CHUD (track 5 of This Space Available)

Hiding out in the city of light
From the fruits of our labors
Weíre all right until the sun goes down
Then itís another story
Kinda like us, but not the same
Doesnít matter where we place the blame
One government agency
Against one manís word
Pre-Chorus Gotta bar the doors / Guns & food in store
Hide beneath the floor / You still live in doubt
Gotta hide away / To see the light of day
On your knees and pray / Hope they donít come out
Chorus I kinda like it, canít deny it,
Hide and hunt for food: the way that it should be
The scientific age set off by this rage
Living in a cage specially made for me
Locked with bar and key on my property
So the CHUD donít see me hiding in the gloom
Hear my neighbor cry, heave another sigh,
The fuckers got him but for me thereís always room.
Verse 2 When the sun shines we own this town
Our streets and our buildings
Our places of business
Our churches and schools
Old husks of what used to be
Remnants of our proud ancestry
Nobody lives or workers here,
We only forage and hide
Pre-Chorus / Chorus Bridge This fate so darkly turned
They exist but were not meant to be
Our twisted brethren beneath the streets
The bastards of technology

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