I was employed by the New York Central Railroad from 1962 until 1966 as a operator, telegrapher, and bridge tender on the Western District of the system.  Working in interlocking towers from JN 71st Chicago (mainline) on the west to Willow Creek, Indiana (Porter Branch) on the East, from HC Harbor Canal (mainline) on the north to Schnieder, Indiana (Danville Big4) on the south, in addition to many in between.  Some of the locations I worked are shown in the photos that follow. . . .
East Gary, Indiana Depot 1963  Boxcars are on the team track.
View of Hartsdale, Indiana Depot 1963  looking southwest Joliet branch in foreground.
Westbound NY-2 passing East Gary Depot on the Porter/Ivanhoe branch headed for Gibson.
Looking west former NYC mainlaine at HC tower shown at right.  Photo by Bob Lalich
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