ROAD TO 2002: ROAD 15 - Snatch away Regularity!!

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Van Saal: Tsubasa.

Van Saal: We won't split the team in white and red today.

Van Saal: You'll play as right wing in the regular team.

- What?! Tsubasa in the regular team?! And not in the top back position but as right wing?!

Tsubasa: OK!!


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Juventus (Torino)

- Fw have a special menu.

- Shoot training at the right side goal.

- Yes.

- OK.


- How bad!! It was alright until yesterday...

- But from now on they we'll train behind closed doors.

- This is something that happens often among european teams.

- Maybe they're preparing new changes towards the Liga.

- He he he, I will sneak in secretly!

- Aaaah! What kind of training are they performing inside?

- Well, I guess they are putting into practise some new changes that they don't want the other teams to know yet.

- I see.


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- Whaaat? Tsubasa'll play as right wing at the regular team?

- Tsubasa will be used in the hard position that the Portugal captain, "Fago", who transferred to the rival team Real Madrid, occupied?


- In any case this means Van Saal's recognition.

- Eh?

- This means Van Saal has evaluated Tsubasa enough all these days he's played against Rivaul at the top back position in the reserve team.

- And finally...

- Tsubasa will play in combination with Rivaul at the center of the distinguished Barcelona team!!


Page 4

> Shooting training of Juventus FW

> At the goal, Juventus regular keeper, Holland team's "Valen Fort"

> As it goes here, this season's formation supposedly will have

> as regulars, chosen from here

>just  2 people!!

- Here it goes! Cross before the goal!!

- OK, I'll go first!


Page 5

- Ooh! He's suddenly changed it into a direct jumping volley!?

- Waa!

- Anyway it was a well-directed technical shoot.

The Italian international, who also performs well at the top back position, and recognised as Juve's Ace, the "Fantacchista", Alessandro Delpi.


- I go next!

>The top speed technician

> FW of the Italian team, "Filippo Inzase"

> His speed and height are his weapons. France's international Toresaga.

> Powerful shooter from the Yugo[slavian], Komasevich.


Page 6

> And the young promise from the under-23 italian team, "Marco Banqui".

> Argentina's international, "Esnander".

> Uruguay's international, "Daniel Costa".

(Hyuga): They are all...

(Hyuga): Great...


- Hey, it's your turn!

(Hyuga): This shoot training is being closely checked by the coach and the trainer.

(Hyuga): nervous...?!

Hyuga: Ah!


Page 7

- HA HA HA HA HA Watching the other FW play you have shrinked, japanese newcomer?

- Your body is tense!

Ha ha ha

- Relax, relax.

(Hyuga): Sh...

Delpi: All right, to the second round.

Hyuga: Not yet!!

Delpė: Wh...?


- What attitude is that against Delpi...!!

Delpi: Hey, you missed to trap, your turn is over!

(Hyuga): Not at all! This is a shooting training. Until I get to shoot, this is my ball!!

- Aaah!! He's won the ball toDelpi.

Delpi: Uah

- This time he's trapped it!

(Hyuga): Serie A...Thinking in the long season, I'll keep the raijuu shoot for later since it's hard for the foot. Instead I'll use this shoot I improved in my self-training at Okinawa...


Page 8

> First I used a smaller indoor soccer ball number 3, instead of the regular ball.

Then a big gum softball ball.

And in the end a tenis ball.

However small the ball was, I trained the best I could to be able to kick it always, and hence came out this shoot.

Focusing on the core of the ball and trying again and again I have improved my Tiger Shoot...

Hyuga: With this Wild Tiger Shoot I'll claim my position as regular in the team!!


Page 9

- Va...Valen Fort hasn't moved an inch!!

- What a powerful shoot!

- G...great!

(Hyuga): I will set the wild tiger free in the Serie A field.

(Mazzantini): My data analysis on your strenght are beging verified.

(Mazzantini):  I must accept it, Hyuga, ONLY that right left of yours...

(Mazzantini):  will prove useful in the Serie A no doubt.


- There comes...

- ..that is...

- A pass from Rivaul, at the top back, to Tsubasa in the right side.

Pinto: Great, Tsubasa is..

Pinto: playing in the regular team!

- But will Tsubasa get this pass!?

(Tsubasa): This is a Rivaul's pantomime.

(Tsubasa): He wanted to indicate me that while playing in the Liga he wants me to be able to catch a pass like this.


Page 10

- Nice Pass, Rivaul!!

Rivaul: !!

Tsubasa: There!!

- Uaah!

- What?

- Uooooooh! Tsubasa's caught the ball and decided on the run to shoot it directly!!

- This is Tsubasa's famous Drive Shoot, his speciality. The Flying Drive shoot that planes freely into the space!!

Pinto: Well done!! This is the birth of Tsubasa's new "Golden Combi"!!


Page 11

In the prestigious clubs of Europe...Tsubasa and Hyuga continue to show their best in order to become regulars.

Tsubasa: Good!!

Member of Security: Hey, you kid, where did you enter from?

Pinto: Uaaa...I'm sorryyy...forgive meeee!

Hyuga: Next come the Jumping Tiger Volley!!

Liga Espaņola and Serie A are about to start!!


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