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Tink, Magic and Raisin were rescued from the Escambia County animal shelter, when I worked there.

Tink came to the shelter when she was about 6-8wks old.She was found roaming the streets. Today Dec 26, 2002 I am sad to say that I had to have Tink put to sleep due to a ruptured disk in her spine. I will miss her very much, but am thankful for all the time I had with her.

Magic was dropped off by her owner because she was aggressive. She was scared to death, acted like she had been beaten. She seemed more aggressive towards anyone in a military type uniform. She is a great watch dog. When I moved from Florida to TN, recently, to stay with my friend Kathy, Magic became very comfortable there and got along with all my friends dogs. I then had to move to Texas to take care of my Grandmother and could not bring Magic then since I was going to be staying in an apartment. Besides being to small space for her, Magic is also deathly afraid of thunder storms and since I work all day and Kathy has someone at her home all the time, it was best for her to stay there. I am in constant contact with Kathy and for some time Magic wasn't doing good. When it came time for me to go pick up Magic and bring her down, she still wasn't doing good and for me to move a now 11 year old dog into just another environment wasn't fair. I asked Kathy if they would mind keeping her since she had settled in great and loved to play with her grandsons. Kathy told me they would love to and actually hoped I would ask. Kathy told me the other day that Magic is doing better and is having a great time. I love her very much and I miss her, but her happiness is more important. She started out this life in a bad situation and she deserves a happy rest of life.

I rescued Tommy from a Vets office that I worked at. He came in after a cat fight and his owner decided he wasn't worth the money it cost to repair his wounds and have him neutered. We are sad to say that we had have Tommy put to sleep due to major renal failure. He is missed.

Raisin was a feral kitten caught in a trap. I spent many hours trying to catch her in the cat room, when she would escape from her kennel while we were cleaning. She is now a very loving cat sometimes to loving at bed time..VBG

Newbe & Dosher I adopted both dogs from the Escambia Animal Shleter when I worked there. Both had been found running loose on seperate days. I adopted Dosher first then weeks later Newbe came in and I adopted her. The two got along great together and with Tink, my rescued JRT. Both were great dog. I had to have them both put to sleep when they escaped out of my yard and killed some rabbits that where in a hutch in someones yard. In the state of Florida once an animal has killed they are deemed dangerous and have to be contained. I didn't feel they truely deserved to be contained so I had them humanely put to sleep instead.

Mandy was given to me by a breeder that instead of names he gave his dogs numbers. A friend of mine named her Mandy. Mandy was a great dog and loved to chase thunder.

Maude I got as a retired greyhound who was going to be put to sleep after breaking a leg on the track. Maude was a very sweet dog and loved to be loved by everyone.

Susan found Buster running loose on a major highway. He was dodging cars and was scared to death. We guessed he was about 9 months old. We contacted Am Staff resuce, put up signs, called Animal Shelters and called all the Vets in the area. After 6 months of him living in a kennel run in our garage, we decided it was no longer fair to him. We had to make the ultimate decission. It was sad for this sweet boy. No one would help us, help him.

I have rescued many dogs and have found great homes for them. I feel more people should adopt these thrown away pets. A pet is for life, not just till it is no longer a puppy. They didn't ask to be born, the least we can do is give them a happy safe rest of their life...

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