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I first got interested in The Divine Comedy unbeknownst to myself. I found myself singing along to a tune called "Something for the Weekend" way back in 1996, unaware of who the artist was or that I would again be singing along to their tunes later that year. Well finally I copped on and decided to find out who was responsible for this addictive song writing. I kept my radio close at ear at all times for about a week, until the fateful day Tony Fenton of 2fm announced, "That one's new from The Divine Comedy".

The wheels set in motion, off I popped down to my local record shop, Zhivago's (sorry must plug), and scanned the A to Z. Lo and behold, there was Casanova in all of it's shiny glory. Being only 15 at the time I didn't really have the chinyen to splash out on a CD, so I asked my Dad to get it for me for my birthday. So there I was, just turned 16 having my first listen to my first Divine Comedy album, in my sitting room with the telly on mute. I soon had a job and the entire back catalogue, barring the ever-elusive Fanfare for the Comic Muse.

Well since that day the Divine Comedy have played a role in more facets of my life, the most notable of which being meeting my wonderful boyfriend. We both went to the same concert, The Black Box in Galway December 8th 1998. He bought a rather fetching Casanova T-shirt, which he wore to a class that I was also in, thus sparking conversation and sewing the seeds of romance. Cheers Neil!


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