Screamscape- site with theme park rumors and information
American Coaster Enthisiasts- the famous ACE coaster club
Point Hype!- the finest historical info on Cedar Point amusement park.
Cedar Point Virtual Midway- comprehensive look at Cedar Point.
Guide To The Point- an unofficial guide to the modern Cedar Point


Enya- Dwight Yoakam- my favorite country singer.
Reba McEntire
Judas Priest
Rob Halford
Garth Brooks
San Francisco Opera
Blue Man Group

Dan- my closest bear buddy.
Allen- Albuquerque's cyber cowboy and most handsome resident.
Jim- the other gay KISS fan.

for my own personal enjoyment....

Conversations With God- the finest books I've read.
Kissing Hank's Ass - a fable.
The Institute of Official Cheer- enough here to kill two, maybe three lunch hours.
The Onion- America's finest news source.
The Force is a Tool of Satan- a farce.

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