Chihuahua     Fact or Fiction

Tea Cup is a variety of Chihuahua:

False- Chihuahuas only come in 2 varities. The varities of Chihuahuas are based on coat only. Smooth Coat and Long Coat.

Deer Style is a style of Chihuahua:

False- This is just a name someone came up with to decribe a Chihuahua that is slight in bone, leggy and has a narrower head/muzzle than stated in the Chihuahua standard.

A bitch has to have one litter before she is spayed.

False-There is not scientific proof that a bitches physical or mental being would benefit or be hindered if spayed without having a litter.

It is a good idea not to breed a bitch before her 3rd heat cycle:

True-Some bitches just are not mature enough before their 3rd heat to raise and care for a litter, let alone know what is going on during whelp.

If I breed my bitch to a small male, she will be fine.

Fales- Breeding to a small male will not guarantee small puppies. To know what he may throw in size, you will have to look at the sires own sire and dam and also his grandsire and granddam.

Temperment is 50% genetic 50% environment.

True- Alot of people think a dog is born mean, but alot of dogs are taught that or conditioned to be that way. You can have a dog that acts mean, but if you teach them you are alpha, they will learn not to act that way. If you start a puppy off young and expose it to the world, you will have a very well behaved, happy socialized dog. I have heard people say it is so cute to see a Chihuahua act like a Great Dane. They won't be thinking that when the dog bites someone and winds up in Quarantine or in the jaws of a larger dog.

Chihuahuas only shake out of fear.

False- A vet once told me to imagine having the nervous system of a Great Dane all wound up in a tiny body and that is what you have in small breeds. Chihuahuas will also shake if they are chilled.

AKC and CKC work together

False- AKC and CKC are two seperate registries. A dogs registered AKC if bred to a dog registered CKC can not be registered

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