Chihuahuas come in only 2 varieties, Smooth Coat and Long Coat. Teacup is a name some people started calling the real tiny ones, but IS NOT a variety. The AKC standard states that a Chihuahua should not exceed 6 lbs. In the show ring, a chihuahua weighing over 6 lbs is suppose to be disqualified. I felt it was important to show a few sizes of chihuahuas and their weights.
So many people call breeders asking for a Teacup, tiny chihuahua. I don't think they realize exactly how small a 6 lb dog actually is. Here are some examples of chihuahuas, compared to a coke can and their weights.
Ooops! How did that Giant Schnauzer get in here...LOL

2lbs 6oz
6 1/2 months

2lbs 10oz
6 1/2 months

4lbs 12oz
2 years

2 years

5lbs 2oz
6 years

6 years

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