Da caring yew feel for friends,
for strangers, enimies, for those in need and also for caring yew show for yourself.
It's bout sharing, whatever energy yew put into somefin will be returned to yew! Its an emotion stronger than words can describe. Most importantly, yew must have love for everybodie at a rave. Dat dont mean go in da corner and make love on ecstacy.
this may mean respect for others, their ideas, their music, & their lives.
it's also respect for one's self:
one's body and the needs that it has (food, sleep).
educating yourself on the substances you ingest
shows love and respect for your body;
passing on the knowledge to others shows respect and love for your fellow. You must respect yourself, before you respect others!!
At a rave we all need to have a strong sense of togetherness. Ravers are here to help people out at a rave. If someones loses somefin or it gets stolen, it's not just their problem, it's yours too. Ravers together are one. Ravers need to help each other out when the stupid rent-a-pigs won't. When you dance by yourself, you are never dancing alone. Everyone is Dancing as a small part of a whole.
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PLUR is one of the most important qualities of a rave. PLUR is the key to preserving and ensuring a good vibe. If you see someone who is ruining the vibe, please talk to hem in a respectful way. Let them know instead of looking at the person in disgust. Try to help others who do not know to understand the ravers social code of ethics. Preach PLUR to those who don't know. Spread the good vibe throughout all that you do. Bring PLUR out of the rave as well, take it with you in your heart to school and work. With PLUR nothing else matters. I have PLUR for myself and for you. That's all anybody needs. The four simple ways to solve the problems of the world. Peace. Love. Unity. Respect.
Da calmness yew find with those around yew,
Be at peace wit ur mind and body.
It's tough, we often have to work at it but when u're at peace wit others, wit ourselves and wit our planet only good can come of it. Don't hate others because of race,  religion or da way they dress. If yew dont like sumone at the partie, don't fight wit dem just walk away.