ROAD TO 2002: ROAD 16 - Taro Misaki's Determination!!

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Absolutely confidential information!!

Ohzora Tsubasa (Barcelona) changes position into MF right side.

Tsubasa fills up Fago's hole!!

Is this his new Golden Combi with Rivaul?



Looking for titularity in Serie A.

It'll succeed, Hyuga's powerful shoot!!

The abrasive Wild Tiger Shoot!!

Holland's international Valen Fort also acknowledges this destructive power!!




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Doctor: Nice shoot, Misaki.

Misaki: Doctor.

Doctor: You have recovered quite well.

Misaki: Thanks to you, doctor.

Doctor: No.

Misaki: But since that accident...

Misaki: It's taken a full year.


Soon before the World Youth, Misaki was run over by a bus when he saved his younger sister.

When the World Youth seemed over for him, he started to undergo medical treatment with doctor Shibazaki at the Fuji Center of Research on Sport Medicine, and thanks to his great efforts towards rehabilitation he was capable of taking part in the final match of this Championship.

However, his injury grew worse during the game, and therefore he was forced to undergo again a prolonged course of rehabilitation.


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Doctor: Japan won the World Youth...

Doctor: Tsubasa Ohzora was chosen the MVP of the championship... [Note: Most Valuable Player]

Doctor: But Misaki, I think you were the MVP in the shadows...

Doctor: Despite being injured...hadn't you risked your professional career as a soccer player going to the field, the victory over the most powerful Brazil at the final wouldn't have been possible.

Misaki: Thank you very much.

Doctor: But in return, you...

Misaki: Doctor, I don't regret it at all.

Misaki: Not even this bit!

Doctor: ...


Doctor: ...And, what will you do? Now that you have just recovered... Will you  go to France, that can be called your second homeland, and contend for  Division 1 of the France League as you had first planned?

Misaki: No.

Misaki: I don't think  I am up to that level now.

Misaki: First I will present battle in the "J".

Doctor: J-League...

Misaki: That's right.


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Misaki: All the players that fought together at the World Youth have been showing a great performance at the J-League.

Misaki: They have all started their life as pro soccer players ahead of me...

Misaki: so this time I'll be the one to follow them.

Urabe: Forgive me, but we're still reserves!

Ishizaki: What can we do? There are just so many players in Jubilo!

Misaki: And moreover, if possible, I'd like to follow those who run ever before: Tsubasa, Wakabayashi and Kojiro.


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Doctor: I see.

Doctor: And have you already decided in which team of the J-League you want to play?

Misaki: Yes.


- Pinto, this is different from your information!!

Pinto: B...but yesterday...

- Tsubasa's position today is left side MF!!

Today Barcelona is playing a training game open to the public at the team's local ground with a different formation and in 3 sets of 30 minutes each.

Tsubasa: There!

- Uh!

- Tsubasa receives Rivaul's pass....and after a violent dribble....

- ...he centers the ball!!


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- Uaaah!

- The one who's scored is last seasons  highest scorer in Barcelona, the Holland international FW "Raikaal".

Raikaal: Good ball, Tsubasa!

Tsubasa: Thanks, Raikaal!

Van Saal: Tsubasa, for the next set I want you too change your position and play at the bottom of the middle area with Grandios.


Tsubasa: O...Ok.

- W...what!?

- This time, Tsubasa...

- Will team up with Barcelona's captain, the Spanish international MF Grandios, as "double volanti".

Grandios: Ok, Tsubasa, you and I shall play trying to keep the balance between attack and defense.

Tsubasa: Ok.


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(Tsubasa) All of this will make me learn, regardless of the position.

(Tsubasa) I also learnt a lot in Brazil.

[Spanish international Alberto]

(Tsubasa): Ok, I'll perform a straightforward attack!

(Tsubasa) Coming here, I've got to meet right from the beginning a lot of good players from all over the world that concentrates here more than in any other place. And training with them...

[Spanish international Pajol]

Rivaul: !!

(Grandios) Tsubasa

[France international Reshare, keeper]

[Portugal international Semon]

[Holland international Ofers]

[France international  Putini]

(Tsubasa) I am certainly progressing! My soccer level is certainly improving!

(Tsubasa) Moreover, I am enjoying it!

(Tsubasa) Now I am enjoying soccer more than ever!!


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- Ooh! Tsubasa's set himself to attack with Rivaul!

- What a incredibly fast pass series!

- They're both giving an excellent performance!


(Tsubasa) Start soon, Liga!

- As Pinto said, this is Tsubasa's new Golden Combi!!


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- Tsubasa's really a born soccer player.

- Even when he's not in his previous positon at the top back.

- It doesn't matter in which position, he always performs well.

- However,  precisely for that reason, Van Saal must be   lost about him...

- about in which position will he place Tsubasa.


- Tsubasa, the coach wants to talk to you. He said he wants to see you at his office when you're done changing.

Tsubasa: O...Ok.

Van Saal: Tsubasa, among Doraemon's items, which one do you prefer?

Tsubasa: What?

Van Saal: I particularly like the "Takecopter".

Tsubasa: ?


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Tsubasa: said you wanted to see me...

Van Saal: let's go straight to the point.

Van Saal: In which position do you want to play?

(Tsubasa) !




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