Bear man sat on the porch steps, now damn near eye to eye with the seated young men and opened the beer.

Joe came out from the house, as Alex was about to ask the great Bearís name.

"Hello, Uncle Olaf! Great respect to you, Lord of Bears and welcome to my home." Joe said, and there was amusement in his tone as he spoke the ancient formula of greeting.

Olaf, the great red bearded Werebear turned to the speaker and smiled a warm, if pointy fanged smile.

"Nephew!" The Werebear chuckled in an amusement that mirrored his nephew, then he became grave of eye and countenance and made the answering incantation, "The Bear Lord, accepts and is gladdened by his welcome to the hearth of his kindred." Olaf repeated the proper formula in answer.

There was a pause and Joe, just as gravely said, "And so the spell is woven, find you shelter and all your needs met within."

The mirth returned to Olafís eyes, "It has been a long time!" Olaf scratched his crotch, as he looked his nephew up and down.

"Youíre looking good! Youíre quite the Papa Bear and I see you have two beautiful cubs in your den. Did you sire them?" Olaf, looked at the young men admiringly and readjusted his Bear balls and the hardening pole the great beast called a cock.

"No uncle, last we met was ten and five years ago and these cubs are older than that. I could not have sired them." Joe said, chiding.

"Indeed! Forgive my forgetfulness." Olaf said and he downed the beer. He held out a huge paw for another, which was quickly supplied.

Olaf put the cigar back in his mouth, puffing it back to life and said, "Come and give your favorite uncle a big hug and kiss!"

Joe smiled broadly and Alex and Ed looked on in awe as the two embraced like fond lovers.


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