The Chicago, South Bend and South Shore Railroad has been a favorite of mine for many, many years. The South Shore ran through my hometown of East Chicago, Indiana. Until 1956, it ran on Chicago Avenue one of the town's main roads, with a station in downtown East Chicago. As a result I have many memories of seeing the big orange and maroon cars traversing the streets in town. Below are some photos by myself and others as noted of South Shore action.
Westbound Chicago train approaching Hammond, Indiana station sometime in the 1960's
South Shore Line Little Joe switching Burnham yard near Hammond, Indiana, March 1980. Photo by Steve Suhs
New South Shores cars aquired in the 1980's at Hudson Lake a few miles west of South Bend. Photo by Mike Yuhas Equipment all lined up and ready at Michigan City shops yard,
March 19, 1972. Photo from jsf collection
Westbound train making station stop in East Chicago, Ind. in the early 1950's. A good portion of trackage in East Chicago was in the street Photo by Sandy Goodrick
East and Westbound trains meet at the station in Michigan City in the early 50's. Another example of street running by the SS. Photo by Sandy Goodrick
In the early 1980's the South Shore was part of the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District and was starting to phase-out the old series of cars in favor of the new ones purchased by the District. My brother Steve and I decided that we would plan on riding the South Shore from Randolph Street in Chicago to Michigan City, Indiana sometime before all the old cars were gone. On Thursday, December 30, 1982 I took the Metra from Richton Park, Illinois to Randolph Street and met up with Steve and together we rode to Michigan City and return. We were able to ride the new cars eastbound and the old cars coming back west. Below is a timetable of the days travels and a couple of snapshots we took that day:

Lv Richton Park via ICG M-S116 - 903 am HiLiner Cars 1594 &1592
Ar Randolph Street - 1006 am
Lv Randolph Street via CSS&SB train 109 - 1020 am New Cars 4 & 23
Ar Michigan City - 1144 am
Lv Michigan City Train 114 - 1245 pm Old cars 25 &; 204
Ar Randolph Street - 215 pm
Lv Randolph Street Via ICG M-S127 - 310 pm HiLiner Cars
Ar Richton Park - 425 pm
Old car 1 just arriving at Randolph
New car 14 at Randolph Street
Steve and car 19 at Randolph St
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