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thundermax fuel injection review

Here is a product that we have used ourselves.With all the many fuel injection enhancements you can add to your Harley Davidson.This one here at our shop we consider to be the best choice.Our test motorcycle was a 2007 Harley Davidson Street Glide. Having been riding for a number of years on multiple Harley models we were not overly pleased with the factory performance of the 96 cubic inch engine.First we installed a Terry components Flame Thrower EFI module.This made some running improvements.As far as adding any power being added, we observed very little if any.
   We installed a set of Vance & Hines 2 into 1 pipes next for a substantial improvement. Again having ridden many big engine Harley's the power band was still flat and gradual.
   We next installed a 103 inch Screaming Eagle kit for a minor power change but we knew something was still wrong with the acceleration.
 Without a doubt we were ready to convert this thing to a carburetor and be done with the fuel injection.
Our last resort for performance was the best decision.Thundermax EFI. At 485.00 for a whole new ECM. Not only is it the best operating injection improvement there is. it's priced fairly as well.
Immediately this motorcycle had the powerband we knew it should have had. This we before we did further tuning.
We will admit that the Wide band power commander is a good second choice.At the same time our thoughts are related to your return on investment.We wouldn't consider spending what the power commander costs,simply because it still uses the factory EFI module.The Thundermax is a complete replacement EFI module.
We do have the Auto Tune option on this 2007 but we have used the module alone on multiple configurations with the same positive results.
We are not affiliated with Thundermax in any way.We do fully believe this to be the best choice for all Harley's with fuel injection.
John Sicurella
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