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coverWant to know what kind of information you should include in your Book of Shadows? This book is an resource no Witch should be without!! Patricia Telesco has suggestions for your BoS ranging from using a simple three-ring binder to making your own magick-infused paper. The book also contains much information you will want to include in your own Book.
By the same author as the fabulousTarot Made Easy, this book gives you a hands-on approach to learning the Tarot. Especially good for beginners, the Workbook will also be a benefit to long-time Tarot readers.
cover I find this book to be useful, although others do not share my opinion. The layouts themselves don't live up to expectations; many are repetitive, with only minor variations. I found enough of them helpful to make the purchase of the book worthwhile. For beginners, there is some good basic information included in the book. Overall, I'd say it's worth taking a look.
coverNot only a beautiful deck of cards, this set also includes a 223 page book which describes the different guidance we get from each of the animals depicted. The book also has several different spreads for you to try. If you feel close to an animal that is not in the deck, use one of the blank shield cards (included) to add your animal. I especially recommend this deck for people with an interest in Native American Medicine.
coverThis soundtrack, by Howard Shore, is incredible. All the instrumentals have a Celtic feel, and Enya lends her beautiful vocals to two of them. It's very relaxing music, good for meditation. I often listen while I'm working on this site!!


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