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Welcome to Machu Picchu New Wonder - PERU CUSCO
PERU CUSCO We have spearheaded tourism into many rural areas, exploring ancient trails and uncharted rivers among some of the most fantastic and varied natural landscapes in this part of the world: Machu Picchu, Inka Trail or Inca Trail, Cultural Tours...
and more peru cusco   Our achievements have been made possible thanks to the extraordinary support of our personnel, a well assembled team of permanently trained professionals, identified with our company goals and clients' preferences Tourist Department

PERU CUSCO We promote and sell, worldwide, the magic destinations our country has to offer, providing at the same time, the peace of mind our clients require when trusting their passengers to us.


We design and operate diversified products such as conventional and domestic tourism, adventure and incentive travel and special interest tours, always with our 24 hour response guarantee.


A scrupulous control of operations and permanent communication with our passengers allows us to learn of, and exceed their expectations.

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