It's a way of life. Oh me oh my talk about fun. I go to raves and i love it, to lose yourself in the beat is just so grand.  Raves and parties arent about the drugs they are about the music. If you choose to do the drug thing please be responsible.  Drugs are a choice, not a must. Just please don't be like dem people dat only go to parites for drugs, thats abusing the scene and giving it a bad name. Trance, house, drum & bass, happy hardcore, jungle...all sorts, oh so grand. As soon as the music starts I just gotta move, and I don't stop till it stops. From the first beat to the last beat I just gotta move, even if I don't wanna move, my body just goes, it just can't control itself. (of course i stop to rest for a few seconds) Oh just thinking about it makes me wanna get up and dance. Sometimes the vibe makes the party. If there's a good vibe, then its gonna be a good partie, if the vibe is bad or not even there, then the party wont be as much fun.

Music is the answer! Music holds the key! Come with me to my world of peace and unity! Music has the power to set my soul free. Music opens my heart, to let me be me! Music is the only drug for the rave scene!

Music holds the key Just close your eyes and you will see this world that lies beyond the beats. A place where music becomes colors and colors become peace. So happy and free, yes, so true and real. Music takes me to a place where hate isn't real. Music takes me to a place where i am carried by sound through a candyland of purple butterflies and green fairies... It carries me off to daytime~fairytail dreams! A place where life is exactly what you want it to be! Music has the power! You can feel it too... Just close your eyes and become one with the beats and soon you will feel totaly free. Free of worries, one with your soul, Music is my drug, Music makes me feel whole
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Da People

I've made so many friends.  The people at these parties are just so awesome.  You make like 10 new friends every partie. Its great, and the ones you know already its so awesome to see agian. 
Come with me and take a little journey. A journey into your soul. For you will see what my culture is all about. You will see why in my world, there is no turning back. Why your heart, your desires is what makes your world go round. Visualize and realize why you should come with me to my world. For nothing will hold you back, if you just let your mind TRIP, and your body ROLL