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Please return often to view our new additions to this page, and thank you very much for visiting HIGBYTOYS™! All archival data and full page color photos (by Ken Murry) of all PRR calendar and poster art can be found along with detailed descriptions of the artwork and the artists conceptualization of each scene, a biography of Grif Teller, the PRR calendar artist, and many more details in Crossroads of Commerce: The Pennsylvania Railroad Calendar Art of Grif Teller, a superbly written book by Dan Cupper. All prices include insured standard shipping and handling to your address within the continental United States except where otherwise noted. Click the code in brackets [a] to the right of the price of the item for Alternative Shipping Options and corresponding charges. DEALER INQUIRIES ARE WELCOME.
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Pennsy Calendar Art & Archival Data

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Year Description Print Poster Artist
19261925-26 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP
"Speed and Security"
Eastbound Broadway Limited headed by a powerful K4 steam locomotive No. 5357, east end of Rockville Bridge, five miles north of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Milepost 110. The Rockville Bridge, completed March 30, 1902 and stretching for almost three-quarters of a mile across the Susquehanna River, can still be seen today. The popularity of the 1925 calendar was so great that requests for it exhausted supply, and so the PRR used the same painting for its calendar the following year, but identified the train on the 1926 calendar as the New Yorker.
Yes n/a Harold M. Brett
19271927 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "The Broad Way of Commerce"
Steam passenger train passing steel mill by night, Pittburgh area.
Yes n/a Harold M. Brett
19281928 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "When the Broad Way Meets the Dawn"
Eastbound Broadway Limited Juniata Valley, perhaps Milepost 158.5.
Yes n/a Grif Teller
19291929 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "Harnessing the Plane to the Iron Horse"
Steam passenger train at Port Columbus, Ohio, airport, Milepost 183.8.
Yes n/a Grif Teller
19301930 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "Servant of the Nation's Industry"
Rural/agricultural scene; allegorical city and industries beyond.
Yes Yes Grif Teller
19311931 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "Giant Conquerors of Space and Time"
Rural open scene; steam train with Ford Tri-Motor airplane overhead.
Yes Yes Grif Teller
19321932 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "On Time!"
Steam passenger train in snowstorm, alleged in broadside text to be western Indiana.
Yes n/a Grif Teller
19331933 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "Spirit of America"
Steam passenger train with allegorical skylines of New York and Chicago.
Yes n/a Grif Teller
19341934 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "The New Day"
Electric-powered passenger train between New York and Philadelphia. (The first calendar painting to show an electric locomotive.)
Yes n/a Grif Teller
19351935 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "The World's Greatest Highway"
Westbound passenger train at Horseshoe Curve, near Altoona, Pennsylvania, Milepost 242.
Yes Yes Grif Teller
19361936 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "Speed-Safety-Comfort"
Southbound electric passenger train at Claymont, Delaware, Milepost 19.5.
Yes n/a Grif Teller
19371937 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "Ready to Go!"
Two steam locomotives at 46th Street engine terminal, Philadelphia, Milepost 4.
Yes n/a Grif Teller
19381938 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "The Main Line of American Commerce"
Steam freight train in rural setting; observation car receeding. (The first calendar painting to show a freight train.)
Yes n/a Grif Teller
19391939 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "Leaders of the Fleet of Modernism"
Night view, streamlined prototype S1 steam engine and passenger trains.
Yes n/a Grif Teller
19401940 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "Serving the Nation"
Streamlined S1 engine with passenger train in snowy countryside. (The first calendar painting who title was duplicated by that of a later painting.)
Yes Yes Grif Teller
19411941 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "The Steel King"
Streamlined S1 engine passing U.S. Steel Edgar Thomson Works, Milepost 341.5.
Yes n/a Grif Teller
19421942 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "Partners in National Defense"
Steam freight train passing coal mine, composite site based on St. Michael, Pennsylvania.
Yes n/a Grif Teller
19431943 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "Serving the Nation"
Steam freight train in industrial scene with allegorical sky and "Uncle Sam" character.
Yes n/a Dean Cornwell
19441944 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "Forward"
Steam freight train in agricultural/industrial scene with allegorical tanks, troops, flags.
Yes Yes Dean Cornwell
19451945 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "Power"
Industrial scene with streamlined train pulled by prototype T1 steam engine.
Yes n/a Alexander Leydenfrost
19461946 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "One Hundred Years"
Lineup of four modern locomotives; also, three historical 19th century scenes. (First calendar painting to show a diesel locomotive.)
Yes n/a Frank J. Reilly
19471947 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "Working Partners"
Diesel, steam trains at Marysville, Pennsylvania, Milepost 112 (Northern Central Milepost 91).
Yes Yes Grif Teller
19481948 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "Progressive Power"
Diesel and steam trains passing at Aqueduct, Pennsylvania, Milepost 123. (The first of three calendar scenes that were painted in two versions, with the second showing different seasons of the year.)
Yes n/a Grif Teller
19491949 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "Main Lines -- Freight and Passenger"
Electric-powered passenger train at Whitford, Pennsylvania, Milepost 28.
Yes Yes Grif Teller
19501950 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "Crossroads of Commerce"
Three trains, west end of Rockville Bridge, near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Milepost 110.8.
Yes n/a Grif Teller
19511951 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "Main Lines of Commerce"
Three trains at New Florence, Pennsylvania, composite view, approximately Milepost 290.
Yes n/a Grif Teller
19521952 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "The Horseshoe Curve"
Three trains on Horseshoe Curve, near Altoona, Pennsylvania, Milepost 242.
Yes n/a Grif Teller
19531953 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "Crossroads of Commerce"
Trains at east end of bridge, Weirton, West Virginia, and Steubenville, Ohio, Milepost 42. (The last calendar painting to show a steam locomotive.)
Yes n/a Grif Teller
19541954 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "Pittsburgh Promotes Progress"
Train passing Golden Triangle, Pittsburgh, PRR Milepost 2.3 (Conrail Milepost 4.5).
Yes n/a Grif Teller
19551955 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "Mass Transportation"
Trains lined up at Army-Navy Game, Municipal Stadium, South Philadelphia, Milepost 5.
Yes n/a Grif Teller
19561956 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "Dynamic Progress"
Aerotrain and piggyback TrucTrain passing at Cove, Pennsylvania, Milepost 117.5.
Yes n/a Grif Teller
19571957 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "Vital Links to World Trade"
Ore dock and unloading facilities at Pier 122, South Philadelphia, Milepost 7.
Yes n/a Grif Teller
19581958 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "Conway Yard"
Aerial view, Conway Yard, near Pittsburgh, Milepost 23.5.
Yes n/a Grif Teller
19761976 PRR "Remarkable GG1" ArtworkTOP "The Remarkable GG1"
Eastbound GG1 No. 4901 pulling a passenger train over the stone bridge at the Delaware River crossing toward Trenton Station. This scene was never captured on a PRR calendar, but rather made the cover of the Karl Zimmermann book with the same The Remarkable GG1 title.
n/a Yes Grif Teller
19801980 PRR Calendar ArtworkTOP "An Tribute to Grif Teller - Pride of the Pennsy"
Eastbound passenger train headed by a K4 steam engine making its way around Horseshoe Curve in the Alleghenies. The idea for this 1980 PRR calendar was conceived by Ken Murry, who commissioned the painting of the winter scene displayed here.
n/a No Grif Teller
19851985 "Loewy's Legend" ArtworkTOP "Loewy's Legend"
Passenger train headed by a GG1 locomotive No. 4935 speeding down the mainline through a winter landscape. This artwork was never the subject of a PRR calendar. The actual restored PRR GG1 locomotive represented in this painting is currently on display in the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in Strasburg, PA.
n/a Yes Howard Fogg
19971997 PRR Horseshoe Curve Aerial PhotographTOP "World Famous Horseshoe Curve"  Encompassing the entire curve, a Conrail Double Stack TV Train heading east bound down the eastern slope of the Allegheny Mountains stretching completely around the curve! This limited edition 16" x 20" print of the Horseshoe Curve is printed on heavyweight, acid free gloss white paper stock, utilizing the state of the art printing processes. n/a Yes Second Street Shop Company
20002000 "Broad Street Station" ArtworkTOP "Broad Street Station"
Passenger trains headed by GG-1 electrics awaiting departure as passengers board at Broad Street Station, Philadelphia, PA for a warm holiday trip. GG-1 No. 4935 has been restored and can be viewed today at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in Strasburg, PA.
Yes* Yes John Winfield
 20012001 "Rockville Bridge" ArtworkTOP "Rockville Bridge"
Pennsy's big M1 class swinging off Rockville Bridge, just north of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and into Enola Yard while M1a #6783 pulls out with a westbound freight. Rockville Bridge, the longest stone arch bridge in the world was completed by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1902.
Yes* Yes John Winfield


Cupper, Dan, Crossroads of Commerce: The Pennsylvania Railroad Calendar Art of Grif Teller, Great Eastern Publishing, Richmond, Vermont, 1992. Hardcover. Color Photos. 184 p. ISBN 0-9625602-1-9.

From the "PRR-Talk" mailing list: Dan Cupper.

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