What's New?

Nothing new, just half the site has moved to Berkanna's Realm. If you liked all the fantasy stuff I had, that's where it's moved to.

Three new sites added to the Awards Index: Jo's Place, Guendolen's Castle, and Frogger's Pond. Some of the older sites have new awards added, too.
I redid the Mystical Meadow, and it seems that a mysterious Lagoon has appeared....

Made my own treasure hunt! Can you find the baseball equipment?

Did some more treasure hunting, so I needed to add Realm of Enchantment and Persephone's World to the Awards Index. I also added a separate page for the Special Gifts that people have given me. I took a couple of quizzes...results are on the About Me page, as well as links for you to take them as well. Three new faeries have moved into the Mystical Meadow's Faerie Ring. Whew, I've been busy!

Opened up my September 11th Memorial page. Added Cyber Hunts and Rhowan's Fantasy Castle to my Awards Index. Have you found the newest secret spot in the Realm?

So many changes to the Realm!! I've been playing on other sites, so there are a lot of new prizes to see (check the Awards Index). I've added a Grand Ballroom to house all my holiday pages, and am in the process of getting those pages done. Lot's more is coming, so please check back often!!

Happy Memorial Day!! I've spent the weekend doing a complete makeover of the site. I still have more work to do, but I think I've got it done to the point I can reopen the site. Thank you for your patience. I've started a new counter, and I have a new guestbook, too, so if you've signed it before, please do again.

I have a new Mystical Meadow to be home to my magickal animal friends.

Added several new pages today: Game awards, Gifts, and Adopted Dragons.

I've mostly been doing some cosmetic work on the site. Today I did add a new awards page.

Wolf page and Wolf links are new for today.
Also added a page of causes I support.

Happy Mother's Day!!
I've added a review of the Lord of the Rings soundtrack to the Bookstore.

Graphics added to my links page

Apply for one of my new awards!!

I think I've gotten all the images and stuff switched over. Let me know if you find any broken links!!
I added a Dragon page to the Links Index

Made some cosmetic changes to the Book of Shadows and throughout the site
Redid the Bookstore in HTML. I put everything on the same page, so hopefully it will be easier to use.
I'm also reorganizing my file manager to make it easier for me to find stuff! There may be some broken images    over the next few days, but I hope to finish up soon. Thanks for your patience.

The Law of Power, 13 Goals of a Witch, and Wiccan Rede added to the Book of Shadows

New information added to the Deity table

Site blessing added to the Book of Shadows
Description of my beliefs added to the Book of Shadows

Directory of shops that carry mystical supplies (oils, herbs, etc.), broken down by state,
    added to the Book of Shadows
About Me page is up
Awards page is up

Oil Correspondence Table added to the Book of Shadows

Resources page added to the Book of Shadows

Deity Correspondence Table is up

Redid the Plant Correspondence Table

Spell Components Table finished

Started the Spell Components Table

In the process of re-doing the Book of Shadows. I'm switching a lot of stuff over to HTML,
   so the overhaul will probably take a few days. Sorry!!

Links page has a new look

Second page added to the Plant Correspondence Table
Graphics page now up
Plant Correspondence Table finished!!

Chaotic Bliss of Night added to Poetry
More plants added to the Plant Correspondence Table

Plant Correspondence Table added to the Book of Shadows

Dragon Page added
Brotherly Love added to Poetry

Candle Magick added to the Book of Shadows
New Links added

Review of "Complete Book of Tarot Spreads" added to Bookstore

Review of "Medicine Cards" added to Bookstore


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