Abnormal Pictures
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Anonymous sender to mag.. Im guessing it is fake, or a government radiation experiment.
At the moment of passing the sound barrier
Sonic Boom
Someone really went out in the worst of ways.
Interesting image of the MARS service
"Cydonia" region.
Is it acually possible that in distant past there has been interaction with an alien species from elsewhere, yet percieved as a god and written of for centuries? <in a sense, they would be god> creationism in anyway you believe it, still fits for this to be logical. Besides records and facts get lost overtime, and chances are nobody will ever find out.  Sometimes pictures like this one to the left in Peru, seem to boggle my mind. Why visible from the air? Why the Headgear and odd hand instruments? Is it likely that "god" was just a biological creator of the human species and immortal himself because of technology? why create humans? You really have to open your mind to read a book by someone like
Erich Von Daniken
Another nice sonic boom at the moment of breaking sound barrier caught on film, good timing.
What the Hell ?
This was made 3000-4000 BC?
What the Hell?    #2
Navy Stealth Sea Boat
nice art! 
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