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The number of Police and Sting performances on video is amazing. How great to see Police concerts from 25 years ago!  In this section only videos not commercially available in the U.S are posted.

Video as Music CDs
Any video is also available as on music CD, with songs broken out as separate tracks.  Where necessary I also clean up the sound, such as compensating for poor bass on old videos. Often a single video title requires 2 music CDs.

This older video format is used to distribute video on CDs instead of DVDs. It essentially an MP3 file along with other files enabling some home video players to play it.  This format is not playable in all U.S. DVD players. Some computer softwares automatically recognize and play a VCD disk. If yours doesn't:

1. Copy the .DAT file or files from CD to your hard drive.

2. Rename it the .DAT extension to .MPG.

3. Double-click the .MPG file, and it should run in Windows Media Player or your default MPG file player.

With enough disk space, apparently you can import the .MPG file into certain video editing softwares and then burn it to a DVD.



Hatfield Polytechnic, Hatfield, UK

8 tracks from this historic concert, including the premiere performance of “Walking on the Moon”.


Though obviously dubbed from a tape original, picture quality is very good and audio is superb.


Recorded in a small school "cafetorium" this tape really captures the excitement generated by The Police in their early months.


I own two versions of this concert and cannot see any difference besides the opening titles.


Source: DVD-R

Can't Stand Losing You 4:51
So Lonely 6:04
Fall Out 03 2:33
Hole in My Life 4:04
Truth Hits Everybody 2:32
Message in a Bottle 3:42
Peanuts 6:58
Roxanne 2:15

Thanks to Rogier's Police Page:

21-02-1979 / Hatfield / Polytechnics / UK
Before Message In A Bottle Sting said: "This next tune is the first time it's been played in public. This is a sort of baptism. Interesting. This is called I hope that someone gets my Message In A Bottle."
Before the second encore Sting said: "Thanks Hatfield. Really, it has been good for us."
"On the guitar, Andy Summers. On the drums, Stewart Copeland. This is Sting, good night Hatfield from The Police."
The complete show was recorded by the BBC-Television. This show was broadcasted on BBC2 "Rock Goes to College" on 06-04-1979 (11.40pm). It was rebroadcast numerous times since then.


Rockpalast, Markthalle
Hamburg, Germany

What a lot of fun, apparently recorded for a TV program but a nice long set list. Video quality is good, audio quality is very good. Includes the very-rare-in-performance "Visions of the Night".

Next to You 3:10
So Lonely 6:45
Walking on the Moon 5:45
Hole in my Life 3:58
Death Wish 4:38
Fallout 2:33
Bring on the Night 5:56
Visions of the Night
The Bed's Too Big Without You 9:13
Peanuts 2:42
Roxanne 6:34
Can't Stand Losing You 8:06
Message in a Bottle 4:43
I Was Born in the 50s 5:24

Rockpalast, Grugahalle
Essen, Germany

Audio quality is INCREDIBLE and the video stands up pretty well for being so old.


Additionally, the entire Young Music Show (Budokan Hall, Tokyo, 2/2/81) is on this disk. For details see this entry.

Source: DVD-R

Voices Inside My Head 1:20
Don't Stand So Close to Me 3:30
Walking on the Moon 5:18
Death Wish 4:38
Fallout 2:33
Man in a Suitcase 2:09
Bring on the Night 5:56
De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da 4:38
Truth Hits Everybody 2:29
Shadows in the Rain 4:55
When the World is Runnin' Down 4:20
The Bed's Too Big Without You 7:37
Driven to Tears 3:28
Message in a Bottle 4:16
Roxanne 6:09
Can't Stand Losing You 8:55
Next To You 2:40
So Lonely 6:37

The Young Music Show
Budokan Hall, Tokyo

Taped for a very popular Japanese TV show, the sound is extremely clear but with a little tape hiss. Lots of fun and a real hysterical concert.

The other videos on this DVD are unique finds from a Swedish trader who taped them off TV broadcasts there: 

Looks like all or some of "Police Around the World", mediocre quality.

Måndagsbörsen interview show, from the same day The Police announced their new album.  Better video quality than the above program.

Source: DVD-R

Don't Stand So Close to Me 3:16
Walking on the Moon 5:02
Bring on the Night 5:29
De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da 6:09
Message in a Bottle 4:29
Roxanne 7:47
Can't Stand Losing You 7:45

POLICE IN THE EAST about 52 mins.
Various interviews and musical excerpts

About 5 mins interview followed by the complete video of Every Breath You Take.

Quinta Vergara, Vine del Mar, Chile
1 VCD or 1 DVD

Excellent audio, great performance, and this crowd LOVES The Police. I've included an interview and concert announcer tracks from the video, they add to the excitement.

Interview  (6:39)
Concert Intro  (1:19)
Message in a Bottle  (4:09)
Band Intro, Every Little Thing she Does  (4:15)
Spirits in the Material World  (3:22)
Hungry for You  (3:26)
When the World is Running Down  (4:09)
The Bed's Too Big Without You  (4:51)
 De Doo Doo Doo, De Da Da Da  (5:23)
Roxanne  (5:30)
Concert Announcer  (0:57)
Don't Stand So Close To Me  (3:51)
Can't Stand Losin' You  (8:11)

Gateshead, UK


Lots of energy and excitement in great GHOST era concert, you can tell Sting is playing for a hometown crowd.

Message in a Bottle 4:12
Every Little Thing She Does 3:50
Walking on the Moon 3:58
Spirits in the Material World 2:57
Hungry for You 3:15
When the World is Running Down 3:52
The Bed's Too Big Without You 4:52
De Do Do Do De Da Da Da 5:26
Demolition Man 5:19
Shadows in the Rain 4:30
Driven to Tears 3:22
Bring on the Night 5:35
One World 4:16
Invisible Sun 4:29
Roxanne 5:24
Don't Stand So Close to Me 3:16
Can't Stand Losing You 6:50
So Lonely 4:11


Le Spectrum

Montreal, Quebec




Godley and Creme directed this full-blown documentary concert treatment, with lots of slo-mo visuals and other stylish enhancements that, as we know now, just get in the way of the concert experience.


This VHS to DVD transfer was nicely done. I've had this on VHS and traded to obtain a DVD copy, which is only 57 minutes long. An A&M video now unavailable commercially.


Source: DVD-R

Synchronicity I (3:03)
Synchronicity II (4:49)
Walking in Your Footsteps (4:37)
Message in a Bottle (4:17)
Wrapped Around Your Finger (5:10)
Tea in the Sahara (5:16)
Spirits in the Material World (3:25)
Hole in My Life (5:25)
Every Breath You Take (4:05)
Roxanne (3:58)
Can't Stand Losing You (7:40)
King of Pain (5:41)
So Lonely (7:47)



Giants Stadium

East Rutherford, New Jersey




Fortunately the final performance by The Police was captured beautifully on video. By this point Sting had created his own album, a concert film, and toured sans Police for over a year, and with all his Synchronicity ultra-blonde locks cut and high-concept costume discarded he looks very much his own man here. Sting even has his own backup singers onstage,  and to me their set looks rather like Copeland and Summers joining the Blue Turtles tour.


DVD includes both the U2 and Police sets, with the Police starting around the 27 minute mark.  This VHS to DVD transfer has some slight artifact around the sides and bottom but the image quality is quite good, and audio is excellent.


Source: DVD-R


Message in a Bottle

King of Pain

Driven to Tears

Every Breath You Take


Invisible Sun (w/ Bono)

I Shall Be Released (w/everyone)



Palais Departementale

Lille, France




Any bootleg video from The Dream of the Blue Turtles tour is a rarity.  This almost-complete concert video seems like an "audience-eye" version of the famous "Bring on the Night" film.


But don't expect that visual quality. The stage and lights are distinct but not the people. The bootlegger was way towards the back and even zoomed in Sting is a small figure - forget any facial expressions.  Also there is not unbroken continuity - the camera was definitely paused between some songs.


Audio is pretty solid and the hall echo is minimal making for very clear sound, with the lyrics coming across well. However the bass is particularly thin which is typical for consumer grade VHS recorders of the early 80's.


Source: DVD-R from private VHS tape (I'd guess about 2nd or 3rd generation, which is not bad).

Consider Me Gone (2:53)

Children's Crusade (5:48)

One World is Enough / Love is the Seventh Wave (14:59)

We Work the Black Seam Together (7:18)

Bring on the Night - When the World is Running Down (12:12)

Another Day (6:58)

Moon Over Bourbon Street (4:11)

Fortress Around Your Heart (4:46)

I Burn For You (11:53)

If You Love Somebody Set Them Free (6:38)

Roxanne (3:58)

Tea In The Sahara (8:14)

Every Breath You Take (5:04)

I Need Your Love So Bad (9:09)

Dream of the Blue Turtles - Demolition Man (6:19)

Message in a Bottle (6:30)


Perugia Jazz Festival

120 mins.



Yes, this is the same concert immortalized on the great Jazz Door album . . . but its the whole show, not just excerpts. Professionally videotaped, too.


I've obtained this from 2 different traders and the same problems appear on each, a "skipping" of the image, where a few frames here and there are missing. The audio sounds fine but the picture jumps occasionally.


So I'll trade this reluctantly, because a better version may not exist.  If anyone has a good copy of the original videotape, or a better DVD transfer without the skipping, I'm very interested in it. 



Unknown - Gil Evans (7:26)
Exp (Hendrix Cover)  (9:52)
Strange Fruit (Allan cover)  (7:24)
Shadows in the Rain  (6:02)
Little Wing (Hendrix Cover)  (9:57)
Comes a Time (Tony Williams cover)  (11:03)
Band Intro / Consider Me Gone  (9:16)

Synchronicity I  (6:29)
Roxanne  (6:12)
Tea in the Sahara  (12:00)
Unknown - Gil Evans Band  (14:58)
Message in a Bottle  (8:43)

Perugia Jazz Fest.7/11/87  "complete" VG 120 mins



Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro



Fun concert as recorded for Rock in Rio TV, with some continuous recording and other tracks separated by station breaks (not included here).

Audio from this TV broadcast is extremely clear with the audience audible in the mix. Approximately FM sound quality.



Globo Reporter

approx. 20 minutes


Documentary in Portuguese about Sting's background and primarily his early work on the Amazon Rainforest. Extremely cool and it gets its point across even if you don't speak the language. Last 3 minutes are old toy commercials.


Source: VHS-to-DVD soundtrack (no MP3)

We'll Be Together Tonight (7:32)
Be Still My Beating Heart (7:06)
Spirits in the Material World (4:12)
Sister Moon (8:12)
Rock Steady (5:46)
Sooner or Later / Fragilidad (6:14)
Bring on the Night/When the World... (10:28)
Roxanne (2:55)
Don't Stand So Close to Me (10:51)
Message in a Bottle (5:31)

Tokyo, Japan
2 VCDs
100 minutes

Seems to be a TV special, with breaks between many tracks rather than a nonstop continuous concert. But its lots of fun with a fantastic "Nothing Like the Sun" era track list.

Sound Quality is excellent.


We'll Be Together Tonight 4:51)
Lazarus Heart (8:52)
Englishman in New York (4:53)
Sister Moon (8:43)
One World is Enough (7:55)
When You Love Someone Set Them Free (6:17)
King of Pain (7:08)
Bring On The Night / When The World Is Running Down (10:32)
Be Still My Beating Heart  (6:05)
Little Wing  (9:47)
Don't Stand So Close to Me  (8:28)
Every Breath You Take  (6:41)
Fragile  (1:35)
Message In A Bottle  (7:05)

Recorded in New York City
45 Minutes


Packaging claims “This version of Sting Unplugged contains an song and interview not seen on the original MTV program.” Six songs plus two more tracks of brief introduction and interview footage. Track timings at right are for the music CD transfer I created, and may be somewhat shorter than what you'll see on this full video.

The Unplugged small studio format seems uncomfortable at points, and this is not Sting at his most charismatic.  But the music wins out here, with intimate ensemble arrangements that were unique in 1991, and still stand the test of time.

Source: VHS to DVD+R (transferred by me). DVD is not menued. 


Interview & Intro 1:21

All This Time 5:27

Intro & Mad About You 5:04

Intro & Why Should I Cry For You 5:11

Tea In The Sahara 4:44

Walking On The Moon 2:56

The Wild Wild Sea 7:14

Interview & Farewell 1:04

From a review on
This video is the MTV Unplugged performance which was recorded in New York on 5 March 1991. The difference between the version screened on MTV and this release however, is the inclusion of an additional song and interview. Whereas the MTV show concentrated on pre-"Soul Cages" songs, on this release you get excellent performances of "Why Should I Cry For You?" and "The Wild Wild Sea". As proved to be the case with the VH1 Storytellers show, Sting enjoyed himself so much doing the acoustic set, that the following month he did a similar set in his home town of Newcastle at the tiny Buddle Arts Centre. Sadly, although this performance was filmed it has had no similar video release although the songs have been released. The Unplugged video is very interesting though and the songs performed work extremely well in their stripped down versions. END.

Another review:
In the midst of his 1991-92 Soul Cages tour Sting gave an amazing unplugged performance for MTV. The show is very soulful and moving and despite Sting's claim that he was suffering from laryngitis during the performance, his voice was in top form as was his playing on his doctored upright bass. 

Collection of Various TV Shows
118 Minutes
PAL format

WOW.  An embarrassment of riches.  UK TV footage from various shows, expertly assembled and menued by a collector.  Unique footage and performances you will not find anywhere else. GREAT STUFF.

City Hall, Newcastle, Jan 10 1986
Very nice footage of the Blue Turtles Tour show in the hometown

TV A.M. Preview 1991
Buddle Arts Centre, Wallsend, April 20, 1991
A candid, relaxed Sting interview by Steve Morris, set in a local pub, interspersed with various show footage, Buddle rehearsal shots including old Last Exit members, even Stormy Monday excerpts. The last 2 songs are complete featuring the "unplugged" Soul Cages ensemble.

Rock of the North TV Special
Documentary hosted by Chris Cowey. Opening with breathtaking aerial flyovers of the north country, zooming in to Wallsend. Better, longer cuts of the Buddle show, plus between-song commentary & tidbits like Last Exit guys soloing, Bob Geldof talking (lots), and Katherine Tickell's amazing Northumbrian pipes solo.

The Live Aid Unreleased Tracks feature three songs, two solos and a nice duet with Phil Collins. To my knowledge, the only time Sting ever sang this song.

The "Michael Aspel Show" duet with Dustin Hoffman on piano is amazing, making music with longtime pal Hoffman. Sting has never sung this song before or since.

Considering their age, all segments have excellent visual quality. Warning: The audio is clear but mastered at very low volume, so you'll hear tape hiss when bumping up those speakers.



City Hall, Newcastle, Jan 10 1986 (24 minutes)
  Consider Me Gone
  Fortress Around Your Heart
  If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
  The Dream of the Blue Turtles
  Demolition Man

TV A.M. Preview (27 minutes)
Buddle Arts Centre, Wallsend, April 20, 1991
Performance excerpts include:
   All This Time
   Island of Lost Souls
   Every Breath You Take
   Purple Haze (Hendrix cover)
   Walking on the Moon
   Mad About You (full song)
   Message in a Bottle (full song)
Rock of the North TV Special (50 minutes)
   All This Time
   Why Should I Cry for You?
   Island of Lost Souls (with K. Tickell)
   Every Breath You Take
   I Need Your Love So Bad (w/ Last Exit folk)

The Extras (almost 17 minutes total)

Live Aid Unreleased Tracks, July 15, 1985 Wembley Stadium
   Driven to Tears
   Message in a Bottle
   Long Long Way to Go (w/Phil Collins)

 Michael Aspel Show, Sept 1, 1988
   Shoot the Breeze (w/ Dustin Hoffman on piano!)


1 hour, 40 minutes.
Entire concert, no commercials!
Source: commercial concert DVD

This incredible CD captures the performance that Sting gave with his band on the occasion of his 40th birthday on October 2nd 1991 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

The show was filmed for Japanese television broadcast and the quality of the sound is pretty great. The band are joined for the encore by Police guitarist Andy Summers.

The set draws heavily from Sting’s most recent album “The Soul Cages” and there are a couple of great covers...Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine” and the Jimi Hendrix classic “Purple Haze”.

Sting performs with his stripped-down rock band format.
Sting: Bass & Vocals
David Sancious: Keyboards
Dominic Miller: Guitar
Vinnie Colaiuta: Drums

All This Time
Jeremiah Blues [Part 1]
Mad About You
Driven To Tears
Ain’t No Sunshine
Why Should I Cry For You? / Be Still My Beating Heart
Bring On The Night
King Of Pain
Fortress Around Your Heart
The Wild Wild Sea
The Soul Cages
Purple Haze
If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
We'll Be Together
Walking On The Moon
Every Breath You Take
Message In A Bottle


Villa Manin

Passariano, Italy


102 mins


Expert performances, musically, and perhaps the most gorgeous setting of any Sting performance captured on video.  The beautiful Villa Manin is a terrific locale for this Ten Summoner's performance.  Check it out in further detail at:


However the performance is not continuous, with clear breaks between songs eliminating the applause and any banter Sting might have done with the audience.  This "sterilizes" the performance somewhat in my opinion and makes it much less interesting.


Source: DVD-R

If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
Heavy Cloud No Rain
Love Is Stronger Than Justice
Seven Days
Fields Of Gold
Synchronicity II
Every Little Things She Does is Magic
It's Probably Me
The Shape Of My Heart
St Augustine In Hell
Straight To My Heart
An Englishman In NY
King of Pain
Bring On The Night
When The World Is Running Down
She's Too Good For Me
Nothing 'Bout Me
Every Breath You Take

Spectrum, Oslo, Norway

What a fun concert this was. Expertly recorded for TV.

This DVD is chaptered with Very Good picture quality.

If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
Heavy Cloud No Rain
Love Is Stronger Than Justice
Seven Days
Fields Of Gold
Synchronicity II
Every Little Things She Does is Magic
It's Probably Me
The Shape Of My Heart
St Augustine In Hell
Straight To My Heart
An Englishman In NY
King of Pain
Bring On The Night
When The World Is Running Down
She's Too Good For Me
Nothing 'Bout Me
Every Breath You Take


Ellis Park, Johannesburg South Africa

Recorded for a TV broadcast, with excellent audio quality.

The short playlist suggests this is but a big chunk of a longer live concert.

Source: VCD swap


Fields of Gold  (3:44)
Synchronicity II  (4:40)
Every Little Thing She Does is Magic  (4:21)
Roxanne  (6:18)
Englishman in New York  (5:12)
King of Pain  (5:52)
Bring on the Night-When the World is Running Down 8:11
Every Breath You Take  (5:25)
Fragile (4:42)
Seagaia Summit
World Convention Center
Miyazaki, Japan

Incredible sound quality and great performances, with more improvisation from musicians.

Includes the rarely performed "When we Dance" and "Take Me to the Sunshine".


Take Me to the Sunshine
If I Ever Lose My Faith in You
Heavy Cloud No Rain
Love is Stronger than Justice
Seven Days
A Day in the Life
Fields of Gold
Synchronicity II
Every Little Thing She Does is Magic
It's Probably Me / Sister Moon
Shape of My Heart
Saint Augustine in Hell / Straight to My Heart
Englishman in New York
King of Pain
Bring on the Night/When the World is Running Down
When We Dance
She's too Good for Me
Nothing 'bout Me
Every Breath You Take


VH1 Storytellers 



45 mins


In this TV special Sting explains the songwriting story behind some of his most popular songs.


This DVD is a transfer from videocassette, a home-taped copy through the airwaves and the picture is not good.  You can see everything Ok but don't go expecting a digital quality picture -- or even a cable quality one!


Favorite moment: When Sting forgets the lyrics to "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" . . . TWICE!


Source: DVD-R

Message in a Bottle (5:15)
Every Breath You Take (6:00)
Fields of Gold (5:53)
King of Pain (3:24)
Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot (6:05)
Every Little Thing She Does is Magic (3:48)
I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying (5:32)
Roxanne (3:50)
Lithium Sunset (3:20)


Olympic Park

Seoul, South Korea




One of the very few Mercury Falling videos out there, professionally shot for Korean TV broadcast. Refreshingly low-key editing lets you actually watch the performers.  Video is quite good for a transfer from VHS to DVD.


Not a complete concert in that there are only 9 songs and not full continuity, but wonderfully shot and a nice performance. 


Source: DVD-R

The Hounds of Winter (5:25)
I Hung My Head (4:41)
Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot (4:50)
If You Love Somebody Set Them Free (4:41)
Demolition Man (3:12)
Englishman in New York (6:42)
If I Ever Lose My Faith in You (4:38)
Every Breath You Take (3:10)
Fragile (4:22)

VH1 Behind the Music

The VH1 "Behind the Music" episode for Sting, a thorough documentary with music clips. 


This title not currently available through, not sure it ever was commercially sold. Put together in 1999 during the publicity wind-up for Brand New Day. 


Looks like it was taped from a cable broadcast onto VHS, then transfered to DVD, with a nice menu.  I'd call the quality "Very Good".



1994, 1996, 2001
TARATATA ' 94, '96, and
Top of the Pops
French and British TV Shows
2 CDs
See timing breakouts at right

Sound quality on Taratata '94 is not as good as the other shows-compare to FM radio for quality. However the performances are superb and even unique -- including Sting playing excerpt of “Girl with the Flaxen Hair” on solo piano!


Source: DVD-R swap

1994 Taratata, French TV
Show Length: 29:26
Intro & Fields Of Gold 4:58
Je Ne Sais Pas 3:02
Piano Solo 1:23
Fragile 4:04
Every Little Thing She Does 3:24
Next To You - Feat Therapy 2:06
When We Dance 5:47
This Cowboy Song 4:42




Skye TV Concert Broadcast

Royal Albert Hall, London


1 hour 26 minutes 


Wonderfully shot concert broadcast. Virtually no extras like interviews, etc. but excellent coverage of the show.


Audio is superb. Picture quality is very good but note that while the Skye broadcast might have been digital, this DVD was transferred from a home-taped recording of the broadcast.


This disk has not been menued. Time breakouts I've given are based on the CD version of this concert.


Because the song list is so different than my CD-version of the music, I'm not 100% sure this broadcast is the March 28th show. 


Source:  DVD-R swap

A Thousand Years (5:30)
If You Love Somebody Set Them Free (4:22)
After the Rain Has Fallen (4:28)
We'll Be Together Tonight (2:43)
A Perfect Love Gone Wrong, Band Intro (7:08)
All This Time (4:26)
Mad About You (3:53)
Seven Days (4:54)
*Every Little Thing She Does is Magic (4:16)
*Fields of Gold (3:40)
I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying (4:07)
Englishman in New York (5:47)
Brand New Day (5:11)
Roxanne (4:46)
Desert Rose (4:29)
If I Ever Lose My Faith in You (3:51)
Every Breath You Take (5:21)
**Message in a Bottle
Fragile (4:00)

*in different order than the CD version
** not on CD version
On the CD version omitted from this DVD:
   Fill Her Up (5:38)
   After the Rain Has Fallen (3:48)



(and other TV appearances)

Waldorf Astoria Hotel

New York City, NY


54 Minutes


The Hall of Fame induction has footage from many concerts, videos and promos as well as the presentation ceremony itself.  Digital video is amazingly clear and wide-screen throughout.


The Superbowl footage is clear, probably digital.  The Hard Rock Cafe New Years Eve footage from 1991 is not bad for a VHS to DVD transfer, but despite Paul Reiser's introduction, I'm not entirely sure the performance we see is that New Years Eve date, or some other Soul Cages gig from the Netherlands. The Parkinson numbers are digital, beautiful, with Sting's BND band-mates.


Source:  DVD-R

Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Promos (2:33)
Gwen Stefani Presentation speech (?)

Speeches by The Police (2:52)
Roxanne (joined by Stefani, Tyler, Mayer, others) (5:17)
Every Breath You Take (5:31)


2003 Superbowl
Message in a Bottle (w/ G. Stefani) (3:55)

Hard Rock Cafe New Year's Eve 1991/2
Roxanne (12/31/91 Netherlands) (5:19)

Parkinson 11/01/2001 

If You Need Somebody Set Them Free (4:55)

Interiew (?)
Every Breath You Take (4:06)

Beacon Theatre, NYC, NY
Complete Concert

Digital audience recording. 21 Tracks, 20 songs, entire concert beginning to end. 

Audio is improved somewhat in my transfer, but its still boxy sounding and only "Fair". Apparently the audio at the concert was not great, so this is a true document of the event!

On the plus side, the substantial audience sounds really bring across the excitement of the evening.

Unusual: a concert from the last decade that doesn't end with "Fragile"!


Source: DVD-R and VCD swap

Walking On The Moon 2:54
Send Your Love 4:01
Inside 4:45
Forget About The Future 5:13
Band Intro 1:54
Dead Man's Rope 5:43
Synchronicity II 4:59
Whenever I Say Your Name 6:32
Brought To My Senses 6:32
This War 6:42
Fragile 3:20
Fields Of Gold 3:45
Stolen Car 5:05
Sacred Love 7:04
Englishman In New York 4:47
Roxanne 6:44
Never Coming Home 9:07
Desert Rose 4:55
If I Ever Lose My Faith In You 5:03
Every Breath You Take 5:46
A Thousand Years 6:46


Webcast: Microsoft Windows XP Kickoff

Bryant Park, New York City

Trades as 1 CD (not as 1 DVD)


Sting's first public performance in New York after 9/11.


Audio quality is very clear but with signs of mp3 compression.


Source: Microsoft Media .ASF file on a data CD

Bill Gates full introduction 

Englishman In New York (4:51)
If You Love Somebody Set Them Free (5:45)
A Thousand Years (2:41)
A Perfect Love Gone Wrong (4:00)
All This Time (5:58)
Fields Of Gold (3:31)
Brand New Day (5:06)
Fragile (4:19)
Every Breath You Take (3:59)


Parkinson Star Burst TV Show


1 Video CD


Nice biographical interviews interspersed with song performances.  


Mainly of course this is a promotional appearance for the ALL THIS TIME live album and DVD, and Sting has much to say about 9/11 and the background to that evening's performance.


Many of the stories and themes Sting discusses here were further developed in his BROKEN MUSIC biography.


Highly recommended.

Songs performed:


If You Love Somebody Set Them Free



Brand New Day

Every Breath You Take


Annheuser-Bush Wholesalers' Convention
Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL
57 mins

You're attending a convention where Sting plays a full concert from his new album while everyone around you continues to network and get sloppy drunk on Budweiser. Then someone is smart enough to videotape it, but purposely omits almost every Sacred Love song played. A nightmare? No -- its this silly, bizarre, sad, and even funny bootleg video.

The title is mine, from a Sting quote, and the source a privately shot video. Just 9 songs were recorded in full but there are fragments of 6 others. Aapparently with a 60 minute DV tape the bootlegger selected some "Greatest Hits" remembered from college days.

On upside, Sting's banter and comments are pretty funny, and he seems to have pretty low expectations here. Watching the crowd, you can understand why.

Source: private DVD-R, obtained through trade.

(end fragment) Walking on the Moon
Send Your Love (stopped)

Every Little Thing She Does is Magic
Dead Man's Rope (stopped)
Synchronicity II
Whenever I Say Your Name (stopped)
Fragile (stopped halfway through)

Fields of Gold
Sacred Love (stopped, picked up again at end)
Englishman in New York
Roxanne / The Bed's Too Big Without You 6:26
Never Coming Home
Desert Rose
If I Ever Lose My Faith
Every Breath You Take

Toronto, Canadian TV
about 90 mins

*My guess at an air date. Taping date was reportedly in November 2003.

Has extensive interviews and audience Q&A between 6 songs, but NO commercials!  Truly a lot of fun and while definitely appealing to the screaming fans, interviews go beyond the usual Top of the Pops fluff.


Source: Private VHS tape of entire TV Broadcast. Picture quality is quite good but not perfect.

Extensive interview and fan questions, plus  performances of:

Walking On The Moon, Band Intro
Send Your Love
Whenever I Say Your Name
Dead Man's Rope
Every Breath You Take

Fields Of Gold
Sign Off - Send Your Love Partial


NOTE: This has the complete TV show, barring adverts. whereas the commercial DVD "SACRED LOVE TOUR VERSION" has only the musical numbers, and not the many interview segments.


Royal Albert Hall



41 minutes


Just like the Orlando video, here we have another case of self-editing, where the camera was repeatedly stopped and started.


This fragmented footage is fairly good, visually, for hand-held amateur footage, though often overexposed due to lighting conditions. And as the only documentation of this concert its better than nothing. 


But the hall echo is maddeningly strong, swamping much of what seems like fresh, funny chat with the audience. And those missing songs -- it just sets my teeth on edge.


Source: DVD-R

This War (6:17)
Stolen Car (5:12)
Sacred Love (6:47)
Walking on the Moon (3:50)
Roxanne (10:07)
A Thousand Years (6:54)



Bella Vista Park, Lisbon, Portugal

Picture quality is excellent!

Audio excellent overall with minor problems during concert and with homemade recording. "Send Your Love" is missing first 60 seconds or so; Roxanne has intermittent gaps in sound. Major mic problems during much of "Whenever I Say Your Name" left Sting with no sound while Joy Rose and backup singer blared away.


Special: "Fragile" sung in Portuguese, just like on his Nada Como El Sol album.


Source: private recording of a Portuguese TV broadcast, obtained through trade. DVD is not chaptered.


Send Your Love (incomplete) 3:42
We'll Be Together Tonight 4:44
Inside 4:48
(Band Intro) 0:57
Dead Man's Rope 5:46
Synchronicity Ii 4:52
Whenever I Say Your Name 5:47
This War 6:22
Fragilidad 3:34
Fields Of Gold 3:42
Sacred Love 6:47
An Englishman In New York 5:11
Roxanne (has breaks) 10:18
Never Coming Home 10:45
Desert Rose 5:01
If I Ever Lose My Faith In You 5:25
Every Breath You Take 7:24
A Thousand Years 6:19
(Sign-off) 0:40


Circo Massimo

Rome, Italy

about 110 min



From a private video.  The audio quality is so-so, but the visuals are truly exciting.


Source: DVD-R

Track info pending


Madison Square Garden

New York City, New York

Complete Concert

Details still pending



The Point


 aud vg/vg++ 90 min DVD

Still to be reviewed



Budokan, Japan
Approx 2 hrs.


Very lively, one of the last Sacred Love dates and everyone is clearly out to enjoy themselves. Sting's interplay with backup singers Joy Rose and Donna Gardier is especially fun.


Track list pending. Its the full Sacred Love concert including encores.

approx 75 mins.


A unique concert -- essentially the Broken Music playlist (plus a few) performed by Sting's full band.  Video coverage and audio quality is excellent, though as usual the audience sounds are mixed very very low.


Still to be reviewed




Sting- An Unlikely Lad
ITV Tyne Tees TV-Special


I've seen this just once.  A recent TV documentary focusing on Sting's northern UK roots. Includes footage from a Newcastle tribute, and a lecture for music students at the local Arts Center.  


Highly recommended.


Source: DVD-R