*~*CaNdY KiDs*~*
What is a Candy Kid?  you may ask.....

A candy kid is a raver with such positive vibe that they feel they need to turn themselves inside out and wear thier vibe, being a candy kid has to do with the way you veiw life and you live it thru PLUR..peace, love unity, and respect.  Someone is not a candy kid because of what they WEAR its whats INSIDE them and how they use it.....

A typical candy kid can be seen wearing many kand*E necklaces with toys attatched, many bracelets, perh
aps a huge plastic toy wallet chain, bright colored clothing, cartoon shirts or pants, a kids backpack, faux fur pants(phun fur), tons of glitter, stickers...and any other things that fit their personality...and brings out the inner child in them.

Not all candy kids dress the part, but are still TRUE candy kids at heart...some kiddies dress candy everyday...while other's may not

What is Kand*E Jewlery?
Kand*E jewlery consists of plastic beads that are bought in craft stores, toy stores, and fabric stores. The kid will spend sometimes hours stringing b
eads on to elastic string to make bracelets and necklaces for himself/herself or ones to be givin out.  Pattern's on bracelets show time and thought.  Sometimes toys will be strung onto the necklaces.  The beads are cheap and inexpensive, candy kids will spend tons of money on beads tho.  The kid will give out or trade with other ravers throught out the nite.  Although, the kid might keep sentalmental ones for thereself.  The bracelets simply shows a token of friendship.

Where did this fashion come from?
This style of dress originated from the ecstacy dealers of the rave scene years ago. The dealer would be the Cand
y Kid. Since they were bright and easy to spot, all the ravers would know he/she had ecstacy. Later on the fashion style caught on as regular rave attire and the link between ecstacy and the Candy Kid slowly began to seperate. Not all Candy Kids do drugs.

What types of music do Candy Kids listen to?
The majority of Candy Kids tend to fav
or Happy Hardcore and Trance..Still, Candy Kids are people, so the taste of music can differ from kid to kid.

Remember bein
g CANDY is NOT a FASHION!!!!! it is a state of MIND only understood by the hardcore candy kids.
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