ROAD TO 2002: ROAD 7 -  Each's Season-in!!

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- So this is the house you've built for us, brother. 



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Hyuga: Built? I've just bought a house that had been built. 

Hyuga: Besides, as Kaori says, I've earned the money mainly from the side-products than from main main occupation. 

Hyuga: Nevertheless, there were two things I wanted to do as soon as I became a pro soccer player and earned my income.

- Two things?

- First: bought you a house of your own in which to live without worries, unlike in a rented house. Second, build dad a fine tomb. 


- One of the dreams I have since I was little has already come true. 

Mother: Thanks so much, Kojiro. 

Hyuga: Mum. 

Hyuga: Dad's tomb will have to wait, but I'm sure he'll understand. 

Hyuga: Dad's tomb will be earned with this leg in Italy!

- Yeah!

Mother: All right. And then you'll stop worrying about us and will only dedicate to make your own dreams come true, Kojiro.


Hyuga: Thanks, mum.  


Hyuga: Well, boys, I must leave. Don't give mum too much trouble. 

- Ok.  

-  Good luck, brother, I hope you do well!! 


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Genzo Wakabayashi, Deutschland Bundesliga

Tsubasa Ozora, Espaņa Liga Espaņola

Kojiro Hyuga, Italia serie A


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"New Tokyo International Airport"

Kaori: Hyuga. 

Kaori: Come, you have to protect Hyuga closely. 

- Rodger!

Hyuga: What's all this?

Kaori: I don't know how they got the information but there are a lot of media reporters and fans that want to see you goodbye. 

- You arise a lot of attention, Hyuga. 



Takeshi: Here, some assorted rice cookies for you not to miss Japan's flavour. 

"Takeshi Sawada. Toho Campus. 3rd Year (last one)"

Sorimachi: Well, the coke you like so much is everywhere in the world. 

"Kazuki Sorimachi. J1 Bitser Kobe"

Wakashimazu: Please, show them in Italy what's Japan real power !! 

"Ken Wakashimazu. J1 Nagoya Granpaseight"

Wakashimazu: Becase you are 

Wakashimazu: forever our Captain. 


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- There he is! Hyugaaa!! You're geourgeous!

- Give your best in Italy!

- We'll go to see you in the Serie A too!

- Hyugaaa look here!

- You're so coool!

- I love you Kojirooo!

Maki: So many people!

Maki: I don't get to give him this charm. 

Maki: Shouldn't have come...


- Eh?

- Mr. Hyuga, Where do you go?

- Come here, Hyuga. 

Hyuga: Hi.  

- Eh?

Hyuga: I saw you in the newspaper 2,3 days ago. 

"New promises Series 1: Maki Akamine. Japanese femenine softball team. Go for the olimpics!"

Hyuga: It seems you've also working hard. 

Maki: Yes. 


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Maki: And you have to give your best too!

Hyuga: Ok, thanks. 

Hyuga: Now I must go. 

Maki: I know. 

- Ehhh? What's this?

- Who's that girl?

- Does Hyuga know her?

- Yes. 

- She makes me very angry!!


- Hyuga, fight!

- Not only the girls cheer and support you!

(shirt: "Hyuga is my life")

- Your dream is also ours, all soccer fans!!

(Hyuga): Thanks everybody. 

(Hyuga): My dream is to become the number 1 striker in the world. 


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(Hyuga): And to fulfill my dream I'm going to  Italy to become the high-scoring in the serie A. 



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- Let's leave it for today, Wakabayashi. 

Wakabayashi: Not yet. 

Wakabayashi: One set more. 

- Eeeeh?

- Wakabayashi is full of energy and in high spirits lately. 

- Yeah. 

- Last season he couldn't play due to his injury, and above all, the Bundesliga starts un month before the Italian and the Spanish League. 

- This season is about to start and he'll be there. 

- This season the present champion, Munich, will be at the core of the league. Although we can say that the rest of the teams will mark it closely. (*not very clear sentence)


- Thus gradually we could get more chances of winning. 

- And to Wakabayashi, to shut out the powerful forwards of Munich is as

- SGGK (Super Great Goalkeeper )

- show the true meaning of this title. 


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Training field of Barcelona first team. 

Tsubasa: Ball, today starts to function Barcelona's Camp. 

Tsubasa: It's about to start the training of the team for the Liga Espaņola that begins in September. 


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- You're too early. 

- The training won't start until 10. You here 2 hours early. 

Tsubasa: Rivaul. 


Of course Tsubasa knew who was the best soccer player in the world, Rivaul. 

Tsubasa: Sorry, I knew the training wouldn't start until 10, but I couldn't stay calm and... 


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Tsubasa: wanted to come to the field to play as soon as possible. 

Rivaul: Ju ju. 

Tsubasa: ?

Rivaul: Did you?

Rivaul: Me too. 


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