Temple of the Dodge Omni and Plymouth Horizon
Updated 6/7/03
What the heck is a GLH?
Info on my 1986 Plymouth Horizon 1.6L-->>2.2 turbo Updated 9/5/01
Info on my newest car, a 1985 Omni GLH Turbo Updated 9/5/01
1/4 Mile Times I Compiled of Omnis and GLHs Updated 9/5/01
"Omniquotes": Quotes I've compiled about Omnis from Team Omni Updated 9/5/01
This is a picture of a GLH, the Omni that Goes Like Hell.
Note: Some of these pictures are borrowed from other sites, if some of these pictures are yours and you don't want me to use them, just please e-mail me and I will be more than glad to remove them from my site.
My humongous picture gallery of FWD Mopars Updated 12/3/01
A little about myself Updated 9/14/01
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Reader's Rides Updated 11/28/01
Classifieds  Updated 1/23/02
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FWD Mopar Videos New! Updated 11/28/01
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