These are my closest friends, presented in glorious full color:


Sean and Steven Sean Sean

Sean has been one of my closest friends for five years. I've been his roommate twice, and we both have the same taste in travel. I introduced him to Cedar Point, and we've only missed going one summer in five years.


Deb and Steven Deb with Richard Karn Deb, Sean and Steven

Deb's Webpage

To answer your question, yes, Debbie is posing with Richard Karn of "Home Improvement". I was not there, and I hate her. But I really love her. Deb and I met totally by accident after I recognized her from appearing on the jumbo screen at a KISS concert. Long story, but our meeting was fate! She is the big sister I never had before.


Dan Dan Sean

Dan's Webpage

Dan is my dearest friend in the bear community. I met him on New Year's Eve 1997 through the Brew City Bears of Milwaukee. He is one of the few people I know with musical tastes as eclectic as mine. When I'm around Dan, he always calls me by my full name, which is "furry little kisscub." I'm happy to now have a photo of my three closest friends together. We were all heading to the Kohl Center in Madison, WI to see... a KISS concert. Who knew, indeed.

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