Psychopop Biography

Not all bands can be as suscessful as Psychopop. Psychopop is a band that plays a varity of kinds of music, each with it's differnt qualities. One of thier biggest hit "Harry Tuttle" had signing and rapping in it. That song, and many other hits like Cruiser or No One Gets Out Alive is from thier old CD Rails to Trails - Live. This is a very suscessful album. However, thier lastest CD, This Space Available is a bigger hit than the old one. This album features different kinds of music from the alternative/ rap "FM World" to the awsome tunes of "This Space Available" and the unique song of "Static World". I know many people are steriotype about Psychopop, that they are nothing more than some idiots screaming crap out thier mouths. However, this is not the case. Thier songs are meaningful, they just express it in a very cool way. You should take the time a acually read the lyrics , you may be surprised. One of Psychopop's song "Monot" is veyr similar to thier frieds Clim to Salem. To me, thier new CD dosn't really any explict content, as in Eminem, it just has many curses and parents shouldn't think that listening to Psychopop is bad inflence. True there are curses, but many of the songs has meaning, like "Cruiser" and "This Space Available Psychopop rose from thier home town, Minneapolis. They slowy gained there populartiy until you and me know about Psychopop!!!!!!!

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