ROAD TO 2002: ROAD 14 - Battle!! Bundesliga Inaugural Match!

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- The german Pro Soccer League "Bundesliga" is about to start. 

- Following Japan numer 1 pro soccer player Yamadera Yasuhiko, come to the Werder Stadium in Bremen

- Hamburg regular Keeper, Genzo Wakabayashi.


- And Bremen's battle array that will try to break that "Goal Mouth" is...


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 - At the top bottom is the magnificent control tower Franz Schester. 

Girl1: Schester. 

Girl2: Schess

- The fordwards are, on the left with his 190 cm, Manfred Margus. 

- And on the right is the new incorporation to Bremen this year, the international from Uruguay, Ramon Vitorino. 

- This young triangle will carry the attack to  Hamburg. 



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- Both rivals are up to the expectation of this inauguration. 

Wakabayashi: Come!! Schester, Margus, Vitorino. 

Schester: Genzo Wakabayashi...The "S.G.G.K" that rarely forgives a goal. 

Schester: It is specially difficult if it is a shoot from outside the penalty area. 

Schester: Which means, that our only chance is...


Schester: Inside the penalty area. 

Schester: You must open a  way into the Hamburg defense and go for it into the penalty area.

Schester: Margus' head, Vitorino's feet: that's where I'll have the ball passed to my signal. 


- All right. In today's game we'll score Wakabayashi 2 goals. 

- Yeaaah!


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- There it goes! Schester terrible suraface pass!

Schester: There!

- Uh!

- Ah!

- It flies though Hamburg's defense!

- Will such a long pass be caught?

- Forward Vitorino

- Caught it. 


- A fast movement from the Black Panther of South America!

- He shoots directly.

Vitorino: Got it!!


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- Keeper Wakabayashi has repelled it!

- Saved it in the decisive moment, Wakabayashi. 

Vitorino: Tch...

Tsubasa: Nice save, Wakabayashi!


Tsubasa: Wakabayashi is in perfect conditions, just as when we first met. 

Sanae: You're right. 

Hyuga: To steal a goal from Wakabayashi one must shoot in "no trap". 

Schester: Our offense isn't over yet!

- Uaa!

- The loose ball is trapped by the force by  Schester,  who has increased his violence. 

- But next he changes and sends a loop pass with a soft touch. 

- Eh?


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- Margus meets this pass with his nuclear head . 

Margus: Now! 

- But Wakabayashi performs a diving catch. 

Schester&Margus: What?!

- Even if caught off guard,  Wakabayashi has nevertheless saved Hamburg from 2 goals already. 

Wakabayashi: Fiuuuu. 

(Wakabayashi): They are hard at it with their attack!


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Minute 20 of the second half: Hamburg goes ahead in the score after a counterattack. 

The assistance has come after Wakabayashi's catch and the goalkick that has come next. 

Wakabayashi: Good!

(Katagiri): The Keeper is the 11th player in the field...You've proved that well, Wakabayashi.

- Inaugural match at home. Bremen doesn't surrender and fights with all its might until the end. 


(Wakabayashi): We, Hamburg's defense, are tightly marking and preventing Margus and Vitorino from escaping all the game along. 

(Wakabayashi): Game director, Schester, should have noticed that. However...

- Where will Schester direct his deadly pass this time?

- The game is in the discount time, thsi is the last chance!

- Eh?

- No, it looked as a pass, but he has started dribling himself instead. 

- Hamburg's defence has thus been caught completely off guard!

(Schester): We play home. Even if we don't win, we must score once at least to get a draw. 


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- Uaaaa! Wakabayashi has slided to his position!

Schester: What?

- Wakabayashi has read Schester intentioooons!!

(Katagiri): This is an offensive defense maybe influenced by Wakashimazu's play at the World Youth. Now you are also able to foresee the place and the circumstances and  perform an active defense. 


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Your progress will be together with the japanese defense's progress in year 2002. 

Wakabayashi: Good. 

- The whistle marks the end of the game. 1-0. The victory in this inaugural match  is even more brilliant for Hamburg since they played out. 

 Schester: It...can't be...

Margus: Scoring a goal to Wakabayashi is...

Vitorino: so extremely dificult?


(Wakabayashi): Until the 5th round of he Bundesliga VS Munchen

(Wakabayashi) I am gonna keep invicted and unbeaten, Schneider. 

At the same time, in Munchen, Schneider scored a Heart Trick and with the goals of Levin and Shoushunkou , they defeated Scharke 5-1. 


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(Tsubasa): You're performing very good in Europe, Wakabayashi. I will also give my best. 

(Hyuga): I too will show what I am made of in the inaugural match of teh serie A, you'll see, Wakabayashi.


That long season has just started. 


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