On a recent trip to Chicago to visit with relatives, I purposely took a side trip to North Judson, Indiana to see the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum.  After checking out the restored depot and gift shop I wandered around the grounds and took the following photos.
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Alco S1 #310 Built Jan. 1947 #310 Built w/train ready to go NKP 471 Built Aug. 1962
EJE 184 Built April 1970 EL C345 Built Nov. 1953
NKP 1946 Built  1926
CEI 88125 Troop Sleeper
Depot, Signals, etc.
C&O 2789 2-8-4 Built  1947
Misc. Rolling Stock in yard
Approaching Back Shop Building On return from English Lake trip
In addition to walking the grounds, I rode the train led by ERIE # 310 from North Judson to English Lake and return, a trip lasting about 45 minutes.

The small village of North Judson is located about 80 miles southeast of Chicago and was the intersection of four railroads at one time - Pennsylvania Railroad, Erie Railroad, New York Central Railroad and the Chesapeake and Ohio.  It saw as many as 125 trains each day total from the above lines.

CEI 88125 Troop Sleeper
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